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The Body Shop International plc is a British cosmetics and skin care company owned by L'Oréal. It was founded in 1976 by Anita Roddick and currently has a range of 1,200 products which it sells in 2,500 franchised stores in 61 countries

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1,399 products

27,848 reviews

64% would repurchase

Not tested on animals
The Body Shop is a Cruelty-Free Subsidiary.

Recent The Body Shop Reviews

Lip Gloss -The Body Shop -Liquid Lip Color (all)

on 4/22/2018 12:02:00 PM


I have this (Matte Lip liquid) in Paris 022. It is a good pink color and smells really good. But it does not stay on at all. Totally disappears from my lips after 1 hour and have to reapply again. Even though i like the color so much I will not repurchase again.

Toners -The Body Shop -Vitamin E Hydrating Toner


This is a really good product! Overall I don't really like toners, but this one is worthy. It has no smell which is great for me because I tend not to like skincare products with any smell in it. The price of the product is ok and is a really good product: hydrates and cleans your face and is really light. I think anyone should give it a try - even oily skins.

Primer/ Corrector -The Body Shop -Vitamin c skin reviver

on 4/17/2018 8:59:00 AM

I have used this product since it was first released (previously under the name of Skin Boost) and have loved it so much, I've never stopped using it. I think that's been for about 10 years. I'm please to say this product is VEGAN and The Body Shop does not sell in China and have a completely 0 animal testing policy.

I have dry skin and I use this product after my moisturiser, as a makeup primer, because it enables me to work with/blend my foundation. Once I've set my foundation, I do not have any slip or slide of my makeup throughout the day. I would however, imagine this would be a problem for anyone with normal to oily skin.

PRICE: I would say this runs middle of the road (RRP £17) when compared against other serums and primers.

PACKAGING: Simple pump bottle which is easy to use and ensures that every drop of the product is used. One pump is sufficient for my entire face and jawline.

SCENT: Nice citrus smell.

FEEL: a soft, velvety feel when applied but without feeling greasy or that there is a film of product on your skin

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Body Scrubs -The Body Shop -dead sea scrub

on 4/16/2018 9:37:00 PM


I really wanted to like this, tried it on in the shop. Perhaps I got a dudd, then again hands have a different skin texture to rest of body. There is nothing to endear me to this product, quite the opposite. The fragrance is so strong while it’s lovely to begin it becomes cloy and heavy. The big scrub bits are useless to scrub. They are pretty harsh but hardly do any damage because they flick off easily anyway. The base lotion is so heavy in oil and minerals I felt like I was slathering greasy butter over me not scrubbing. It held promises of hydration. Stepping out of shower can feel the moisturiser .. 1 hour after and my skin is squeaking dry and feels weird, not moisturised but like a plastic coating on top. Is it the minerals? It did nothing but make me itch. I had to go back and shower it off. And realise my towel has this coating too. I only used a small almond size amount for the whole body too! On another occasion when I realise scrubs bits falling off, I had dug in tub to get more scrub bits to scrub. Major mistake, felt like I was wearing a body suit after. I have dry skin and moisturiser and body oils just sink in within seconds. This is just weird stuff that sits on top making skin feel drier. I personally don’t like tubs for scrubs, water gets in and it’s gets grotty in the shower. Such a ware of money. I gave it 4 attempts because I thought maybe needs a cooler climate. Wrong. Each 4 x I hated it and regret using it and wasting good money on this.

Treatments (Face) -The Body Shop -Drops of Light Pure Healthy Brightening Serum

on 4/16/2018 5:33:00 PM


Expensive product was £26! But is worth it!! Makes my skin feel really glowy and healthy! Really does brighten your face this paired with the liquid peel is a great combo!

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