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Loose Powders -Pond's -Magic Powder - Oil and Blemish Control

on 10/15/2018 3:15:00 PM


I bought the pink one! I used this today for the first time with Maybelline Fit Me concealer (no foundation), because I just wanted to cover up my dark circles. I kinda swatched it on my hand before trying it on, and at first I thought it will give me a whitecast. But when I baked with it, surprisingly the powder faded away and voila, no white cast! After wearing it for 10hrs+ it still holds my concealer in place, with decent shine (i’m a combination leaning to dry though). I like this product a lot, considering the cheap price. I only hope the packaging comes in a jar instead of a tube.

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Moisturizers -Pond's -Rejuveness Anti-Wrinkle Cream

on 9/29/2018 7:42:00 PM


In general, Ponds’ products have always worked well for me, so this cream was a bit of a disappointment. I was excited to try it, as there are very few AHA/BHA products available at the drugstore, and this one contains lactic acid as the second ingredient. Some users have reported that the percentage of lactic acid in Rujuveness hovers around 8%, which is an effective amount.
To be fair, I didn’t use this cream long to benefit from any exfoliating properties it might have, but my low rating is not for that. I found the application of this product almost unworkable. At first, I liked the thick, rich texture, and I applied it as I would any moisturizer. Five minutes later, I looked in the mirror, and my face was covered in white residue. I rubbed it off, but the more I rubbed the worse the pilling got. I saw from a couple of the reviews on here you want to apply it sparingly, so the next time I used it, I dabbed on a very small amount. However, the same thing happened, and I was scraping off flakes of Rejuveness with my fingers. Also, if you’re planning on using this as your sole moisturizer, I would caution against that, because despite the rich texture, it’s really not moisturizing enough on its own.

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Cleansers -Pond's -Deep Cleanser Cold Cream

on 9/23/2018 3:23:00 PM


I've been a CeraVe user for years. At $13 a bottle, it's not terrible expensive, but sometimes, in the dead of winter's polar vortex, it feels too harsh to my super-dry, super -sensitive skin. So today, at my favorite discount store, the husband and I were checking out, and there was a display for Pond's on sale, $1.99 a jar. (and with my coupon, $1.60 for the jar). Heck, for $1.99 I figure I could try it and if I can't use it on my face, I could use it on the elbows, cuticles, and heels.
So I used it on my face. No makeup but always, SPF50 sunscreen. Just melted it on and let it sit as I got ready to shower, then rinsed it off in the shower. My skin felt as if I had put a layer of moisturizer on. I like the feeling- soft and supple. I like the texture, like really thick cream. I like the light scent, slightly citrus, slightly floral.
I will definitely try it to remove a full face of makeup (not eye makeup; I have to use a separate remover so I'm not rubbing and tugging).
Normally I'm not a fan of stuff for the face in jars, but since it will be rinsed off pretty quickly, I think it's OK, especially since the jar is not huge.
I can see this as my winter cleanser/year-round makeup remover, and CeraVe for my summer cleanser.
If your skin is prone to breaking out, this cold cream may not be for you. But if you have dry, sensitive skin you might want to try Pond's.

Update: Used Pond's to remove full-face makeup (I used a serum foundation). This time I also used a microfiber facecloth, dampened with warm water to remove the cream (I let it sit on my skin for a few minutes). To check that all traces of foundation were gone, I moistened a cotton pad with my rosewater toner-- and saw a completely clean pad. No foundation at all. For my skin, I would use a freshly laundered microfiber cloth each time I need to remove foundation. For removing my sunscreen (no foundation), I don't think I need the cloth, just rinsing in warm water is enough.

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Moisturizers -Pond's -Dry Skin Cream

on 9/10/2018 11:46:00 AM


This is a great oldie but goody. I buy this from time to time as my way to take off my make up. I love how it feels so buttery & disoves into skin. You get a nice moisturizing treatment while it takes off your make up.

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Cleansers -Pond's -Deep Cleanser and Makeup Remover With Cucumber Extract

on 7/29/2018 8:57:00 PM


Pond's Cucumber Cleanser makes a very nice A.M. cleanser. It rinses clean and leaves the skin nice and soft. I use a generous amount, massage it in good, and rinse thoroughly. Afterwards, my skin felt clean but not tight. I still prefer the classic cold cream, and I use that at night. This, however, is great for the morning.

I actually had a hard time finding this product. Finally, after much hunting, I found it at CVS right by the cold cream version. The bottles are nearly identical, except this jar has a picture of a cucumber slice on it. I expected a creamy thick texture based on the jar packaging, but this is actually a runny lotion. A tube or pump would have worked better. That's a minor matter, however. Overall, this is a great product.

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