Revlon, Inc. is an American multinational cosmetics, skin care, fragrance, and personal care company founded in 1932 and based in New York City. Revlon was founded in the midst of the Great Depression, 1932, by Charles Revson and his brother Joseph along with a chemist, Charles Lachman, who contributed the "L" in the Revlon name.

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Recent Revlon Reviews

Foundations -Revlon - Youth fx


Total garbage. I bought 2 shades because I couldn't tell by the tube which would be the right one...well it didn't matter because the formula was SO BAD. Cakey, dry, settled into every single pore, chalky.
Think of something you hate about foundation, and there you have this---every bad thing you don't want is here. And turned out that NEITHER shade worked for me, and the line only has a range of about 6 or 7.
Back they go!

Liquid -Revlon - Colorstay 24hrs Makeup SPF 20 Normal/Dry Skin (US pump bottle)

on 7/20/2017 5:08:00 PM


This has really unbelievable coverage but that's as far as my praise goes.

It's really really dry for a foundation for normal/dry skin. Like it dries to a powder finish and makes any dryness pretty noticeable. It also exacerbates dryness and sucks moisture from the skin, even though I have normal-dry skin. I also find the shades run very gray even for my neutral skin tone. I definitely have to bronze after applying of I will look sick or dead.

I usually mix foundations so i find this isn't useless for me. i use it to add staying power, coverage and lightness to other foundations. This is great for mixing with very dewy foundations (pro-glow) to make them set down better/last longer and low-coverage foundations (naked skin or marcelle flawless) to amp up the coverage.

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Liquid -Revlon - Colorstay 24hrs Makeup SPF 15 Combination/Oily Skin (US pump bottle)

on 7/19/2017 11:17:00 AM


This is my new favorite foundation. I've tried tons that have disappointed but I love this one!

The pump bottle is great, allows for an easy and clean application. I have this in Sand Beige, which is a yellow-undertone to neutral tone. It looks a bit grey in the bottle but turns out to be a great match for my skin, which is fair-medium and neutral.

I apply this with a real techniques sponge. The formula dries pretty quickly, so you have to work fast to blend. I find that it covers the redness and unevenness in my face very well, doesn't look patchy, gives me a nice natural looking but polished finish that isn't too matte/flat or shiny either - just the right amount of glow. The coverage is probably about medium, but not fake or cakey looking and I imagine could be layered, and it lasts throughout the day.

As long as I remove completely with face wash every day, this won't break me out.

Will definitely repurchase.

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Hair Color -Revlon - Colorsilk


I use box dye because I just colour to black and I figure you can't go wrong with the colour matching the box. That and the low price are the only reasons I'm giving this colour two lippies. The colour matched fine (like I said, you can't go wrong with black) but I regret not splurging on a box dye that is less harsh and more nourishing. My hair isn't crazy dry or damaged, it was virgin before putting this on as I had been trying to grow out my natural colour since I went very short, and luckily I had a good conditioner and masque to use right afterwards. It did feel super dry right after rinsing but I think the immediate conditioning helped and I'm hoping it won't dry out over time. I don't regret giving up on growing my natural and going back to black, but this dye dried my scalp out like crazy. It's itchy as hell and a bit sore. I'd definitely not recommend this, and I'd advise spending a couple extra bucks on something like Olia or other Garnier colours. I'm currently sitting with a head soaked in olive oil in hopes it will provide me with some relief for my poor scalp.

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Mascara -Revlon - Mega Multiplier mascara

on 7/14/2017 8:18:00 PM


Revlon, you have let me down again. I'd sworn off Revlon mascaras a long time ago, but I was hooked by the ads with Gwen Stefani, and by the positive reviews on here. I'm giving this 2 stars just because I like the packaging (especially the "click" when closing the tube) and the formula being fragrance-free. But this mascara does ALMOST NOTHING for the lashes. No volume, no length. Just a wet slightly clumpy application and a bit of darker colour. The only way I can make this work is if I layer it over another mascara. PS. Yes it's easy to remove with just water (and it's kind of cool and weird to see the tubes washing off in clumps) but so are a lot of other mascaras.

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