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Hair -Umberto Giannini -Weather Proof Curls finishing cream

on 8/5/2018 9:09:00 PM

Like a moisturiser for hair! Mine is fine-stranded, so there's a lot of leave-in products out there that are too heavy for me. Oils help, but sometimes I'll misjudge how much I actually need and I just end up looking like I haven't had a shower since last week. They also don't help much if applied after my hair has dried completely. This stuff is fantastic for the ends of my hair when they're getting crispy, it sinks into the hair easily leaving no sticky oily residue while improving its softness and flexibility. It's also good at restoring wind-frazzled hair to more organised waves and curls, without going overboard. But I wouldn't put it near my roots, only the dry parts that need it. I love this and have been re-purchasing for some time. Recommended for others with fine and wavy or curly hair in need of a hydrating refresher for the ends of their hair.

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Hair Treatments -Umberto Giannini -Lifting Powder

on 5/29/2017 6:09:00 PM

This is finely powdered blend of silica and starches. It does not add any "lift: or volume to my fine, dry hair. I like it becaue it does add texture to my baby fine hair. IT is a invisible and odorless in my hair. This is similar to the cheaper Psssst! Volumizing boost powder

Styling Products -Umberto Giannini -Dry Texturizing Spray

on 11/5/2015 7:04:00 AM

This is a really good dry texturizing spray that works really well to define and separate my layers and it adds plenty of grit and heft that give me that tousled slept-in bedhead look. I bought this spray at Target for $10 and it works as well as Redken Wind Blown ($17) or AG High and Dry ($22). It builds volume if used on the roots and delivers a nice amount of texture with just a few spritzes. When used on clean hair, it dirties it up a bit and it has a nice amount of hold so you don't necessarily need a hairspray on top, although I do use a light flexible hold hairspray (Got2b Mind Blowing, which is awesome btw) on top because my hair is extremely hard to hold and it needs a little extra boost. This texturizing spray states on the container that it adds shine, which is why I bought it, but it actually has a matte finish, which I'm not too crazy about and why I'm giving it four lippies. However, I can use a shine spray afterward and get the result I'm after, which is really no big deal. This spray helps to give me that piecey separation that highlights the lines of my haircut, an effect I love. I see no difference between the expensive texturizers and Umberto so I'll definitely repurchase it. It's better than Fructis Texture Tease, which is also inexpensive. However, Umberto delivers more texture in just a few sprays than Texture Tease does if I spray quite a bit, so there you go. Also, there's not much product in a can of Texture Tease so it's really about the same price per use as Umberto. If you want that high volume slept-in look, you can't go wrong with this Umberto spray. This is the first Umberto product I've tried and I really like it so I'm curious about the other products in the line. I definitely recommend this product highly. I see no reason to spend outrageous amounts of money on dry texturizers because Umberto delivers a great product for a great price. I highly recommend it.

Update; I used this spray twice and really liked it. However, after these two uses, the nozzle totally clogged and nothing I did had any effect on it at all. So I'm returning it to Target and will get another one and see whether the same thing happens again. If it does, I'll return that one too and will get my money back. It worked really well so I'm super unhappy that this happened but what else can I do? Surely a $10 product should be useable right? Stupid thing!! If I have further problems I will totally edit this review. For those of you thinking of trying this spray, keep your receipt handy, lol!

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Hair Treatments -Umberto Giannini -Indulgent Beauty Moisture Mask

This is a really nice hair mask, it does the job, leaves my hair feeling silky and smooth and has to some degree repaired my damaged ends.

But please do not be fooled by the boasting on the packaging about the scent because this product genuinely smells like Nair Hair Removal cream, which can be quite worrying when using it on your hair!

Overall I'm neither impressed nor unimpressed, for the money it's an ok product but the smell is just overwhelmingly bad to me, for that reason when I run out I'll be trying something else...and smelling before I purchase!!!

Hair Color -Umberto Giannini -Catwalk Colour

on 5/1/2014 1:30:00 PM

Dye spread well, but only 3 ounces seemed inadequate even to just do roots. So the whole idea that two applications are in each box is just silly. Color was nice, faded quickly & gone in less than 2weeks. Back to ion Demi's I go....,.

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