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Recent Shiseido Reviews

Treatments (Eye) -Shiseido - Future Solution Eye and Lip

on 10/17/2017 6:20:00 AM


I really love this product. It's pretty expensive so I have stopped using it once or twice in the past few years and then my fine lines started to get deeper and more of them started showing. A bottle last me about 4 to 5 months. I apply it 2 to 3 times a day as I wash my after sports. I have tried 100s of eye cream and this one gives my dry eyes best results. I also use a Sheseido sleeping mask over my Future solution night creams or my skin gets too dry with the air con on all night.

Treatments (Face) -Shiseido - Ultimune


Like all of Shiseido's skin care this is yet another overpriced bulky heavy product that does absolutely nothing for the skin. If anyone has any respect for Cosmetic Chemistry and what goes into a product then it would do you good to read what I have to say about not only this product but for most of Shiseido Skincare in its entirety .

First of all I do not know for the life of me how a brand like Shiseido, the very model of Japanese skin care and the care and meticulous stringent research and attention these people and this brand endeavour to perform but never deliver is able to create such a boring ineffective product such as this.

Like many other moisturisers and serums from this line the results, expectations and benefits are completely over exaggerated and the very ingredients that they claim to use are always,ALWAYS listed after either the fragrance or preservative or BOTH!

By law it is necessary for skin care ingredients to be placed in order of concentration from highest to lowest, in the case of Shiseido, it is always the latter. There is always water, denatured alcohol and silicones at the top, and all the lovely wonderful "Natural" and "Rare" ingredients right at the bottom after the fragrance and preservatives. Very very disappointing product from Shiseido, apart from a few select well formulated sunscreens and cleansers from Shiseido the rest of the line is basically redundant and has absolutely no benefit for the skin.

Oil of Olay at your local pharmacy would give you better results and a noticeable difference(They use plenty of Niacinamide B3) than anything from Shiseido ever would. Shiseido skin care is simply a big joke and shockingly overpriced for what you get. I wouldnt recommend this line at all.

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Cleansers -Shiseido - WASO Gentle Cleanser

on 10/16/2017 2:10:00 PM

Got this by telling a sales associate that I need a cleaser that would leave my face moisturized and suitable for dry skin-types, so she showed me this. In the cash registered I found out that this is probably the most expensive cleanser I have ever purchased, considering how little it contains.
Well, anyway it does cleanse the face but I don't think the price tag is justified. For this price I would have gotten myself a Chanel cleanser instead.

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Liquid -Shiseido - Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation

on 10/12/2017 1:41:00 PM


I have wanted to try this for a long time, but was a little disappointed after I got it. It is more matte and looks a bit more flat than I expected. This has good coverage and looks natural but as far as light foundations go I think I prefer the effect of the Sheer and Perfect. I have O20 in the Sheer and Perfect and got this in Golden 2, which I found slightly lighter than the O20. I would say this would be a good light foundation for those who like a semi matte look.

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BB Cream -Shiseido - Perfect Hydrating BB Cream

on 10/11/2017 2:09:00 PM


I bought this after reading some good reviews. I was a little bit underwhelmed when I used it for the first time as I was expecting more coverage. After trying it a few more times I have come to appreciate it more. It looks natural and evens out skin tone. It is easy to spread and comfortable to wear. It would suit people who don't need heavy coverage but just want some enhancement in the skin tone.

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