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Styling Products -TIGI -BED HEAD Motor Mouth Mega Volumizer with Gloss


I wish I read DKER review below before I bought this product. I also have Small Talk and I should have got a second tub of that rather than Motor Mouth. MM does NOTHING for my hair.

I was hoping to get a bit of 'oomph' but without heaviness - Small Talk sometimes can make my hair greasy when I apply more than half a pump. This one does not make my hair heavy even with a full pump but it does not add ANY volume whatsoever. It also has particles of glitter and the same fragrance as Small Talk. My hair goes static and soft (not a good thing when you have thin, wavy hair which needs a bit of body to hold shape) when I apply it. I have not noticed any additional shine (luckily no glitter is visible either). At least I got it on sale (maybe that is why it was there!) and I still hope I make it work, maybe cutting it with some other product.

The only plus? A nice, jolly packaging.

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Conditioner -TIGI -Bedhead Urban Antidotes Level 3 Resurrection Conditioner

on 1/6/2019 11:59:00 AM


Excellent conditioner, I really like this one a lot. I think this would be great for anyone with dry hair. This is a step up from the Level 2 Recovery Conditioner (green packaging) and it's a better product IMO. The Level 3 Resurrection Conditoner is very moisturizing! Provides a nice amount of slip, detangles easily, and rinses out nicely.

Doesn't weigh my hair down in the least. And I love the bubblegum scent!

For reference I have hair that is thick, wavy-textured, color-treated, and I heat-style it regularly. It has a tendency to get dried out so I'm always on the lookout for good moisturizing conditioners. This one is a winner for me.

Leaves my hair very soft & smooth, and I'm definitely going to buy it again.

Highly recommended!

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Styling Products -TIGI -Ego Boost

on 12/31/2018 12:00:00 PM


This smells like a salon! My hair stylist used this on me along with S Factor lusterizer. My hair felt so silky and soft. It was shiney and healthy. I take one pump of this and a pea to dime size of the lusterizer and its a heavenly combo. I got both of these on amazon for half the price. I wouldnt pay full price. Id def repurchase them together. I have med thick asian dark brown semi wavy long hair.

The texture of this is watery. It doesnt goop up on the hair. I feel that it does make a difference when i dont use it. so id recommend!

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Styling Products -TIGI -S-Factor Smoothing Lusterizer

on 12/31/2018 11:58:00 AM


This smells like strawberry smoothie. It has tiny flecks of glitter that transfer onto hair. Its actually really small and isnt those chunky glitter thats noticeable unless you really really look at your hair. It makes my hair smooth and silky. I use it in conjunction with bed head ego boost leave in before i blow dry after i wash my hair. Love this stuff. I got it on sale for 11 dollars for 2 on amazon! Tj maxx might carry these cheap too. Do not buy retail for over 20! Thats insane pricing. Anyways id repurchase. I love how this makes my hair feels and looks so shiney and healthy. This does not weigh hair down and it makes it feel soft to the touch. I have asian med thickness long semi wavy dark brown hair.

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Conditioner -TIGI -S Factor Serious Conditioner

on 12/26/2018 11:38:00 AM


I agree with the previous reviewer. This is a nice conditioner, but it's not worth the price tag ($33.99 for a 5oz tube). It's moisturizing, but not amazingly so. And it doesn't provide a ton of slip either. I have to use a lot of this product to detangle my hair. The little 5oz tube doesn't go very far!

I wouldn't buy this again.

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