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Recent Skinfood Reviews

Cleansers -Skinfood -Pineapple Morning Peeling Gel

on 11/12/2017 10:28:00 AM


This product is a must-have... I use it once a week to slough all the dead skin off of my face and elbows. I almost wonder if this is just as good as peels, microdermabrasion, and/or dermaplaning. It's so easy and the price is very reasonable. I've ordered it off Amazon several times, and even bought a bottle for a girlfriend. After I use this, I put a nice clay or moisturizing mask on and relax for a bit. Afterwards, my skin is baby smooth and clear. Highly recommend this little gem!

Treatments (Face) -Skinfood -Royal Honey Propolis Essence

on 10/14/2017 9:28:00 AM


I have used a bottle of this product before and can't forget the amount of compliments I got. Basically, I was complimented for having radiant and smooth-looking skin. I would repurchase if not for the high price tag. I believe this is around $35-40. The 50ml bottle did last about 2months though. Would really recommend this to people who are focusing on improving skin texture.

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Concealers -Skinfood -Salmon Darkcircle Concealer Cream

on 10/13/2017 10:19:00 PM


I recently ordered this concealer in shade light off of Amazon. I don't remember exactly what I paid but it was totally reasonable, comparable to drugstore prices. I bought it because I'd seen other reviews--here, makeup blogs, Youtube--that said it was moisturizing and it went on smoothly. I'm in my late thirties now and though my skin is in good shape, fine lines and dryness were inevitable. I used to use NYX's peach-colored undereye concealer and though I tried to convince myself that it was fine, it really wasn't. After I tried the Skinfood concealer I chucked the NYX. The NYX seemed too stiff, hard to get on an even coat without pulling and tugging, the pot seemed more tall than wide, so when I tried using my finger instead of a little brush I would get it under my (short) fingernail. Then, when I tried to put another concealer or my foundation on top (I often used it to try to offset blue/purple veining under my eyes before applying foundation) it would ball up, leaving little flaky bits coming off, making my undereye look even more crepey. The Skinfood is the opposite of all that. Moisturizing (in fact, if your undereye is really oily you may not like this stuff) with better coverage and it plays well with other products. I'll buy it again but the amount is so generous that I may not need to for a while. With my luck it'll be discontinued when I go to look for more...

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Scrubs -Skinfood -Wash-Off Black Sugar Mask

on 10/8/2017 8:38:00 AM


I prefer chemical over physical exfoliators, but this mask is a nice little treat and is not especially harsh. It`s a very thick sugar paste that smells heavenly. It never quite dries down, but I think the idea is for the oils in it to penetrate your skin for 10-15 minutes. After that I add a little water and gently rub it off. I even use it on my lips, it`s that gentle. I still think my chemical scrub works much better, but I like using this mask as an aromatherapy treat in between my hardcore exfoliation days. It`s not too expensive, so I might repurchase.

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Eye Shadow -Skinfood -Plum Chocolat Palette

on 10/7/2017 12:33:00 AM


This is my go to brand for eyeshadow in the last year or so. I can`t believe the quality of these shadows: buttery, pigmented, long-lasting, well curated combos made from skin friendly ingredients. Plum Chocolat is the third palette I own from the Mineral Sugar Blend series and I love all of them so much, that next to my vanity I just have these 3 palettes which I reach for an a daily basis, over my Viseart, over my Hourglass, over my UD, Too Faced, etc. Who could`ve imagined. The Plum Chocolat is great for fall: there`s a cranberry satin in there that is to die for, esp. when combined with a plummy rose gold shimmer. Definite on repurchase and looking forward to see what other color combos this brand comes up with.

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