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Recent TONYMOLY Reviews

Skincare - Face -TONYMOLY -Floria Brightening Peeling Gel

on 1/6/2019 4:38:00 AM


I've tried many peeling exfoliators and this one just isn't that great. It's a little too gentle in a way that lifts some skin but doesn't take it all off so it just makes me look like i have even more flaky skin afterwards. REALLY heavily scented.

Tony Moly use to have an aqua line that had a peeling exfoliator that was much better.

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Moisturizers -TONYMOLY -The Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Moisture Cream

on 11/4/2018 9:20:00 PM


Saw alot of hype about using fresh green tea on skin and shortly after came across the cream whilst aimlessly browsing.

'Watery cream' accurate description of the product. A very light moisturiser which feels non existent on the skin yet quenches its thirst at the same time; taking only seconds of massaging for my skin to soak up with no sticky feeling. I don't know whether I'd say it sinks in or sits on top of my face as in 20 minutes oily areas shine which means blotting papers, however, my skin feels deep down nourished.

I'm not completely disappointed by the oiliness as some redness in only a few days has dismissed. For example earlier I had a small, red and itchy patch appear on my face. I applied a little but of a 'heavy hand' amount of cream on it and its stopped itching and is less red. Some reviews claimed on other sites claim the cream reduces oiliness in the skin after a week or so of use, so there's a chance that my skin will react in that way also eventually.

Since I've received the cream the weather near me hasn't been as Winter as I'd like to test the cream in. So I can't say whether my skin feels tight or dry again after going outside but I can say in the inside temp and Avg autumn weather my skin has felt moisturised all day.

Furthermore, I rated the price kind of low because upon searching Yes Style I stumbled across another Green Tea Watery Cream at around half price of this TonyMoly one.

Skincare -TONYMOLY -Magic Food Banana Sleeping Pack

on 10/26/2018 4:47:00 AM


Love the packaging and the scent . Wished the scent lasts longer. The product is good too. Keeps my skin moisturised without irritation or acne. I put on thickly over night and when I wash off the product is still on the skin. To me that’s good because it forms a layer over my skin. Edit - I bought 2 backups because it’s really good . I realised it even moisturised my lips which most moisturisers only work for my face. I can apply it thickly and no breakouts

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Masks -TONYMOLY -Painting Therapy Pack Sebum Control Black Color Clay

on 10/18/2018 10:40:00 AM


An ineffective product for me. This black clay based mask does not do anything for my combination skin and large pores. Does not help to control oil or remove dead skin cells as the packaging claims. There is not a lot of product. I am only able to get about 5 uses just on my T zone out of this puny tube. I ordered this online and was surprised by how little product you get, only 1.06 oz. For the same price per ounce, you could purchase the most excellent Vichy pore clay mask. Or even better is the much affordable Avon Clearskin Black Mineral Mask which really works well on my skin. Totally regret this impulse purchase.

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Masks -TONYMOLY -Lemon Face Mask Sheet

on 9/24/2018 12:05:00 AM


I love TonyMoly sheet masks. My favorite is the Rice mask. Lemon is good, I would buy it again. I knocked off one star because I didn't notice any brightening effect.
That said, this mask is fairly durable, easy to use, and effective at making my skin look better - both softer and clearer. The scent is pleasant and mildly lemony, which I liked. All of the TonyMoly sheet masks that I have tried so far actually help my acne heal faster.

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