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Paula's Choice Skincare was founded by Paula Begoun in 1995. Begoun is an author, businesswoman, and talk radio host who is also known as the "Cosmetics Cop." The formulas are created based on published, peer-reviewed studies, which is central to the company philosophy that skincare ingredients need to be thoroughly researched before being made into products. All products are manufactured in the US.

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Recent Paula's Choice Reviews

Skincare - Body -Paula's Choice -Clear Acne body spray

on 12/15/2017 9:47:00 PM

This is amazing. It deserves all the stars. I already knew the actual liquid bha was great from trying her face ones, but the spray bottle takes the amazing-ness to a whole other level when treating body acne.

I can spray this UPSIDE DOWN. And the spray comes out nice and diffused. I cannot stress enough how EASY this makes treating breakout prone areas of the body at night for me. No more wiping tiny cotton rounds everywhere and having to wash my hands afterwards.

Concerning the bha liquid inside, it stops my skin from clogging up and breaking out on my legs/arms/bum/chest. And it helps with KP on my legs, and even a little with discoloration. It doesn't dry my body skin out and the ingredients are just beautiful. It's also fragrance free.

I would reccomend this to anyone with body acne issues. I will repurchase.

Sunscreen -Paula's Choice -RESIST Super-Light Daily Wrinkle Defense SPF 30

on 12/15/2017 2:48:00 AM


I have been using this for about a year or so. Great product. It’s hard to find mineral sunscreen that’s not completely white and this one has a slight tint to it. Still makes my skin a bit white but not too crazy once I blend it. I have medium dark skin tone (nc42-44). Overall I love this moisturizer/sunscreen. Never broke me out. I use it after I apply my paula choice light serum in the daytime.

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Moisturizers -Paula's Choice -CLINICAL Ultra-Rich Moisturizer

on 12/7/2017 8:30:00 AM


Great moisturizer for very dry skin, love it.

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Cleansers -Paula's Choice -Perfect Cleansing Oil

on 12/5/2017 7:50:00 PM

I used a sample, so I can’t comment on the packaging. Like others, I found this burned my eyes. I don’t typically wear a lot of make up (just mascara and blush), so I can’t comment on how it removes heavy makes up. It seemed to remove my sunscreen well. Given the cost of this product and that it burns so many people’s eyes, I can’t recommend it. There are many better oil cleansers out there.

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Masks -Paula's Choice -Rehydrating Moisture Mask

on 12/4/2017 11:33:00 PM


The new Paula's Choice Skincare Rehydrating Moisture Mask is becoming a new favorite mask to use both overnight and as a rinse off pep-me-up. I love using this at the end of my skincare routine before bed. After I apply my toner, serums, retinol treatments, then I layer this on top of all those to help seal in all the beneficial ingredients and help my skin maintain it's moisture throughout the night. This has numerous emollients, oils, and other moisturizing ingredients but none of the fragrance. Definitely a winner for dry skin. If you have more oily skin perhaps using this during the winter or if your skin gets dry from other face treatments (like retinol) will help during those dry times. My More detailed review can be seen here:

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