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Fragrance -Penhaligon's -Endymion

on 10/31/2017 3:06:00 PM


Sweet and spicy and utterly delicious.

I honestly think this scent is unisex, despite being marketed as a Men's fragrance - but then again I wear a lot of men's perfumes.

Unlike many of Penhaligon's scents, this one lasts quite a long time and will take you on an interesting, evolving olfactory journey.
It starts off very peppery, with a bit of a burnt sugar smell beneath, and quite traditionally 'masculine', but quickly evolves into something a spicy and sweet that lasts for hours, especially if sprayed on clothes.

Not cheap but worth the money.

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Fragrances -Penhaligon's -Bluebell

on 9/22/2017 10:17:00 AM


I apologize that I didn't write this review the day I wore this; the details are fuzzy already and it was less than two weeks ago. There was almost nothing to like about this fragrance; there was a brief moment when it smelled exactly like some delightfully 80s bathing salts I got my mom for Mother's Day when I was very young but the scent kept moving.

It was dreadful after that. Very evocative of a flower (never having smelled bluebells, I can't say that it smelled correct for that) but very synthetic, very chemically scented, like a convincing costume. You'd never forget it was someone wearing a costume, even though the costume was very well constructed. It smelled very cheap and my opinion of Princess Diana (who was reputed to have worn this frequently) has changed. It was that bad.

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Fragrances -Penhaligon's -Ostara

on 7/9/2017 7:09:00 PM

Same creamy note that appeared in Amarathine. I miss both of them and wait hopefully for it to turn up in another Pen scent. They always seem to d/c the best ones. I'll never forgive them for killing off Violetta. Can't buy again but I would in a heartbeat.

Fragrances -Penhaligon's -Equinox Bloom

on 6/12/2016 11:51:00 AM

This is not bad, not great but OK. In common with a lot of their stuff recently it smells like brown sugar. I quite like this one unlike Empressa which made me recoil. The nose behind this is Oliver Cresp and I much prefer when Duchafour composes for Penhaligons. notes of Chantilly, Frangipani and Brown Sugar are blended with violet leaves, orange blossom absolute and jasmine sambac, rounded with the deep, Oriental richness of Benzoin Siam and Ambrox. So says the literature. They were kind enough to give me a sample but definitely would not buy a full bottle. Way too much confectionery.

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Fragrances -Penhaligon's -Opus 1870

To get a disclaimer out of the way, this fragrance is technically billed as a men's fragrance, but it is an older (from a long time ago) men's fragrance, which utilizes (quite nicely) some rose, so for that and many other reasons, I see it as definitely being unisex, and so do many fragrance reviewers and niche-selling websites.

This is a very skin-loving warm scent. Yuzu fruit predominates on my skin, which is not a note that I was formerly familiar with before trying this, but to me, it smells like a nonsweet non-citrusy orange (think orange in a spice tea mix that is slightly bitter and just a touch sour in nature bu definitely more bitter than sour), and is housed on a lovely leathery-soft base of cedarwood and a soft smoky element that just reminds you of a softly burning lit match. The rose here (English Clove rose) is a very small player but lends a subtly sophistication and provides the softer (more feminine) side to this fragrance and is peeking through a haze of soft black pepper notes/


This fragrance to me evokes old mansion libraries. This is a scent that is as intellectual and philosophical as it is elegant and beautiful. Because of its very, almost antiquated aesthetic, I find it a quirky contrast that is also somewhat timeless and comforting in our hectic Cyberspace of modern life. This is definitely a unique fragrance, but I can think of several types of men and women who would enjoy it. The intellectuals, the ones who love to go off the beaten path, the woman who wants to wear deeper notes without being unfeminine or overtly too masculine or who abhors anything that is both too strong and/or anything sweet. No sweetness here or greenery and this is a slightly fruity fragrance that dioesn't turn too sour, to sickly sweet, or too melony or sweaty on me, so for this I appreciate. A unique, timeless gem, and I love it, and especially for a sensorial escape from this time and place.

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