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Loose Powders -RCMA -No Color Powder

on 10/14/2017 3:47:00 AM


Yes, I know- it's a cult-favorite, but I personally find This product to be way over hyped!
It’s very affordable & finely milled,
I mainly use it for the “Baking Technique“, and it does brighten your under eye area beautifully, but that goes for the rest of your face as well...
the "no color" title is misleading-
It leaves a white cast & messing with the original shade of the foundation.
It also very mattifying, so if you're going for a dewy foundation/look it's going to take that away.
Maybe it's just more suitable for oily skin type.
packaging Wise - it looks like a “salt shaker” & not very functional...Recommends moving the formula to another loose powder container (less messy & easy to control the amount of product that Released).Great value, but not a HG status for me.

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Contour -RCMA -Highlight and Contour Palette

This concealer/corrector is a best kept secret. I previously wrote a glowing review for Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector. I like RCMA shade CS1 even better. (I didn't think it would be possible. Becca WAS my holy grail corrector for under eye circles.) I have only tried shade CS1 and CS2. (All the shades in this palette can be purchased as singles.) CS1 is a pink/bisque shade. CS2 is a more neutral peach flesh tone. They would both work well to cover dark circles on lighter skin tones. All the shades are matte. You will be disappointed if you expect this product to brighten your under eye area. It does provide excellent coverage; it just doesn't add shine. I compared RCMA CS1 with Becca Brightening Corrector in the pink shade in both indoor lighting and bright sun light. They look almost identical. The only difference is that Becca is just a tiny bit more on the pink side. I use matte foundation over the Becca corrector anyway, so that cancels out most of the brightening effect. Just like RCMA foundation, the corrector has the consistency of cold butter. It is waxed based, so it needs to be warmed against the skin before blending. I recommend thinning it with a drop of oil. (RCMA makes a thinner, but you can use any oil.) I find it blends best with a mini beauty blender. You can purchase the palette and single shades directly from the RCMA website, Camera Ready Cosmetics, Beautylish or Alcone. Single shades are $30.00 for 1/2 ounce or $30.00 for the whole palette. Samples are available from Camera Ready Cosmetics or the RCMA website. One caution if you use a primer: the waxed based formula doesn't mix well with silicone or water based primers (which means most commercial brand names). RCMA makes a clear foundation which can be used as a primer. Or, you can just use your favorite facial oil or eye cream. Overall, I would recommend this product if you are looking for a more natural, invisible corrector, rather than a brightening one.

Palettes -RCMA -VK #11 Palette

on 5/24/2017 7:22:00 AM


Hands down the best! I also have the vk10 palette & they are both amazing. Very kind on the skin, beautifully natural looking & so easy to blend. Just make sure you warm it up. I always apply it with a sponge & my clients absolutely love it!! Can't recommend it enough! 🙌🙌🙌

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Crème -RCMA -Color Process Foundation

on 3/25/2017 6:44:00 PM


I accidentally came across this when i was watching some other makeup channels on youtube, then starting to research about this and bought the KO palette. I am MAC NC20, MUFE HD N120 and KO1 match my skin tone the best (In fact its actually a mix between KO1 and KO2 but on its own KO1 matched better).
It is very pigmented as they claimed, i scrap the tiniest amount on the back on my hand (tiny as in less than my concealer) and it will cover my whole face.
If i want a little more coverage i will repeat until i get the desire outcome. What i like is that this is very very comfortable on, it does not feel like i have foundation. Yet at the time same, the coverage is like when i wear prolong wear (which is my go to foundation).
I must set this foundation with powder, and it last all day. Really like it but i still love my prolong wear and mufe.
Price is great and i think i will repurchase, palette is great to start for me because i didn't know how fair or dark i need (since there are no place to try this on) but honestly i don't see myself using the darker colors even for contouring (they just don't look right on me even using as contour). Overall thumbs up.

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Powder -RCMA -RCMA Over Powder

I needed something extra to make my order free shipping (I was buying the RCMA No Color Powder) and I saw this. It's 18 bucks and it comes in a pearl and a gold. I got the gold. I figured for that price, if I didn't like it, it wasn't a big risk.

I love it. It's a sheer gold powder that is not quite a highlighter and not a chunky glittery powder and not a banana powder but it looks very lovely (and even work appropriate) dusted on cheekbones and sort of anywhere as a setting/finishing/highlighting powder.

The bad packaging goes without saying. (It's almost cliche right now to complain about that)

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