Wet 'n' Wild

Wet'n'Wild is a cosmetics company founded in 1979 in Brooklyn, NY. It began by selling lipsticks and nail polishes for 99 cents, (a price that remains the same today). It relocated to Los Angeles in 2003 and is currently the #1 value brand in the United States. A mostly vegan, cruelty-free beauty company, it has over 90% brand recognition in the U.S. It is owned by Markwins International.

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Recent Wet 'n' Wild Reviews

Lipstick -Wet 'n' Wild -MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick

on 12/18/2017 3:07:00 AM


color is very vivid for a matte lipstick and thats what i like. I used it for my 80s theme christmas party just yesterday and it really suited that look - big hair, jeans and this lipstick, really nice and made it memorable.

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Powder -Wet 'n' Wild -Mattifying Powder

on 12/17/2017 3:58:00 PM


I’m always on the lookout for mattifying powders, so I decided to give this one a try. It’s only $2.99 so I thought, why not? Well it didn’t help keep oil at bay and it made me look pale. I’ve never had a problem with a mattifying powder making me look like a ghost before but wow this really did. I’m going to keep using it just to set my eyeshadow primer, but not for my t-zone anymore. I don’t recommend for anyone darker than medium tan.

Highlighters -Wet 'n' Wild -MegaGlo Highlighting Powder in Precious Petals

on 12/17/2017 2:58:00 PM


I have extremely pale skin, which is typically lighter than the lightest foundation in every brand. To top it off my skin also has a more yellow cast to it than my fellow pale friends who have more pink undertones, which makes shopping for makeup tricky. This highlighter does work out beautifully for me though as long as I use a light hand, or if I’m using it as an eyeshadow I can get a really pretty shimmery base when I’m doing minimal eye makeup. The texture is soft and the powder has no chunky glitter or sparkles in it like some highlighters. It looks very natural and gives that glow from within look. Despite it being slightly dark for my skin tone it’s still my favorite highlighter and I’ve tried almost all of the expensive ones. HG product due to its formulation, softness, and price.

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Mascara -Wet 'n' Wild -Mega Protein

on 12/17/2017 10:08:00 AM


I was surprised by this one, because I honestly wasn't expecting much. I love trying new mascaras, and this was so cheap ($1.99), I couldn't resist. I am reviewing the regular/non-waterproof version BTW. I prefer wet formulas, and normally add sterile eyedrops to all my mascaras, but with this one I didn't need to. A couple of coats, and my lashes looked long, defined, and super black ( I like how dark black this formula is). This does not add a ton of volume, but I have naturally full lashes, so it's not an issue. No flaking or smudging, and did not not irritate my sensitive eyes. Also, this is easy to remove at night, so I don't have to rip out my lashes to get it off. For the price, I will def. repurchase!

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Lip Gloss -Wet 'n' Wild -MegaSlicks in #576A Rose Gold

on 12/16/2017 6:31:00 PM


This has been my favorite lipgloss for years. I love this color so much! It's appropriately named because it is a pinkish golden shade with a frosty finish (not over the top frost though). It's the perfect everyday shade, and goes with everything I wear. I feel like this makes my lips look fuller. My 2nd favorite shade would be Bronze Berry, which is similar to Rose Gold but deeper toned. I like that the formula is thick, without being overly sticky, and the wear time is decent. The slim size makes it perfect for purses or slipping into the pocket of my jeans. The $2 pricepoint makes it an all around win. Will repurchase!

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