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Fragrances -Narciso Rodriguez -For Her body creme

on 3/31/2018 11:12:00 PM


Super awesome the packaging is luxe it’s a heavy black glass jar very simple & modern I love it! It makes your scent stronger & I agree “adds dimemsion” the scent with a couple of spritzes of NRFH & rollerball daubed it’s perfect my fave body creme .NRFH is 1 is my HG. This is $86 at Macy’s so it’s not cheap. It does not smell cheap neither it smells celestial! Musky floral dry simple modern lovely if you like NRFH you need to sniff this lovely creation I love evthing Narciso he’s my HG my muse. Out of all of the body creams I could get at Macy’s (money is no object because it was a bday gift I bought my own self my money) I got coco mad body cream so disappointed so I got NRFH I love it I had to blind buy it but all of my NR were blind buys. Just because you return something you don’t like you were disappointed in, does not make you a “thief.” Id never keep something that expensive I was disappointed in when I was able to exchange it :-) I’m so glad I got NRFH. It’s not screechy nor a scrubber. You should definitely smell it next time ur at the mall. Between your Guerlains, shove them aside, you might want to check it out :-) it’s lovely. It’s not solid perfume it’s a cream. But just what do I know about perfume I know don’t f know my ***** about solid perfumes!! lol #creamnotsolid #defrebuy

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Fragrances -Narciso Rodriguez -Narciso EdP Poudrée

on 3/26/2018 10:42:00 PM


I am all over this—I <3 it sooooo much! It’s modern yet timeless, the color of the bottle suits it perfectly if scent was a color this scent would be Rosa pink w a beige lid & the fine font. This smells like a creamy rosy musk (the edp is gardenia musk & the edt is peony), but this is all roses & musk it’s so pretty/girly/elegant but I think the girls who are a little older (the post Viva la juicy Ari Ariana Grande crowd) are going to gravitate towards, not teenyboppers type of frag I hate to give demographics on a frag. This was a love from the moment I sprayed it (blind buy this in a set of the edp/edt white-black cubes in a 3 set [for my bday lol] exclusive set for Macy’s of 1oz cubes) couldn’t be timed better I received this in the mail on my bday day! My bday fell on a Monday this year so we had mail & I had ordered them on Friday so freakin awesome l love this 1 #winning I feel so dang fancy wearing this. I feel fearless, feminine, soft, rounded curves not the stupid dream bimbos slender beauties who I adore (is Behati not a hawtie??? She be a hawtie!!!! Lucky Adam!) when I wear Bombshell from Vickie’s Secret #imnoangel opiate of my olfactory system!! Yum!

Fragrances -Narciso Rodriguez -NARCISO EDP

on 3/10/2018 7:45:00 PM


I got the rollerballs of this & NR For Her. I had another NR scent but I do not know which it was (Edp? edt? For her? Narciso? Why can’t they just put name on them!? I’m confused but I can’t find that bottle so now so it won’t matter). I <3 NR because it is a musk i can smell (I’m anosmic to some musk eg some of the Coty’s) this is smooth, creamy & modern. This is what I wanted EL Modern Muse rollerball to be. This is $29 for 0.20oz/6ML from Macy’ I am a clean fresh musk lover. I don’t like animalic musks as well. I love gardenia, it reminds me of my Vakay to Maui Hawaii in 2007. This is a scent best suited to a sexy cougar on the prowl I don’t like lending an age to scents but NR frags Strike me as being matronly (sorry) this hopefully WILL turn heads as promised. I’m on the prowl! My signature frags are VS Bombshell & VS Heavenly for ev day & for special occasions chanel & bvlgari so this is much different than those. It’s unlike anything I own both of the NR I own. A creamy, milky, Cool, calm, collected & classy scent like smooth jazz #winning I will rebuy this in rollerball form but it is not Big FBW too crazy expensive I don’t need a big bottle anyways. I collect rollerballs so this suits me, I think it’s a waste scenting the bathroom floor walking thru a cloud of spray (FB quote: “scenting the tiles” LOL) my frugal self would rather daub this on all of the normal places & my hairline which hair may be an unorthodox of a spot but it really makes the frag last. You get whiffs of yourself as your body temp rises the scent rises with your heat, as your core temp rises and falls normally. 4/5 for packaging the creamy off white color is so tres chic but you can’t really tell how much is reamininf in the bottle. Hmm maybe I shouldn’t want to know lol 8-)

Fragrances -Narciso Rodriguez -For Her EDT

on 2/18/2018 10:24:00 AM


Wow this is an absolutely gorgeous feminine fragrance. Super sexy and confident. Not cloying or over powering, can be worn during day or night. However as a previous reviewer mentioned, this fragrance doesn't last all that long

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Fragrances -Narciso Rodriguez -Fleur Musc

I am one admitted fan of NR and I have been wearing for years the NH for her (black bottle, i.e. the RDP). I simply adore it. It works magics with my skin (and the same seems to happen with millions of other wearers on the planet!), and yes, it was the magical work of talented Francis Kurkdijian (I love almost each and every one of his creation, with a few exceptions)
Then, in 2017 they issued this new frangrance, I tried in store and I immediately loved it.
It seemed to me a modern, fresher take on the For Her fragrance. I decided to splurge some months later, and, even if it wasn't a blind buy, it was and "emotional " buy and I did not research much on that fragrance.
Indeed, the nose behind it wasn't Francis, but Calice Becker e Sonia Constant. Not that they are not good, absolutely, but... I should have reckoned that being the nose different, the fragrance would have been different.
So back to us, I bought a full bottle (100 ml by the way) and after a few days of wearing...I was disappointed.
What appealed much to me turned out to be a washed out copy of Tom Ford White Patchouli (that one has a misleading name: it is called patchouli, but is a white musk 60% patchouli 40% fragrance)... that I already own. If you look up at the notes of Fleur Musc, it has patchouli in the base and this is the stuff than lingers for hours.
Therefore I ended up with a copy of what I already have...
Mind you, not that this is a bad frag, not at all, it is just.. something not unique, that already exists on the maket, a musk/patchouli fragrance, quite heady, not so fresh as I initially thought.
It can be worn on occasions, not office friendly; it's a winter fragrance (preferably), a little bit headache inducing, not so memorable but definitely not a scrubber.
Test it extensively before buying, as it can turn out to be different after a few wearings.

Top Notes: Pink pepper
Heart Notes: Rose, Peony, Musk
Base notes: Patchouli, Amber

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