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Cleansers -Shu Uemura -Ultime8 Sublime Beauty

on 11/13/2017 7:40:00 PM


This product seems almost identical to Shu Uemura Cleansing Beauty Oil Premium A/O (which I've also reviewed).
This is a reliable cleanser, removes all trace of makeup and leaves my skin nice and soft afterwards.
Consistency seems just ever so slightly thicker than Premium A/O, but still in that perfect Goldilocks zone of c/o's, being neither too thick nor too thin.
Again, minimal scent and emulsifies well with water.
This does not irritate my skin or lead to breakouts. My skin is normal/dry and quite sensitive.
I wont repurchase simply because I'm too set on trying all the other cleansing oils out there and for the price, it's really not worth it. This is pretty comparable in terms of performance and consistency to Softymo's one, so I'd stick to that one.
I do like that SU c/o's come in big bottles- makes them somewhat cheaper and less hassle having to buy a new one every other month (Fancl- please take note of this!).
Hope this review has been helpful :)

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Cleansers -Shu Uemura -Cleansing Beauty Oil Premium A/O

on 11/13/2017 7:31:00 PM


Gentle and softening cleansing oil that removes all my makeup.
This is a great cleansing oil- certainly one of the best ones of tried (and I've tried a lot!). I know it's mineral oil based, but it's been my experience that these type of cleansers tend to leave my skin softer afterwards compared with natural oil based ones.
Consistency is right down the middle- neither too thick nor too thin- which is just perfect for my purposes.

I use two pumps worth of product, massage it on my face for a minute or so and all trace of makeup is gone. This includes waterproof makeup, but no budge-proof eyeliners, so I cant comment on how well it goes against them.
It emulsifies well with water, rinsing clean with no stickiness. My skin is always very soft afterwards.
I always follow with another cleanser afterwards, so I cant comment on how well it would go used on it's own. Though I would guess it would actually be sufficient, if you didn't/couldn't use another cleanser afterwards.
It has a light and inoffensive fragrance, which disappears after use.

For reference, this does not irritate my skin or lead to breakouts. My skin is normal/dry and quite sensitive. Didn't notice any of the purported antioxidant benefits of this product for my skin.

I agree with other reviewers, that the price is pretty steep for what is: essentially, a bottle of mineral water + other (probably useless) ingredients + emulsifying agent. I really only tried it out because I'm a product junky and want to experiment with everything available- and this stuff has been around for ages and has lots of devotees.
So, I'd summarise that this is a fantastic, reliable oil cleanser which delivers more than most of its competitors. If your willingness to pay stretches to >$100AUD, then go for it. If you're hurting for the price, then look elsewhere- lots of similar products for a tenth of the cost out there (try Softymo oil cleanser).

Primer/ Corrector -Shu Uemura -POREraser

on 11/6/2017 5:35:00 PM


Interesting product that I’m happy I picked up. It has light but somehow very good coverage and just evens out your skin tone so naturally but nicely. I’m super oily and this does a great job at keeping me matte longer than other mattifying products. Easy to apply and it just melts into your skin when I use it with a sponge.

Shampoo -Shu Uemura -Urban Moisture Shampoo

on 10/12/2017 7:53:00 AM

I never intended to buy this shampoo, but I got one for free with my latest Lookfantastic order. I've had really good experiences with Shu hair care before but I had my eyes set on the Silk Bloom line as my hair is always fragile in the ends and breaking off despite being virgin. So I hadn't got any particular expectations before using Urban Moisture for the first time but I must say I'm really, really liking it so far (been using for 5 days in a row with Silk Bloom conditioner)! My hair is long, fine and pretty soft to begin with, but this shampoo makes it soooo silky and easy breezy to detangle. The scent is very much like Essence Absolue = TO DIE FOR! Omg it smells so heavenly I wanna sniff it all day.

It does NOT make my hair greasy, it actually cleanses really well which surprised me. It does however make my hair a bit flatter because of the intense nutrition but that's the purpose of a moisturizing shampoo isn't it? For thicker, drier hair types I guess this would be absolutely perfect. For me, having fine hair, I alternate with something lighter (like the Oil Cleansing Shampoo) once in a while.

One of the most moisturizing shampoos I've ever used, I would probably buy it again even though I'm the kind of hair freak who loves trying out new stuff all the time.

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Cleansers -Shu Uemura -Shu Uemura Porefinist Anti-shine Fresh Cleansing Oil

on 9/22/2017 8:23:00 AM

Good product! I needed to get it from Japan, as it is not available in my country. The price is ridiculous though.

I use is as a pre-wash, because used alone leave a residue/film I am not a fan of and I think could cause breakout/pore clogging (in my case).
The consistency is runny, watery, one pump of the product is all what you need. I think it contributed to cutting dowmn oil production, which is great (but my complexion is still far from type-normal).
It is much better than DHL cleansing oil - does not dry out my skin, plumps it, makes it feel good.

But I will not buy it again. Not because it is a bad product, but because I do not need it. I will not use it as eye makeup remover, as I do not like the residue and my eyes cannot stand anything else except bioderma micellar water. In my case - thils also require second cleanser, as the leftover tends to clog my pores - to much hassle for me. And bearing the price - I would rather have one good cleanser that does it all in just one step (like Obagi or Dr G).

I recently tried to use it alone, as it is staded on producer's web site, that you do not need second wash after this. At evening a used a damped wash cloth to remove the residue, in morning - just water to take it of.
Unfortunately, while the texture and overall condition of my skin was great (pores were clear, shine reduced, no breakouts) I saw some fine lines starting to appear on my forehead. I think this is due to dehydration or mild inflamation - everytime a used at night enything leaving an oily film/residue, the resut is always the same - fine lines on my forehead and around my eyes.
I am 37 and have no visible fine lines or wrinkles due to the protocol I use for nights - no oily staf on my face - no night creams, serums, etc. just oil-free cosmetics - tones and feather-light serums (water based). This cleansing oil does not suit this attitude.
Moreover, when I decided to move to my regular cleanser, I saw how much damage this oil made to my skin. It made me look 5-7 yes older due to strange, irregular surface and net of dehydration wrinkles. Good it wasn't permanent - it took me about a week to get the situation under control.

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