Tatcha is a luxury beauty and skin care brand founded by Victoria Tsai in 2009. After suffering from acute dermatitis, Tsai traveled to Japan and learned classical Japanese beauty secrets passed down by generations that took a different approach to skincare.* Taking this "less is more" philosophy, Tsai employed Japanese and U.S. scientists to create its products. They are available online as well as beauty retailers across the U.S. *Source: Company website

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Treatments (Eye) -Tatcha -The Pearl Underlight Eye Illuminating Treatment

on 8/20/2018 2:57:00 PM

I have a love/hate with this. I wanted it for the longest time and I love the idea of it but the execution just does not live up to the price tag.

First, the packaging although gorgeous (and very luxe) exposes all the product to air every time you use it so it's less effective. Once the product sticks to the lid, that is it. There is no going back.

The texture is nice, soothing, although I find it can be crepey. If I use less, I don't get enough moisture. If I use more, the coverage is uneven and can ball up appearing patchy. It also does not layer well with other concealers (paired this to these results with every thing from Shape Tape to Glossier's Stretch Concealer.)

The packaging says use day and night but I have serious reservations about using a makeup-ish product over night. Super acne prone over here.

That said, if you are having a bare skin day, this is a nice little extra something. You don't look flawless but it is a healthy natural look.

I mentioned this on Birchbox's reviews but for some inexplicable reason they deleted it - BUT, if you are looking for an extremely similar product with IMO VERY similar results and a MUCH lower price tag ($18) try their house brand ARROW Revitalize Undereye Brightening Serum. It comes in a click pen, which I am not in love with but it protects the integrity of the product. I use the lightest shade in each, and of the two much prefer the budget version!

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Primer/ Corrector -Tatcha -The Silk Canvas Face Primer


I haven't had this long enough to say a lot. It hasn't broken me out, and it's wax based so it seals in my skincare and keeps makeup out of pores. I'm not sure if it's me or the prod but it makes me a bit patchy on my dry areas. I'll try exfoliating more and see if that helps. I don't see a lot of blur happening, but I do see a bit of color correction and texture refining going on when I wear it. The disc u scrape with should be magnetic so it always sticks to the lid where u can find it. Also a screw on top is just dumb..why not flip? I got primer covered fingers and need to screw a lid on? Dumb. It's really nice packaging though and the primer is nice overall. Is sooo expensive tho. I need to keep using to see if it's cost is justified. There's a lot of primer in there and u don't need much...plus it does ur eye area too. It seems it'll last a long time. Hopefully it won't emphasize my dryness though as these kinds of primers tend to do. Overall, I'm not hating it but also not feeling that crazy price and not seeing amazing results. But I'll give it some time and update.

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Cleansers -Tatcha -Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil


I hate oil removers. They're so overpriced and useless. Frankly, put some baby oil on, wipe off, there makeup is off(now do ur actual second cleanse). But I got a sample of this with purchase, prepared to hate. Surprise, I actually really really like this! Like, I would buy the full-size. It removes all your makeup (I don't wear tons FYI, just basic Korean style). I don't wear waterproof mascara cuz it dries/breaks my lashes, so this took off my mascara too np. I don't know how it would fare against a full face of baked makeup and waterproof mascara. It's a lot more runny than most oil cleansers. It doesn't irritate my eyes at all which is rare and why I've stuck to using baby oil. Being so watery it's surprising that it breaks down makeup but it does and leaves my skin makeup free even before my second cleansing step. I actually really like this a lot and will prob splurge for the full size when this runs out. Tatcha is beyond expensive! I could buy whole kits of Korean goodness that cost less than one Tatcha product but I haven't found an oil that removes my makeup without causing pimples or irritating my eyes. I think for sensitive skin this is an HG product. My face/eyes haven't been red or irritated using this, and u need less cleanser after bc the oil pretty much cleans ur makeup and pores so there's not anything left really to cleanse after. Def a great product but omg sooo expensive!!!

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Sunscreen -Tatcha -Silken Pore Perfecting Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 35

on 8/11/2018 7:38:00 PM


I have been using the sunscreen, SPF 35 for the last few weeks. I didn't report because I wanted to see if it would break me out, since I have an oily, acne-prone T zone, although the rest of my skin is normal.

Initially, I tried mixing it with my foundation (Ellis Faas Skin Veil, my fave after all these years), and I had real problems with balling and streaking. I was pretty discouraged....

Finally, I figured out I needed to put the sunscreen on first, over moisturized skin (I like to pat it in, not rub it in). Then I needed to let it sit for about 5 minutes, and do something else, then gently tap in foundation (again, no rubbing) - it applied like a dream, no balling, streaking or residue.
I checked my skin 8 hours later, and it was as fresh as in the morning.

I think this is really worth checking out, but buy the sample size first, because it is pretty pricey!

Masks -Tatcha -Violet-C Radiance Mask

on 7/14/2018 7:35:00 AM


I really like this mask, I routinely use it on the tail end of my rosacea flares. It’s soothing, has never irritated my sensitive skin and actually works to brighten my complexion. I usually leave it on for the allotted 20 minutes, but I have forgotten about it and left it for over a half hour before. I will definitely repurchase as I’m a fan of several Tatcha products.

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