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Recent Sephora Reviews

Lipstick -Sephora -Lipstories Lipstick

on 5/23/2018 1:35:00 PM


The Lipstories colour in Cash Money (dark green shade) was such a huge disappointment! I tried wearing this for 12 hours, and it wore so horribly. At work, I had to reapply it every 15 minutes to make sure I was getting decent coverage. Even if you blot and powder it, it refuses to stain or stay put. When it fades down, it looks patchy, gross, and not flattering.

The lipstick had a weird smell and taste to it, but the packaging was super cute and affordable.

It's not worth the trouble of having to maintain it unless you plan to wear it for like less than an hour. I never return anything, but I returned this....

Lipstick -Sephora -Cream Lip Stain (All Shades)

on 5/19/2018 8:25:00 AM


I got around 15 shades of these and hands down the best liquid lipstick!!! I tried many high end ones and, but naaah, wasn't worth it. I love these just as much as I love Mac ones, otherwise these are just incomparable, love love love

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Makeup Brushes -Sephora -Pro Airbrush Concealer Brush # 57

on 5/11/2018 1:07:00 PM


I am a makeup junkie not a brush junkie. Any % off or deal i stray to make up, mostly lipsticks or eye products. I want immediate gratification. I dont spend much on brushes unless come in a deal. But i got this one and i read the reviews over and over. Should i spent the $30? I did and dont regret it! I use this almost everyday! Its great for spot concealing and mostly placing under eye concealer. I have had flat brushes before for this but i ended up always using my finger. This one holds up well and is quality and i love it.

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Highlighters -Sephora -Radiant Luminizing Drops

on 5/5/2018 3:36:00 PM


I wanted a nice liquid highlight for those natural makeup days but this literally disappeared into my skin! There was no glow only sparkles in sunlight. It sets pretty quick so u have to be fast blending it out. I have the color morning light.

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Primer/ Corrector -Sephora -Beauty Amplifier Set and Refresh Spray


This is I believe my third purchase of this setting spray. I have used many, many, setting sprays. Matter of fact when I was at Sephora this last time I had returned Urban Decay's "All Nighter", because the spray stream wasn't right. It's sprayed more like in a line than a burst. UD is okay - but there are others out there that are just as good, that aren't as expensive. I was going to purchase Cover FX - but the $30.00 price tag was bothering me. When the attendant totaled my purchases, in the back of my mind I was you really want to pay that price for that setting spray? My answer was... NO! Don't get me wrong, I'm sure Cover FX is really great - but I have had great success with this Sephora brand one in past. So I changed it out. I'm glad I did -- it's half the price.

I haven't used it in awhile, I have been using another brand which I love - but it takes forever and a day for them to ship (last time it was 8 days) there was no tracking, the website malfunctioned - the "purchase" button wasn't working properly - and it charged me for two bottles...and customer support wouldn't do anything. I ended up reporting them to the BBB - and they wouldn't even respond to them!!! So needless to say, I"m done with that company!!! I'd love to tell you who they are but - that wouldn't be right!!! Anyway - if you haven't tried the Beauty Amplifier from Sephora -- I recommend it. For $14.00 it certainly won't break the bank!!! It has a great mist, lasts a considerably length of time, and the scent (to me) is refreshing. I really prefer it when dampening eye brushes for applying shadows damp, and also for highlighter. It just seems to work better than some of the others.

If you are super oily like me - a tip I learned from both Nikkia Joy and Wayne Goss - begin your make up application by spraying your face with setting spray, and let it dry. Apply on top of that a dusting of setting powder. Then apply your favorite primer as you normally would. Apply foundation and the rest of your regular makeup routine - followed by setting spray to finish. YES it sounds crazy. What I will tell you is that I do this each and every time I do my make-up. My foundation lasts 12+ hours. The extra layer of powder absorbs oil, and keeps you matte acting as a barrier to your foundation. It just simply works. NO, it doesn't feel heavy - you will not even know it's there, and as an added bonus - the little bit of powder will help you tweeze your brows easier, the powder makes them easier to grip!!! Try it, what's it going to hurt? Have fun!!!

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