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Bronzers -Orlane -Bronzing Pressed Powder in Soleil Cuivre 02


Wow - this is by far the biggest pan of a powder product I’ve ever seen, even bigger than the Marc Jacobs O!Mega bronzer! The price wasn’t bad either, considering the quantity of product. The color is cinnamon brown with little to no pink undertone, blends quite nice and gives a sheer golden glow, sheer enough for fair skin tones or buildable to work up to a medium. It does run a bit on the dry side and is matte. The scent is a strange sweet floral but fades quickly. I typically don’t wear makeup any longer than 7-8 hours but haven’t noticed any fading or ill effects. I haven’t tried it anywhere else but on my face and neck (as a subtle contour).
I found it a tad disappointing the compact didn’t come in a box or wrapped in any way to prevent the compact from opening during handling, and the product barcode is printed on the back label telling me there never was a box to begin with.
This IMO makes it feel a little bit cheap. Overall the compact is reminiscent of an old school powder compact and stays closed with a tab button that you gotta press to open it. The huge size makes it a novelty and a nice item for bronzer lovers or those who like collecting unique makeup.

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Treatments (Face) -Orlane -Anti-Fatigue Absolute Recovery Serum

on 5/20/2017 7:52:00 PM


LIghtweight liquidy gel. Felt cool upon application. Purchased deluxe sample. Didn't notice any difference on my skin. Perhaps I need to use it for longer period to see any results but for the price, expected something.

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Moisturizers -Orlane -B21 Vitalizing Care

on 5/16/2017 2:31:00 PM


I don't know which product is this referring to but in general this whole range is godsend !

Although, I would note that the vitalizing light smoothing cream works best w the toner .

It works with other toners too but I find it's much more calming n soothing with its vitalizing toner ❤️

Maybe because my skin is so damaged and broken and acne-fied when I started this range again .

Toners -Orlane -B21 Vitalizing Lotion

on 5/16/2017 1:29:00 PM


If you only knew how long and how much money/products I've gone through when my skin FREAKED OUT(got so crazy red, blotchy,pimply,looked like it's been burnt- possibly due to all the acid products & makeup I've been using) you'd feel my pain too.

I know orlane because my mother used to use it until for some reason it was harder to get in this town(kuala lumpur/singapore) and when I was younger I had flawless skin because of orlane products also.

So after spending SO MUCH MONEY and experimenting on new, organic, natural, anti acne what have you products which didn't work I decided to go online n get back some orlane stuff.

The first was this and the light smoothing cream. Cause I got a small tube in Rome and again, upon application was HEAVEN to my itchy, dry, red, agitated skin(sensitive skin ppl u know what I'm talking about).
So I knew at the back of my mind, I HAD to get this again.

After receiving the product, It took me 3 days. THREE DAYS PEOPLE to calm my skin down, get rid of all the weird pimples- hormonal or not I can't tell anymore. And my makeup is super smooth again. Aside from all the scarring due to months/ years of using acid products and acne .

My skin is so comfortable right now it's unbelievable. I'm writing this now because if you, like me is serious about fixing your red, ghastly, itchy skin. THIS IS THE HOLY GRAIL TONER FOR YOU!

Get a bottle online . I found lazada helpful if you're in south east Asia. If you're in EU it's practically everywhere in all the pharmacies and Beauty houses.

I don't know why I didn't do it sooner. There's a reason why all the beautiful classy European ladies use orlane. Besides the fact that most of its products are as expensive as cle de peau/la mer/la prairie.

But if you're as experimental as me and your skin needs a fix ASAP ? I'm talking acne prone/red/blotchy/eczema like/A COMPLETE EMBARRASSMENT ? Stop wasting your money on other products and look no further

You can search for their ingredients online somewhere if youre the sort to go through that before purchase. A lot of products out there have similar ingredients but I don't know, maybe orlane got it right w this formulation. Get a bottle n see for yourself

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Treatments (Eye) -Orlane -Absolute Skin Recovery Care Eye Contour

on 8/23/2015 9:32:00 PM


Stings my eyes

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