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Q: How do I add a photo to a message or my profile?

A: Adding a profile photo: 1) click the arrow next to your username 2) click Upload Pictures 3) upload a picture from your computer 4) after you upload you will get a prompt to "Give description and categorize your new pictures" click that link 5) next to the image you can click "Set Profile Pic" to set this as your profile Picture Adding a photo to a message: If the photo is on the internet and is in JPG format, just include the full URL of the photo in your member board message and MUA will show it in the message. Please do not hotlink photos. Only use photos from your MUA gallery or another hosting site.

Q: What does block mean?

The blocking feature applies to the Member Boards as well as the messaging system (MUA Mail). If you block/ignore a member, you can't see their posts and they can't see your posts. You can't see their profile and they can't see your profile.

To undo a member block click Mail/Ignore List.

Should you decide to block a member, please do so privately. Posting about a member you blocked, or posting polls asking who members have blocked, is harassing/inflammatory behavior and will be treated as a violation of the Terms of Use of the site.

Q: How do I post a gif next to my name?

A: MakeupAlley member silverhands has provided a great tutorial in her notepad. Here it is:

Q: What is a troll and what should I do when I spot one?

A: A troll is a user who posts messages intended to insult and provoke. For each person who responds, the poster (the troll as a person) will consider that person a target. The most effective way to eradicate trolls is to disengage. If even one member engages with a troll, they will have a reason to return. Here are 5 easy guidelines about handling trolls:

1) Don't read posts from or about trolls
2) Don't read emails from or about trolls
3) If you can't resist reading, don't respond
4) Flag the post immediately, if applicable
5) If the content is directed at you, ignore the post and report it to us through the Contact Us link at the bottom of any page

Q: Where can I find a list of the abbreviations used on this site?

A: A list of common abbreviations used on MakeupAlley can be found here.

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