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Fragrances -Victoria's Secret -Bombshell Shanghai

I bought this on a whim to test out something I'd read in one of my horse magazines---that this perfume was good at repelling both mosquitoes and flies on humans. Not being a big fan of a lot of repellents as they break me out like crazy and finding one that doesn't is a pain in the butt, I thought what the heck. I bought a couple samples and tried them on my bare arms and sprayed the perfume on my jeans and boots [yes I have had a horse fly bite through a pair of both heavy jeans and boots before!], then off to the barn I went.

While I did get strafed by a good number of flies, they didn't land, and I didn't have one mosquito bite from the 4 or so hours I was in the barn. I got a bit sweaty but didn't get any bites like I have in the past with bare skin when I sweat. I tried this for a few days running and then left the stuff off one evening. Boy was that a mistake, I came home covered in both fly and mosquito bites!

I've found a good, all natural bug repellent since then which smells a lot better [Bombshell is a very sharp, "spiny" scent to me and makes me sneeze a little] and is a lot cheaper but I'm not gonna forget this if I'm in a pinch!

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Fragrances -Victoria's Secret -Rapture EDT or EDP

on 7/18/2018 12:44:00 PM


Ladies, if you were a fan of this perfume and are so sad it was discontinued (like me!) try "CHILD" by Susan Owens. It smells IDENTICAL and has most of the main notes Rapture had!!! Rapture: citrus/vanilla/jasmine/rose/amber/wood notes and Child: citrus/vanilla/jasmine/rose/wood notes!!! (minus the amber and couple other ones) For the most part, the two are nearly indistinguishable!
If you purchase Child (it is EXTREMELY expensive but if you love these notes, a little splurge won't hurt once in a great while) only dab it lightly on each wrist and behind the knees. Don't apply near the face or you'll get a headache. It has powerful sillage (like Rapture had) and even applied with the very lightest touch, you will still smell it; you'll get wafts of it around you throughout the day, which is heavenly. :)

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Fragrances -Victoria's Secret -Pure Seduction

on 6/23/2018 5:52:00 PM


Love this scent!! It’s a very very sweet smell !! Advantages are it smells amazing if you love sweet smells in mists / perfumes , packaging looks pretty & good quality , can also buy the matching options & creams. Disadvantages include it’s not long lasting & very expensive for a mist. However I always get compliments when I wear it

Fragrances -Victoria's Secret -BOMBSHELL

on 5/25/2018 3:33:00 PM


Maybe mine is different because I have the rollerball, but this is horrible. It smells like hair spray. Or maybe finesse shampoo. I don’t smell any flowers or musk or anything pretty. I tried to like it bc it’s a gift ;( now I have a headache

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Fragrances -Victoria's Secret -Dream Angels Heavenly

on 5/17/2018 9:20:00 PM


Bear in mind that I haven't chosen it myself, I've got it as a gift.
To me, it smells really cheap, nothing like Chanel, Dior, Diptyque, etc.
The smell is very warm, very musky and too sweet to my personal taste (I prefer light fruity spicy fragrances).
The bottle is lovely, the price is great. But I believe that with perfumes you get what you pay for.

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