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Bath Treatments -Thymes -Kimono Rose Bath Salts

on 6/21/2018 2:39:00 PM

Kimono rose is a floral blend of rose, black currant, peony, jasmine and vanilla. All I can really smell is black currant with a hint of rose and peony. I did not care for the fragrance. This bath salt did not soften skin or leave me feeling relaxed. Which is why I prefer aromatherapy bath salts with real essential oils not synthetic perfumes. I much prefer Aura Cacia or EO bath salts to this.

Gels/Soaps -Thymes -Goldleaf Gardenia

on 12/28/2016 4:18:00 AM

Very feminine flowery scent. Not too overpowering (although the cream has a stronger scent). Beautiful packaging as well. It doesn't bother my sensitive skin at all! Would recommend.

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Lotions/ Creams -Thymes -Goldleaf

on 12/28/2016 4:15:00 AM


I got the soap and cream as a gift. Very feminine flowery scent, beautiful packaging as well. The cream has a stronger version of the scent compared to the soap bar, which is fine. This scent doesn't bother my sensitive skin at all! Would recommend.

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Lotions/ Creams -Thymes -Fig and Cassis Body Lotion

on 10/4/2016 11:15:00 AM

I received this lotion as a gift from a dear friend a long while back. My daughter and I (and even my husband) really enjoyed the formula and scent. It's warm and earthy and yet...fresh. Not overtly feminine or masculine and it's a scent that's there, but isn't boldly assertive. I was saddened when it was discontinued and very happy when they brought it back! It's still a favorite of ours and I give my now-adult daughter a new bottle every Christmas.

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Fragrances -Thymes -Filigree EDT

on 11/24/2015 3:31:00 AM


Writing this review because this an excellent cold weather/holiday scent and I think folks should give this little well kept secret a chance. The saga of Filigree is that it had a near cult following in the boutique/niche crowd. Then it was gone, then back seasonally, then on the Thymes website all year. The threat of discontinuation always hangs in the air with this. It has been back in various packaging incarnations, each more minimal than the last, but it's the juice I go for, so the plain glass bottle it is now in I can happily live with. When it did finally come back LE after some time of being discontinued, I stocked up and don't regret because this has been HG to me since the early 2000s when it first came out. It reminds me of my youth, freedom, of romances, of confidence. Filigree opens with a sharp blast of juniper and some indistinguishable spice (I am not personally a lavender fan, but I would say I catch some in the opening as well as ginger). The herbal/ginger/lavender part is actually new and not part of the older formula, and I wasn't happy about it. But this part of the opening, which happily fades very quickly. If you love Clinique Wrappings, you won't be put off by the intense woodsy aspect of the opening either. It is off-putting for some, however the dry-down is the amazing part. After the initial balsamic blast, there is a hint of resin smell, which to some = funk, though this is the amber part to my nose and it moves nicely into the cozy dry down, which is a gentle, clean powdery finish. It's a weird paradox, the opening and dry-down, but it all goes. It reminds me a bit of creamy Chai tea in its combination of spice and smoothness. It is most certainly a cold weather scent, but I am so in love with it, I wear it year round. It reminds me of luxurious cashmere and a snowy walk through Central Park. The silage is poor, but I spray on my clothing and scarves and it at least lasts quite well there. I love sniffing my sweaters and coats! It sticks close to the skin after it settles and does not assail the noses of those around, which IMO is actually a good thing. Filigree is still outstanding as an EdP, however to to really get a sense of this fragrance, which is so sensual and unique, I recommend trying the body wash or lotion, which come out seasonally lately.

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