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Recent SKII Reviews

Masks -SKII - Facial Treatment Mask

on 10/2/2017 8:37:00 PM


This mask by SK-II has long been a part of my skincare arsenal and I love it. It is a fairly run of the mill cotton sheet mask that is soaked in SK-II's "pitera" concoction, which is a nasty-sounding yeast byproduct. That byproduct, though, is chock full of things like amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. It works wonderfully on the skin. I apply this mask as a rescue remedy. If I've done something horrible to my skin, whether it be overexfoliated or undermoisturized, the facial treatment mask sets me right. It's like a reset button for my skin. I leave it on for 20 minutes and then go to bed. In the morning, my skin is rested and glowing.
Pitera is touted for anti-aging benefits but I can't really attest to those, unless you want to count skin not looking haggard as anti-aging. If I used these more frequently, I might be able to tell a difference in fine lines and firmness, I suppose. There is a very good reason, however, that I save them for skin emergencies: the price. SK-II is a luxury brand and to buy these masks individually will set you back $17 each. A box of 10 is more reasonable at $135, but still not exactly a product that is feasible to use every day.

Treatments (Face) -SKII - Facial Treatment Essence

on 8/8/2017 7:03:00 AM


I'm not sure how I feel about this product, I don't understand what it's meant to do. I've been using it but haven't seen any results. Also, you moisten a cotton pad with it and wipe it over your face but for a product so expensive it seems crazy to use so much when so little actually ends up on your face. I love the SK-II Steam Power face cream and have seen results from it but paired with the facial essense there is no further effect, I will just stick with the Steam Power cream by itself.

Cleansers -SKII - Facial treatment cleansing gel


I have a combination skin that gets red very easily. I'm so used at a slight burning sensation after wiping my makeup off with any cleanser. I have tried numerous brands of makeup wipes, cleansing oil, cleansing milk, etc. All of them would leave me with either a tight feeling and redness or a very oily residue that wouldnt come off no matter how much I rinsed (that I hate even more).

My last discovery that I thought was going to be my holy grail cleanser was Estee Lauder Take It Away, cause it felt so light and gentle and didnt leave any annoying residue. However, it was so runny and thin so applying it with fingers directly took a lot of product. I had to use a dry cotton pad to apply and a dry cotton pad equals redness to me, but I was never not red after cleansing my face so I thought it was the best thing I could ever get. I was so wrong.

I ran out of it so I looked into my drawer and found this long ignored cleansing gel in a sample-sized jar. Texture was quite thick so unlike the Estee Lauder one I decided to use my fingers. It turned to oil immediately after I massaged it to my skin so I thought "oh this is gonna be one of those oily crap". But boy oh boy did it remove my makeup oh so effortlessly--even my waterproof mascara. Well it did sting a little when it accidently got in my eyes. Anyway, now that I got dissolved makeup all over my face I was wondering what should I clean my face with. From my experience rinsing an oil cleanser with water is a nightmare to my combination skin. Cotton pads? My skin burns only by thinking about it. So I went old school: I ran hot water on a towel, squeezed, and wiped the dirty oily gel off my face with it. And I fell in love.

Never in my life has my face felt so great after cleansing. It is so clean, yet so moisturized, with NO REDNESS WHATSOEVER. No tight feeling, no oily residue. My skin looked so bright and glowy, not dull like it usually looks after washing. I was so stunned I couldnt keep touching my face while looking at the mirror. I repeat, I had never been not red after cleansing my face. But that was before this product.

So I went on using it thinking that I would empty the small jar in a few days, but actually it lasts for more than a couple of weeks now. I still admire how my skin looks everytime I use this, and find that applying with fingers and then hot water and towel is still the best way for my skin. After a while I find that my acne is almost completely gone, note that I've been struggling with it the last 5 months. The only thing changed was this cleanser, so it got me thinking that maybe I wasnt thorough enough when taking off my makeup before.

Honestly I think the price is worth it for the big jar considering how long this small jar lasts. Definitely buying the full size.

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Treatments (Face) -SKII - Skin Refining Treatment


This is my second jar of SRT. Im a teenager and my acne come and go along with my hormonal condition. I always use SRT everytime i got a new pimple/acne and this thing is bomb! After using SRT at night always makes me wake up into a really oily skin but after i wash my face it feels really dry. But its really make my skin clear, smooth and just as i want it to be!
P.s dont use it every day

Toners -SKII - Facial Treatment Essence

on 6/23/2017 7:43:00 AM

I'd been curious about the hype behind the product for years, so when this became available at Sephora I decided to take the plunge. That was several years ago and I still use this product. The Treatment Essence has the consistency of water and the instructions were a bit vague, which didn't inspire a lot of confidence, but I've found that two drips of the Essence in the palm of my hand, then spread on my face, is plenty for my full face and neck. When I started using this I was pregnant, third trimester with my third child, and my skin (which pre-pregnancy was oily, sensitive, and break-out prone) had become occasionally flaky, my skin would be oily one week then dry the next, and increasingly sensitive and uneven. I had also noticed very fine wrinkles, which I was not happy about. Within one week, the Treatment Essence evened out my skin tone, flakiness was gone (and has not returned), the fine lines disappeared (yes, they were gone!), and the oiliness was curbed and the dryness ended. My skin was glowing and I was in shock! After my baby was born, I immediately had a breakout (hormones), but when it cleared up, my skin was glowing again. My son is now 18 months and I still love and use the Treatment Essence every day. I still get the occasional, hormonal breakout, but this keeps my skin overall calm, clear, and smooth. I've gotten compliments on my skin since using this product (even from my laser technician who gets up-close and personal with every square inch of my skin). I will continue to buy this. I strayed for one bottle, to Estee Lauder's Essence and hated it (separate review). I came running back to SK-II.

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