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Recent TRESemmé Reviews

Shampoo -TRESemmé - Tresemme Pro Collection Thick & Full Shampoo, with Glycerol

on 9/17/2018 3:39:00 PM


This is the best Volumizing shampoo I have used in YEARS! It actually DOES what it says—it really helps give my very fine, straight, long hair some actual volume without stripping it of shine. In fact, my hair actually looked shinier than usual after washing with this the other day! I am seriously blown away by this shampoo...I purchased a big bottle at the drugstore for like $6 (in NYC, that’s a pretty rad bargain!) & it has been magnificent so far. The scent is really nice—fresh & clean (maybe leaning a bit towards citrusy?) but not overpowering at all. I have used another clear shampoo with micellar technology as well (different brand), and there’s really no comparison for me when it comes to results: this is definitely the winner! This also seems to help significantly with hair fall in the shower for me; I shed a LOT less hair than I normally do! I’m so happy I decided to give this a go—it’s my new favorite shampoo & I highly look forward to trying the matching conditioner!

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Hair -TRESemmé -Expert Botanique Damage Recovery with Macadamia Oil

on 9/11/2018 9:57:00 AM


It burned my eye terribly!!! Its 3 hours now and its still red

Conditioner -TRESemmé -Repair & Protect 7 Pre-Styling Spray

on 8/26/2018 11:01:00 AM

It seems to do the main job I purchased it for which is protect my hair before heat styling. My main concern is that the main ingredient after water is mineral oil. I'm not sure how great mineral oil is for hair. On the front it says with biotin but that's the 5th ingredient after alcohol. I gave it a 3 because it smells good and protects decently, took some off because I'd rather use higher quality ingredients. I'll use up the bottle but won't be repurchasing.

Shampoo -TRESemmé -Purify and Replenish Deep Cleansing Shampoo

on 8/17/2018 9:17:00 AM


I was using redken clarifying shampoo originally but found it was getting to expensive i picked this up with apprehension at first.i Dont usually like tresemme the heat spray was awful and the last shampoo i used of theirs made my hair like an oil slick but i bought this out of desperation as my hair was full of build up and my redken waa finished so i picked this up and i.was amazed at the results my hair was squeaky clean after one use and full of volume bounce and shine even better results then the redken shampoo at $35 amazing shampoo and the bottle is huge and lasts forever and the bonus is its super cheap HG product thank you tresemme you did an outstanding job with this one!

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Shampoo -TRESemmé -Color Revitalize

on 8/15/2018 9:31:00 PM


Something in this shampoo makes my scalp and hair smell bad. It happens each time I try to use it. So strange as I've never experienced this with any other hair product.

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