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Moisture Renew - Nude Delight

RIMMEL - Lipstick - Moisture Renew - Nude Delight


211 review(s)

"Flatters my skin tone very well. I'm glad that it's not entirely a nude color; the peachy undertones really help to keep this lipstick from making me look washed out." SKINTONE: Medium
Belle De Jour

NARS Cosmetics - Lipstick - Belle De Jour


120 review(s)

"Belle de Jour is an easy to wear, slap-on-and-go kind of nude. It's a neutral beige with slight peach undertones and a semi-opaque, glossy finish." SKINTONE: Fair/Medium
Matte Revolution Lipstick - Stark Naked

Urban Decay - Lipstick - Matte Revolution Lipstick - Stark Naked


6 review(s)

"This lipstick is awesome. It's super opaque, creamy and very matte....very comfortable for a matte. I'm so happy I got this...It's a light peachy brown nude." SKINTONE: Fair
Audacious - Anita

NARS Cosmetics - Lipstick - Audacious - Anita


15 review(s)

"The color is the perfect rosy nude beige on me. It's not too peachy, but not so pink-leaning that it escapes nude territory. It's just the perfect, flattering neutral." SKINTONE: Medium
Colour Riche Lipstick - Fairest Nude

L'Oreal Paris - Lipstick - Colour Riche Lipstick - Fairest Nude


268 review(s)

"This is an absolutely AWESOME nude shade. It doesn't have any signs of yellow or's just a nice true nude w/ the slightest pinky undertone." SKINTONE: Fair/Cool
Rouge Coco #402 Adrienne

CHANEL - Lipstick - Rouge Coco #402 Adrienne


5 review(s)

"Every time I wear this I get comments asking what lipstick is it and people saying its a nice colour and it's exactly what they are looking for." SKINTONE: Fair/Medium
Amplified Lipstick - Half-N-Half

MAC Cosmetics - Lipstick - Amplified Lipstick - Half-N-Half


141 review(s)

"Folks with darker pigment in your lips take heed-this IS your perfect nudey color. It is exactly the color which the name implies- the color of a cup of light coffee with creamer added." SKINTONE: Fair/Medium/Cool
Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick by Color Riche - Nude Ballet 601

L'Oreal Paris - Lip Gloss - Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick by Color Riche - Nude Ballet 601


21 review(s)

"A gorgeous nude colour that is probably one of the most flattering nude shades I've seen. Gives your make up look a classy edge to it." SKINTONE: Medium/Olive
Sugar Honey Lip Treatment SPF 15

Fresh - Lip Treatments - Sugar Honey Lip Treatment SPF 15


53 review(s)

" It's a beautiful peachy beige that gave me the slightest hint of color and shimmer to make me look healthy, but was sheer and moisturizing enough that it kept me looking natural." SKINTONE: Fair/medium
Lip Color - Sable Smoke

TOM FORD - Lipstick - Lip Color - Sable Smoke


11 review(s)

"Love this...Excellent wear and pigment. I agree with the previous reviewer the undertones are peach. Great with a smokey eye. You can do so much with this lipstick." SKINTONE: Tan/Medium
L'Absolu Rouge - Exotic Orchid

Lancôme - Lipstick - L'Absolu Rouge - Exotic Orchid


8 review(s)

"It's a mlbb elegant rose color with a hint of warm red and pink, and just enough microshimmer to add depth and volume to lips." SKINTONE: NW15
Alter Ego Lip Gloss in CEO

LORAC - Lip Gloss - Alter Ego Lip Gloss in CEO


4 review(s)

"A deep rose with cool brown undertones, this shade is perfect for work or the no makeup-makeup look." SKINTONE: NW10
Flash Lip Lacquer shade 202

Giorgio Armani - Lip Gloss - Flash Lip Lacquer shade 202


1 review(s)

"The shade is a shimmery rosy mauve mlbb that brightens my face and finishes my look no matter what other makeup I have on." SKINTONE: NC15/NC20
Alter Ego Lip Gloss in Duchess

LORAC - Lip Gloss - Alter Ego Lip Gloss in Duchess


2 review(s)

"It is just a nice, natural, flattering mlbb shade. Goes with just about everything!!!! Great for daytime, the workplace, even a date night out!!" SKINTONE: NW20
Cremesheen Glass Lipgloss - Deelight

MAC Cosmetics - Lip Gloss - Cremesheen Glass Lipgloss - Deelight


47 review(s)

"This lipgloss is just a tad darker than my natural lip color, looks very natural on, matches nice with my fair skin." SKINTONE: NC10-15
Cremesheen + Pearl Lipstick - Peach Blossom

MAC Cosmetics - Lipstick - Cremesheen + Pearl Lipstick - Peach Blossom


38 review(s)

"I love how plump my lips look w this. Def a mlbb sheer shade w a pearl luster." SKINTONE: NC_; fair; N3 L'oreal True Match
Saint: Sheer Lipstick - Natural

Lipstick Queen - Lipstick - Saint: Sheer Lipstick - Natural


22 review(s)

"I'm very pale...and this lipstick shows up nicely and enhances my own lip color without garishly announcing that I'm wearing lipstick." SKINTONE: NC10-15
Matte Lipstick - Velvet Teddy

MAC Cosmetics - Lipstick - Matte Lipstick - Velvet Teddy


351 review(s)

"The color, if dabbed on, looks like a MLBB color; a very pretty and natural nude." SKINTONE: NC20

NARS Cosmetics - Lip Gloss - Chihuahua


179 review(s)

"A creamy nude lipgloss which is a very natural, subtle, mlbb shade." SKINTONE: NC20
Super Lustrous Lipstick - Smoky Rose

REVLON - Lipstick - Super Lustrous Lipstick - Smoky Rose


76 review(s)

"Smokey Rose is basically a neutral, brownish rose, mlbb kind of color." SKINTONE: fair-medium