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Recent Sephora Reviews

Lipstick -Sephora -Cream Lip Stain (all shades)

on 12/8/2017 7:39:00 AM


When am I going to learn that these matte liquid lipsticks are simply NOT for me?

I bought this a few weeks ago, meaning to get the shade 01/Always Red but someone had put Strawberry Kiss in the slot for Always Red and I didn't notice til I got this home, opened it and applied it. I knew the colour couldn't possibly be Always Red. Not only was it dry and drying but it was quite a garish shade. I exchanged it for Always Red and I really love this colour but that's pretty much all I love about it. In order to wear this, I must first use Fresh lip scrub and then apply a lip balm of some sort and let it sink in for several minutes and wipe off the excess (otherwise, the balm sort of "dissolves" the lip stain, which then slides all around and off). As someone else commented, way too much product comes out on the doe foot (at least in my opinion) so I need to dab this carefully - one "dab" on my upper lip and one on my lower - and then use a lip brush to distribute the product around my lips. Basically a LOT of work and I'm still not wild about how dry this looks. I find the wear time not too bad but not amazing enough to make the effort worthwhile. Several years ago, I purchased a Sephora lip "ink" - a similar sort of product that is now discontinued - and I much preferred that product to this one. I wouldn't repurchase but then I'm not a fan of matte lip products in general. I think a creamy, satiny finish look much more flattering and appealing and certainly feels so much nicer to wear.

Eyeliner -Sephora -colorful wink-it felt liner waterproof

on 12/7/2017 11:48:00 PM

Liquid pen liners are like super cars. The performance is apparent on the track (or eyelid). It must be opaque and dark. Second passes are for suckers. Shiny or matte dont care, but waterproof is standard. Long wear isn’t going to cut it. Hot yoga-proof. Texas summer-my-car’s air condition went out-proof. Dry sauna-proof. I’m asking a lot. Packaging is also noticeable: even if its teeny tiny, i can still tell if the cap is flimsy and cheap. The devil is in the details. Wink-it in ‘little black dress’ fits all the bill and more. KVD ink liner or this, you wont be able to tell the difference except for a few bucks you can save.

Treatments (Eye) -Sephora -Pomegranate Eye Mask

on 12/7/2017 8:09:00 PM

Meh. I agree with the other person, it’s not viable to think we’re going to purchase 40 of these things to use. In my mind, masks should be used for “instant results”. I have plenty of face masks that I use if my skin is feeling dull or dry. Anyways, I used this mask once. It felt kind of weird, I could feel it tightening on my skin after 10 mins. After I took it off and patted the remaining product in, my undereyes felt tight but not in a good way. And my skin felt tacky. Wouldn’t buy again. The Sephora face masks are a better purchase than the eye ones if you need that extra $5 for free shipping...

Lipstick -Sephora -Paint the Town Nude Lip Pencil Set

on 12/4/2017 10:06:00 PM

These are a good value for the price, but what I learned from this set is mostly that I don't look good in nude lip colors. I am very pale (NC10 or very fair) but I have quite pigmented lips. Half of these give me the "concealer lips" look, which isn't great for someone of 49. Oh well. Got them along with a primer and the $15 off, so I can convince myself I paid $20 which isn't bad for 5 that actually work for me.

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Other -Sephora -Perfection Mist Nude Glow

on 12/4/2017 7:24:00 PM

In my opinion, this is similar to the Tatcha dewy skin mist but by no means is a setting spray. This product delivers a nice subtle dewy glow to your skin after makeup without being sticky. I like how this gives a fine mist and I like this over the Tatcha dewy skin mist. Nice to have in your makeup collection but not a necessary product.

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