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Masks -Skinfood -Beauty n A Food Sheet Masks - All Varieties

on 3/22/2018 7:47:00 AM


These sheet masks are great for hydration and a quick way to boost more glow into your skin. I bought them whilst on holiday in Asia. They smell gorgeous and almost good enough to eat. I love the strawberry mask!

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Scrubs -Skinfood -Wash-Off Black Sugar Mask

on 3/9/2018 9:54:00 AM


I bought this one two years ago. I truly loves this make and will recommend it to everyone. I don't use it every day so it lasts me a pretty long time. it is not harsh on my skin either. I really enjoy it.

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Masks -Skinfood -Yuja Water C Vita Boosting Face Mask

on 3/5/2018 2:00:00 AM


This face mask gives instant results imo: I`ve applied for 20 minutes after a chemical peel and when I wiped it off my skin really felt moisturized radiant. I`ve been dealing with some nasty white heads and cystic acne most likely due to trying out a product line that didn`t exactly agree with my skin, and this Yuja mask is helping my skin to recover beautifully. I don`t have any dark spots, so I cannot say anything about this mask`s effects on reducing those. But I`ve noticed how my skin looks and feels after using this 2-3 times a week, and I am really more than happy with the results. It`s infused with a whole bunch of vitamins and I think it`s best to apply after a peel, because those good ingredients can be absorbed by the skin more easily. I adore the marmalade texture and scent and have to really hold off the temptation to taste it. Supposedly the citrus skin bits should help to exfoliate skin when you remove the mask, but I don`t really rely on this for exfoliation because I feel it is too mild and I don`t really believe in physical exfoliants anyway. At 2400JPY you can`t really go wrong with this.

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Toners -Skinfood -Peach Sake Toner


I love this, the packaging is amazing! It's in real glass and feels nice. It smells so good, never really seen any affects on my skin from it, but I love the smell and the packaging and it's not that pricey at all.

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Treatments (Eye) -Skinfood -Pomegranate Collagen Eye Mask

on 2/4/2018 4:26:00 AM


I am obsessed with the Skinfood brand for anything from skincare to makeup, so when I went to Seoul I grabbed a suitcase full of stuff from their store, including these eye masks. Although I live in Asia, I find that buying these in Korea it is much cheaper and often they have things that don`t get released in neighboring countries. I`ve been using eye masks from Estee Lauder, Pevonia Botanica and most recently SNP, but the Skinfood eye mask is different and more moisturizing. Each set of two eye sheets come wrapped in individual packages and contain a lot more serum than the other brands I have tried. The directions also indicate to leave them on for 30 minutes, which is 20 minutes more than the other brands. The little sheets are made from some kind of plastic which never really dries out, even after 30 minutes. The undereye area is brightened and moisturized and concealer sits really well after using these. I keep the masks in the fridge, which also helps to improve circulation. I love them and I would repurchase, I just wish Skinfood would make them available in Japan, or at least improve their online stores, which at the moment has a really limited selection.

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