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Q: How can I stop receiving mail from a specific user?

When you receive an email, open it, then click on the 'Ignore' link near the Reply and Delete links. This will add the user to your Ignore List so that you no longer receive messages from them. If you feel you are being harassed by another user via MUA Mail, please Contact Us directly.

Q: Why am I getting a blank page when trying to send a Mail message?

A: There may be software on your computer blocking information from the MUA servers.

If you are using Norton's antivirus, MUA user dangerous has provided the following information:

In Norton's settings, I clicked on advanced options, used the add site button to add makeupalley, clicked the use these rules for box and selected permit from the drop down menu for cookies, referrer, browser and e-mail.
For other firewalls, look for a setting which will allow sending referrer information to

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