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Primer/ Corrector -Palladio -Herbal Liquid Foundation Primer

on 2/17/2018 6:21:00 AM


This primer is NOT meant to control oils. The primer itself has oils in it. If you get very very oily, avoid it.

This also pills if you use too much. A pea sized amount is enough. Or if you want to use more, pat it in, don't rub.

What this primer is great at is smoothing our your skin as it is silicone based. Your foundation will blend in much, much easier.

Even though I get quite oily throughout the day, when I first put on makeup, my skin is fairly normal, but with dry spots from spot treating acne with salicylic acid. And sometimes I have tiny little dry patches that are unnoticeable until I put on a foundation or concealer that emphasises them. I like this primer because it smoothes out those dry areas. But it doesn't make me oilier.

Unfortunately I'm not really in love with one particular ingredient - Retinyl Palmitate. If you didn't know, it's retinol. And I hear there are some issues with using retinol in the daytime as it degrades under sunlight and makes your skin more sensitive to UV rays, thus increasing your risk of sun damage. Although, who really knows how strong the retinol in this is, and if retinol is really all that bad in the daytime. It's just something I feel a bit iffy about.

Although it is relatively inexpensive, I will not be repurchasing because I feel like it didn't do enough for me. It made my skin smoother and foundation blend easier, yes. But it didn't minimize pores or foundation creasing, or prolong makeup wear. But I still use it cuz I needa use it up.

Would recommend if:
-You have normal to dry, or normal to oily, or combination skin.
-You struggle with cakiness or looking a bit dry.

Wouldn't recommend if:
-You have very very oily skin
-You're looking for pore minimizing action
-You're trying to stop foundation from creasing or separating around lines
-You have trouble with makeup sliding off (I feel like this primer might make this worse because of how slippery it is. It makes my ordinary serum foundation transfer more)

Just checked Palladio's website, and this primer has three parabens in it - Isopropylparaben, Isobutylparaben, Butylparaben. And on, all of them score a nasty rating of 7. Funnily enough, these parabens aren't labelled on my bottle....hmmm. Either way, I'm not repurchasing.

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Misc Beauty Tools -Palladio -Rice Powder Blotting Papers

on 2/6/2018 2:04:00 PM


I have tried EVERY product to stop oil and keep my oily skin at bay. Whether it’s powders or primers or blotting sheets, I have probably tried it and these are the best things out there. They don’t take my makeup off and they are highly effective in removing oil and making my skin matte again. I use between 2-3 a day and this is by far a much cheaper option than some of the high end stuff I’ve tried. I won’t try anything else anymore because I always come back to these

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Loose Powders -Palladio -Rice Powder

on 1/30/2018 12:54:00 PM


Sure this powder is cheap but it's not as finely-milled as I want my loose powders to be. Therefore, I think it's hard to shake out of the sifter and it ends up being very messy. It looks too thick and cakey on my face, and I don't think it does anything to prolong the wear of my makeup. In fact, I think my makeup looks pretty bad after I set it with this powder.

For anyone who is sensitive to smells, this does have a slight baby poweder-esque smell.

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Mascara -Palladio -Aqua Force

on 1/27/2018 6:02:00 PM

I would say that I have average lashes, average length, average fullness. I also have allergies that make my eyes burn and water a lot so I need a truly waterproof, non-flaking mascara, can't do without it. I have tried everything from Bobbi Brown to Wet N Wild and just couldn't find one that didn't have some sort of problem, except for this mascara. It doesn't clump, flake, run or budge. It has a nice basic medium to narrow applicator that does a great job of covering the lashes from root to tip. But what makes this a real gem is it has a wonderful formula that coats you lashes without sticking them together and it is buildable. I go back and coat the tips again and can literally see the length forming. I love this!! Bought it at Sally Beauty for $9.99. Perfection!!

Lipstick -Palladio -Herbal Lipstick - Roseberry

on 11/18/2017 3:26:00 AM


This is a really nice, reasonable lipstick that performs like something way pricier. First off, the packaging: plastic, but sturdy (won`t come apart in your purse), nice, silver discreet packaging that lets you see the color on the bottom. The formula: very pigmented with a drier, slightly matte finish that is very comfortable on the lips. Although Roseberry is a darker color which reminds a little of Marc Jacobs` Je t`aime, I found very easy to apply straight from the bullet due to the hardness/waxiness of the lipstick which allowed me to draw and line straight from the bullet without too much fuss. The color is pretty long lasting, and it fades away leaving a pleasant shade. It does come off faster with oily foods, but didn`t bleed outside the lipline. There is no fragrance or weird flavors. I am quite impressed with this and I would definitely repurchase. It`s one of the better lipsticks with a drugstore price.

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