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Recent SKII Reviews

Treatments (Face) -SKII -Facial Treatment Essence

on 12/11/2017 12:11:00 PM


i didnt personally use this but my mom did for 5 years straight and her face is as soft as a baby's butt. it's the only skincare product she used for a long time and i think that really made the difference. it is insanely expensive, but she highly recommends it. she did get comments that she doesn't look 45 -- despite her having bad skin back in her 30s

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Treatments (Eye) -SKII -R.N.A. (Radical New Age) POWER Anti-Aging Eye Cream

on 12/1/2017 10:11:00 AM


I got a small sample pot of this from Sephora, and I'm ready to throw away every other thing I own and only use this. 2 weeks in, I was still working with the bit of product stuck to the lid and hadn't even dipped into the jar yet. This is SO ridiculously rich and creamy, just a pinprick amount sinks right in providing instant youthful hydration, amazingly with no trace of oil or grease.

Im 40 with hereditary bags and dark shadows, and fine lines. This all becomes very pronounced in the winter. After using this just one time, my undereye area looked brighter and fresher, and I feel years younger. It transforms the color and texture under my eye from bluish, sallow and weathered, to peachy and smooth. Concealer is optional and if I do want to use some, I only need a pinprick amount as it glides beautifully over the smooth surface. I know you are not supposed to touch your face but I cannot help touching my undereye area in disbelief. It feels so smooth and supple.

My skin type needs to breathe and does not like creams of any sort (milia, congestion, dullness etc). I typically I opt for oils or serums. Now I see how inferior all my other products are to this. I take a tiny bit around each eye and then just barely touch it to laugh/forehead lines, and my face looks and feels beautifully hydrated, but not bogged down with dulling/congesting products.

I'm getting no sleep right now and my undereye looks great. I switched back to my old moisturizing oil for a couple of weeks in an effort to preserve my bottle of this for when I will really need it - deep winter. I got sick of looking haggard so I switched back to SKII this week and I look refreshed again - and I am not getting any extra sleep :)

I'm a tough sell on eye creams, especially creams that cost this much. But - is it really that expensive? I use just enough to absorb, never 'slather' it on as I don't find it necessary. It is super concentrated and a full sized jar would most likely expire long before I came close to finishing. I also don't feel the need to have any other serums or moisturizing products other than this. And lastly, I don't need concealer when I use this.

I am at an age now where I would rather just bite the bullet and invest in quality products that work for me than waste time and money experimenting. And as I mentioned, aside from my oil Cleanser and an occasional mask or exfoliating treatment, this is all I need. I saw the price initially and thought I would never buy that, but how many products do I purchase and not even finish because they don't work? This is a keeper for me.

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Toners -SKII -Facial Treatment Clear Lotion

on 11/23/2017 10:52:00 AM


My skin took to a disastrous turn after returning from my holiday trip, was practically at desperate ends , chance upon a sample of this lotion for 8.90 Sing dollar on portal lazada and decided to give it a try as is at a very reasonable price.
Was skeptical at first however after using for a mere few days i realise there is a noticeable difference in my skin , my skin took for a healthy turn n look clearer and brighter my previous scar seems to be fading. Will definitely repurchase it again once finish. Have tried various lotion and SKII though a bit pricey is worth for the repurchase.

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Masks -SKII -Facial Treatment Mask

on 11/20/2017 4:38:00 PM


Received in a gift exchange, I was thrilled by the prospect of this "no mess" mask and optimistic for the slightest visible improvement. The liquid soaked fabric held no staying power which required frequent adjustments while little droplets trickled into my hair and down my neck. The mask felt cool and soothing, so the mess seemed justified with promise of any skin improvement. As instructed, after 15 minutes I removed the mask and massaged the remaining liquid into my skin. After using the third of the six masks without any visible improvements, it's been relegated to the skincare graveyard. Convenient and highly sanitary packaging is greatly appreciated.

Cleansers -SKII -Facial treatment cleansing gel

on 11/4/2017 2:03:00 AM


Moist the skin even after i wash my face. Deep cleansing and really calm my combination face. I love the texture. Should be in bottle pump packaging, easier to use especially for avid traveler like me

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