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Lotions/ Creams -Ocean Potion -Ever Glow Lotion


I’ve come back to this for years. I used to think it smelled like bubble gum. I still think it does when you first apply it, but over hours, it makes me smell weird & makes me smelly sweatier or something. So I don’t use this unless I have time to take a shower again before I head to work or somewhere. I like the application as an amateur self-tanner. I can’t do “real” self-tanning products. this one keeps me tan without looking blotchy or orange. & it’s inexpensive!

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Sunscreen -Ocean Potion -Sunscreen Lotion Protect & Nourish SPF 50 Scent of Sunshine

on 5/23/2018 6:41:00 AM


This product taught me an important lesson, to not trust online reviews. I felt betrayed, yes, betrayed, when I used this product for the first time. OMFG IT'S SO GREASY WHY DID NO ONE MENTION THAT IN ANY OF THE REVIEWS THAT I READ!!! It's so greasy...heavy...makes your skin super shiny...why did no one mention any of these things...They actually put "non-greasy" on the back of the bottle, I'm mad, no, this is false-advertising, get out of here. They also said that it's "fast-absorbing," I don't even know anymore, I guess, but the product itself is sooooooo oily that you feel like it just stays on your skin because the grease is still there. The good thing is that it doesn't leave a white cast, but it's greasier than products that do leave a white cast so...also smells alright, some people like it a lot but I don't see the big deal. I used it on my body and face, and I realized that I could probably skip my moisturizer while using this product, but even when I used it alone, it's still GREASY AF, ugh, I can complain about it all day long, but you get the point.

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Sunscreen -Ocean Potion -FACE Potion Clear Zinc SPF 45

on 3/19/2017 6:21:00 PM


I think it is about time that I review this hidden jem. Being Wonder Bread white and having a history of skin cancer I take my sunscreen seriously. Like many of you, I have been forever on the hunt for the HG of all sunscreens and have tried many, many products both high-end and DS. I look at EWG ratings (more about that in a minute), wearability, price, and availability. Though this is Ocean Potion Face is not perfect, it is pretty close for these reasons;

#1 EWG (from their website) "provides information on sunscreen products from the published scientific literature, to supplement incomplete data available from companies and the government. The ratings indicate both efficacy and the relative level of concern posed by exposure to the ingredients in this product - not the product itself - compared to other sunscreens. The ratings reflect potential health hazards but do not account for the level of exposure or individual susceptibility, factors which determine actual health risks, if any."

The EWG rating for Ocean Potion Face (OPF) is a 3. 1 is the best score and difficult to come by. The reason that OPF received this score is due to the chemical ingredients such as octinoxate (7.5%) and oxybenzone(5%), and propylparben. These chemical (plus a few more) are a potential health concern and should be avoided. The EWG favors natural physical sunscreens such as zinc oxide which OPF has (7%).

I have never experienced any tanning or burning while wearing OPF :)

#2 OPF is very wearable. It plays nicely with make-up, dries to a matte finish and is somewhat moisturizing. After it soaks in it feels no different than lotion.

#3 I buy OPF (1oz) from Walmart.com for about $2. What a super deal. I do not feel guilty for slathering on the recommend amount like I do some other expensive SS.

#4 You can buy OPF from most online retailers. I have never found it in a store, but I live in a small town.

If you have never checked out the EWG website take a look at it. You can look up your sunscreen and see how it rates. It is very informative.

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Lotions/ Creams -Ocean Potion -aloe lotion

on 5/4/2016 1:41:00 PM


I adore this stuff. It's light and smells excellent, like creamsicle! The aloe in it is soothing to a sunburn, but I use this as a daily moisturizer in addition to aloe. I am not a fan of how regular aloe Vera gel feels tacky, and this doesn't do that. I also use this as a facial moisturizer, as it deeply moisturizers without being heavy. I'm obsessed with this, and I recommend to everyone!

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Sunscreen -Ocean Potion -Ocean Potion Protect & Nourishfortified with vitamin D3 broadspectrum SPF 70

on 12/12/2015 7:33:00 AM

I got this from my aunt and I think I am hooked! I have semi-oily skin. So when I saw the claim to absorb quickly, and it is a chemical sunscreen I had to give it a try. This does absorb quickly. I give it about 5 minutes and it leaves no traces of being on my skin at all unlike mineral sunscreens. This does not pill, flake or roll up, wich is always a deal breaker for me. This also does not feel greasy, or sticky on my skin.
Although, I know better the fragrance in it smells so delicious! it is like a vanilla-lemon smell. I will admit though that the smell is a little overwhelming as I can smell it from my face , and I know fragrance isn't good for the skin.
Now onto the claims: This claims to be a broad spectrum sunscreen, that contains vitamin D, and no parabens.
First of all this is a broad spectrum sunscreen. It has 'avobenzene', for UVA protection and an SPF of 70.
Secondly this does have vitamin D3. It is listed as the fifth ingredient out of 20. The type of vitamin D is known as :'cholecalciferol' . This does not contain Vitamin D2, but that vitamin is sadly overlooked often. I don't know the effect of vitamin D in any sunscreen. I looked and there is scant research on it. Most research revolves around the vitamin D deficiency. But if I had to make a guess I'd say that the vitamin D in here would at least make a good antioxidant. This has trace amounts of olive oil, vitamin A , and Vitamin E wich also can offer some UV protection, and antioxidant activity.

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