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Recent Ulta Reviews

Eye Primer -Ulta -Tinted Eye Primer

on 4/25/2018 5:55:00 AM

I have this in the shade Satin Blush, a soft pinkish color that's softly shimmery. A little goes a long way; I like the tube with the pinpoint dispenser, it makes it easy to get out just the right amount. I have dry skin and especially dry eyes; I use this over moisturizer (La Roche Posay Toleriane Ultra), pat on in a thin layer. While it's not completely opaque, it does cover minor flaws pretty well.

I prefer this color for a quick eye look, with a touch of a soft matte powder shadow in the crease, quick and easy. For more complex looks, I like the Nude Matte primer better, it doesn't add texture, color, or shimmer. But for a simple look, this works quite well. Doesn't irritate my sensitive, dry eyes, and lasts several hours at least without creasing. Well worth normal price of $12, but Ulta has frequent sales on their store brand.

Treatments (Face) -Ulta -Charcoal Nose Strips

on 4/13/2018 12:30:00 PM

I have used Biore nose strips off and on for years and find them to be very hit or miss. The Biore strips would either get the gunk out of my pores and the strip would not adhere well and remove practically nothing. I read good reviews on the Ulta site about these charcoal nose strips and bought them on sale. I would say that these strips are comparable to the Biore strips. The first time I used these strips, I had excellent results. The last couple of times, I only was able to get some of the gunk. Just like the Biore strips, the adhesive on the strips does not always adhere well and therefore won't pick up the clogged pore stuff.

Lipstick -Ulta -Baby Doll Pink 234

Ulta Lipstick 234 Baby Doll Pink is a "sheer light bright pink with shimmer" according to their site.

When I first swatched this on my hand the first thing I noticed is that it looks almost the same as Maybelline Hibiscus Pop (from their rebel bloom collection). I swatched them side by side and they're nearly identical - both cool toned light pinks with subtle shimmer.

Then I went to put Baby Doll Pink on my lips.... Baby Doll Pink is a LOT more sheer than Hibiscus Pop and Hibiscus Pop is already on the sheer side. I have no problem with sheer lipsticks since I have pale lips but this is WAY TOO SHEER. The formula broke from the tube as I applied it. The packaging in the mail was heavily bubble wrapped so I know it wasn't damaged but rather poorly made since my other lipsticks I ordered in the package are fine.

This tube cost $8.50 and I felt I wasted my money since a formula this sheer is basically lip balm. It's a pretty color but knowing that Maybelline Hibiscus Pop is the same and cheaper (and I'm sure I can find other shades in many different drugstore brands for less) makes this one a dud.

Not rebuying.

Lipstick -Ulta -Lipstick


Most of the lippies given are to praise the color of the lipstick. I received it as part of a gift set for purchasing some amount of products from Ulta.

The shade Pink Chocolate in the Nude line is absolutely beautiful. No matter if I am rocking a fair complexion or tanned, this color is the perfect neutral. It brightens my entire face. Makes my lips look fuller. I am very picky about neutral color shades, I have to have them just right. Too nude and I look like a corpse. Too pink or brown and it's no longer a neutral. This particular shade is perfect. I pair it with the Ulta liner in Bittersweet.

The formula is not drying or moisturizing, it's just there. Not too long lasting, about every two hours I reapply. The Ulta lip liner lasts much longer than the lipstick. The packaging is basic but classy. For $4, yes I will be repurchasing. Clinique had my favorite neutral, but that is $18. Much better buy here.

Lip Treatments -Ulta -Tinted Lip Balm-All Shades

on 4/4/2018 8:25:00 PM

I bought this, opened it up and applied it. I was instantly hit with an off-odor, like oil based paint. It was too strong to tolerate and I immediately wiped it all off. It is going right in the garbage.

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