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Brows -SHISEIDO -Shiseido Integrate brow pencil

on 10/18/2018 7:47:00 PM

Love this!! There are 2 brow pencils in the Integrate range - one with a slim 2mm lead diameter, and a larger 5mm one. with a spoolie brush on the other end. The grey brown shade is an almost perfect match to my own, I'm a dark brunette and most brow pencils are either too red or too dark and bold on me. I don't suit the instagram ultra dark statement brow trend.

As a victim of the Great Eyebrow Overplucking plague in the early 00s, I now have some very sad and sparse eyebrows & I have to use brow make-up to cover teenage me's misadventures f***ing them up. This goes on lightly so it looks very natural, and the screw brush on the end makes it very easy to soften harsh lines or blend the pencil into any gaps between brow hairs. It has good lasting power generally, but in very hot and humid weather it can sometimes fade or smudge. But retouching is painless - as it isn't too dark, brushing smudges away is possible, or even covering with concealer you won't see any telltale translucent dark marks shining through it.

The pencil is an auto twist-up one, but as it's not a gel formula it doesn't have the same issues as auto eyeliners - it won't dry out when exposed to air and so the pencil end doesn't have a lid. I have to make sure I've retracted it after using though, otherwise half the pencil lead will snap off in storage. But the brush is protected by a lid that fits securely. I'm really happy with this product, it may not be as bulletproof as some other brow pencils or liquid brow pens, but for a natural look it's fantastic!

Eyeliner -SHISEIDO -MicroLiner Ink in Brown

on 10/18/2018 4:22:00 PM

I returned this.

I've been enjoying Pat McGrath's Permagel Ultra Glide Eye Pencils which are very creamy and long-lasting, but they are kind of expensive and you have to sharpen them. I tried Shiseido's MicroLiner Ink eyeliner because it swivels up and doesn't require sharpening. Unfortunately, the color I tried, Brown, was not nearly as pigmented as Pat McGrath's Blitz Brown or Sable.

Shiseido promises that their liner will "glide" across lids, but I found it to be very rigid and scratchy on the eyes with almost no color payoff. The pencil advances the color up when you twist the bottom, but it is not fully retractable.

I have noticed that sometimes a product will have one color that is problematic but another shade that performs well. For example, I had amazing luck with Inglot's 77 black gel liner but the other colors I tried were not as reliable for all-day wear. However, I was so disappointed with Shiseido's formula that I am reluctant to give them another chance with the same eyeliner in navy, plum, or black.

So it's back to Pat McGrath's pencils, which do require sharpening, but at least they are pigmented, last for hours, and really do "glide" on.

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Misc Beauty Tools -SHISEIDO -Pureness Oil Blotting Papers

on 10/18/2018 3:52:00 PM


This is by far my favourite blotting paper. Been wearing makeup since I was 18 and with 20+ years experience, I have gone through super oily skin to now being in the normal skin type range. Might be the fact that I am in my late 30s. This paper is light weight, great quality and do not lift off your foundation. A must-try if you are in the market for some new ones

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Moisturizers -SHISEIDO -WASO Fresh Jelly Lotion

on 10/18/2018 7:57:00 AM


And the packaging is cute. Its fun the way the jelly melts into a liquid as you rub it on your skin. Doesn't make my skin feel plump or moisturised. Just leaves a shiny sticky film. Irritates my skin.

Moisturizers -SHISEIDO -Ibuki Refining Moisturizer

on 10/18/2018 7:52:00 AM


Too highly perfumed, irritated my skin.

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