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Crème -SUQQU -Extra Rich Cream Foundation

on 9/1/2018 12:46:00 AM


I'm heartbroken to leave a critical review. I had such high expectations and hopes buying this foundation from Selfridges, given the price tag, Suqqu's reputation, and the numerous glowing reviews of Chinese/Japanese beauty bloggers and YouTubers.

Let's start with the positives. The coverage is a medium to full, I can use this foundation as concealer by dotting and blending a bit under my eyes and over redness. I can also use a concealer brush to pat on more foundation over problem areas. The finish is quite beautiful, not dewy or bare-skin but it does have a subtle, non-sparkle glow. The result is skin that looks polished and 'expensive'.

It also has SPF 30 with the elegant texture true to its Japanese roots. I always use SPF 50 PA+++ sunscreen under my makeup, but it's nice to know my foundation is layering on the sun protection.

If you have dry skin, it's vital that you moisture properly before applying the foundation. It's not moisturising, despite being re-named 'Extra Rich', and it cracks, settles, and overall highlights dryness and dehydration. If your skin is plump and hydrated, you probably will notice no fault. But if, like me, you experience bouts of dryness and sit in a air-conditioned heated room all day, this foundation won't be friendly at the end of an 9-hour day. While it may look beautiful freshly applied, after 5-6 hours I can see some signs of dryness especially around my nose, and by the 9th hour mark, I am ready to take off my makeup, given that my bare skin would look better.

Packaging is another thing worthy of note. The foundation is housed in a luxurious, heavy glass jar with a gold mirror-finished lid. The upside is you can control precisely how much foundation you take and get the last scoop out. The downside is it's messy and the foundation gets into the crevices and smears on the lid. I like to scoop out a week's worth of product and depot it into a Muji container. The complimentary spatular is very helpful.

All in all, a good foundation for normal to oily skin and I'd caution ladies and men with dry to very dry skin to purchase with care.

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Masks -SUQQU -Moisture Mask

on 8/18/2018 6:01:00 AM


I love this mask so much. First bought it while on a work trip when my skin was freaking out and hyper sensitive. I was desperate for a moisturising mask to calm my skin down and bought it after reading a review of it on A Model Recommends. At the time I was breaking out with whiteheads, blackheads and deep cystic acne, had peeling dry skin around my chin and mouth, and had what looked like spots of chemical burns on my cheeks.

After only one night the difference I saw was amazing. The skin around my chin wasn’t flaking anymore, the rough, red, sensitised skin had calmed down, softened and looked smoother. My dry cheeks were even bouncy! And while it didn’t clear up my acne/break out (and doesn’t claim to do so) - it didn’t cause any new spots, and the existing spots looked less red and inflamed.

My skin has calmed down significantly since then, and I continue to use this about once a week. Every time I do I wake up with smoother, brighter-looking skin that feels super hydrated and bouncy to touch. I cannot recommend this highly enough.

A little goes a long way. The product is clear/white and has a glue-like texture. The SA explained how to apply a thin layer from the centre of the face outwards, apparently you don’t want the product to turn white as you apply it so you should avoid rubbing back and forth. After leaving on for 5 mins, dab away any excess product with tissues (I place a layer of tissue over my face and then just peel the tissue off rather than wiping). Then rub the remaining product in and leave overnight. I personally love a leave-on mask because it means fewer steps in my routine!

The hygienic tube packaging is a bonus and is great for travelling. It is also excellent for keeping skin hydrated if you like doing masks on long haul flights, and applying it is very discreet which is perfect if like me you find it somewhat embarrassing to sit next to strangers on a plane with a sheet mask on your face.

Quite expensive, £45 for a tube of 2.45 oz/ 70 g, but I wouldn’t hesitate to repurchase.

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Primer/ Corrector -SUQQU -Blooming Glow Primer

on 8/11/2018 12:25:00 PM


I bought a Suqqu lipstick at their counter at Selfridges in London , and saw the new Nude foundation and got a sample , and then purchased .
I loved it , and when I saw some samples on e-Bay for the Blooming Glow primer I got those too . I am really in love with how my skin looks with these two products . The primer has a very thin consistency , but when applied it just gives a lovely glowy natural finish .
I have never used a primer before , thinking it was unnecessary .
These prices ARE insane , it’s true , but I feel the way my skin looks with them is worth it : it’s my face , after all ! If you baulk at the expense , try to get samples . I highly recommend this product :)

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Eye Shadow -SUQQU -Haruhinata

on 4/21/2018 1:13:00 AM


This my absolute favorite palette for pink/peachy spring season eyeshadows. The yellow highlighter, the creamy peach and the matte pink make such a gorgeous gradation on the eyes with minimum blending effort, that even though I prefer simple and quick cream stick shadows in the mornings, this powder is still easy enough to apply in a pinch. The brown is rich and pigmented, a good coffee matte brown that works great as a liner for this look. I use the peach shadow as my transition shade in the daytime, but in the nighttime I often accentuate the crease with a touch of contour/blush, Harusumire, also from Suqqu. A simple, chic spring quad that is part of Suqqu`s permanent collection.

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Liquid -SUQQU -Nude Wear Liquid Foundation

on 4/5/2018 1:17:00 PM


This foundation retails at £46, whereas their extra rich cream foundation costs £64. This is a nice medium coverage foundation. Its a biphasic foundation, so you have to shake it before using to mix the oil and foundation together. I use it with their blooming primer, but can't comment on their primer (not sure how effective it is). With one layer its a quite sheer coverage. i usually use a bit of a thicker layer so its medium coverage. It might be better to layer it as suggested by the reviewed below, but I've not tried that as don't have time for that! I apply it with my fingers, which gives a natural finish. I took one lippie off as the colour selection is not great. Its different from their extra rich cream foundation. In the cream foundation I'm a perfect match in 002, but 002 in this foundation is quite light, but 003 is way too orange for me. 102 is quite pink so also not suitable. So in the end, I bought 002. It does oxidize half a shade after half an hour, so then it becomes a good match. Its expensive for a foundation, but not expensive in terms of Suqqu products. Its got a stopper, which is great for controlling the amount, however I noticed that the screw part can get quite dirty.
It does last for at least 8 hours, but I do notice some fading after work, but not super obvious unless I'm literally checking at a spot. It gives the skin a nice glow, which does last, not too dewy, definitely not matte. Oil control is not great. No fragrance so good news for some. Its a good foundation, but nothing spectacular like the extra rich cream foundation. May purchase if I warm up to it more.

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