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Conditioner -TiGi -Bedhead Urban Antidotes Level 3 Resurrection Conditioner

on 2/12/2018 5:02:00 AM

As mentioned by others, this smells intensely of bubblegum, some love this, I'm not a fan. Conditioning is reasonable, not out of this world but decent. What makes this a complete fail for me is that I get terrible acne behind my ears whenever I use this. I've now gone through three rounds (mainly to rule out hormonal reasons) of trying this, observing acne, switching to other products, acne disappears, trying this again and making sure to really cleanse the area behind my ears after thoroughly rinsing, but it's simply no good. I get deep-seated acne cysts every time. So I guess it'll have to go in the bin. Did I mention I foolishly bought the hair salon size bottle because of the rave reviews? At least it was on sale...

Styling Products -TiGi -Bedhead Small Talk


Strong childish candy fruit scent. Very silicone feeling. I can't seem to wash the slippery feeling from my hands after I use it. After I blow dry, this leaves me with gummy feeling hair. The smoothness is short lived. I cannot blow dry the night before as I will wake with kinky, frizzy hair. I tried using this a few times adjusting the amount used in an attempt to get good results, but unfortunately I didn't get them.

Conditioner -TiGi -Bed Head Dumb Blonde Reconstructor


I have platinum blonde hair and I LOVE this conditioner, especially after bleaching my roots. I've found this conditioner also works really well as a conditioning treatment and ill wash my hair and leave this on my hair for as long as possible and it takes my hair from fried/fragile to flowing/strong hair. The only downside is the conditioner is quite yellow & sometimes will leave your platinum hair a little golden looking, but it fades right out with a quick purple shampoo or conditioner. I usually find it on sale at Winners/HomeSense/Marshalls for cheap along side the dumb blonde shampoo. (same brand)

Styling Products -TiGi -Bed Head Hair Stick

on 1/28/2018 11:29:00 PM


Was running out of my two standby pomade & wax products that come in jars so when my local hair salon was going out of business & had these for buy 1 get 3 free I snagged them. My other two products & pretty much every other product like them are very highly fragranced & really clash with my shine spray. To my liking this product doesn't smell like anything & holds my long layers & short bangs into place without looking too shiny. I can still brush my hair out after application with ease & mold my longer boy cut into the shape I want. The wax stick concept is also amazing as I usually style my hair in a rush & this prevents me from having to scoop anything out & wash my hands afterwards & I'm able to get product in hard to reach areas like the back of my head or the little hairs behind my ears. The only con is that even with minimal pressure this stick constantly gets pushed back down causing me to have to push it back up.

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Styling Products -TiGi -Bed Head Candy Fixations - Totally Baked Hair Meringue


This is a soufflé type product I agree w a review below. Having said this it’s amazing w the TIGI Air pops diffuser that’s all I use it for bcoz it’s so expensive & hard to get (ebay!!) it gives amazing curls. It’s on, baby!! #winning

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