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NYX is a cosmetics company founded in 1999 in Los Angeles by Toni Ko. Named after a Greek goddess, the company's first products were jumbo eye pencils sold to beauty professionals only. The cosmetics were marketed as "high-end quality meets drugstore prices".They expanded quickly and in 2014 Ko sold the company to L'Oreal. Brick and mortar NYX stores were introduced in 2016. NYX cosmetics are available worldwide, and they remain headquarted in Los Angeles, CA. (Source: Wikipedia)

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Primer/ Corrector -NYX Professional Makeup -Studio Perfect Photo-loving Primer

on 1/22/2019 8:04:00 AM


I do not understand the average ratings - I am using the anti-redness primer and it does a wonderful job. Much better than other/pricey primers. It goes on smootly, perfectly covers red winterskin and makes the foundation stay in place all day.
What more can one expect for such affordable pricing - I love it.

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Liquid -NYX Professional Makeup -Can't Stop Won't Stop Full Coverage Foundation

on 1/20/2019 3:05:00 PM


I ended up buying three bottles of this, and returned them all. I'm NC15/20 and have melasma that makes my face darker than my neck. Lots of yellow undertones, and dry skin that gets shiny from BP gel.

I bought shade Vanilla, applied it like I do with all my foundations for lighter coverage (damp sponge, mix with a dab of my super runny moisturizer) and Vanilla applied beautifully. It didnt even flake over my dry spots. But the shade was too light.

Grabbed Warm Vanilla and Nude. Decided to try Nude since Warm Vanilla swatched light on me in the store. Nude was ok but a hair dark because of my melasma but would work for NC20. Applied Nude the same exact way I did Vanilla the day before, but this time, it looked horrendous on my skin. It dried to a powdery finish and looked like it as ready to wipe off my skin. Gathered on my dry spots (even with moisurizer on my skin AND mixed in the foundation) and the bits of foundation that I had applied over my eyelids had creased and gathered ontop my lids and I had to wipe the gunk off. It was like it wasnt even clinging to my skin.

I have no idea if the formulations of different shades are different but it was like two different foundations. I returned them all, being that for a fussy foundation, not worth the hassle or price. I usually have to set my foundations since I mix them with moisturizer, but this one was very powdery even with moisturizer, cannot imagine applying this alone as is.

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Lipstick -NYX Professional Makeup -Glitter Goals Liquid Lipstick


So this product is an almost blatant copy of Ciate's Glitter Flip, only this line comes with fewer shades. I'm actually happy about this, because I didn't want to splash out on the Ciate version due to it being a specialty kind of item at a high premium. When NYX launched the Glitter Goals lipstick, I knew I had to try it.
The idea with these lipsticks is that you apply them like a normal liquid lipstick, let dry, and then press your lips together to activate the glitter finish. Upon application, it's more of a metallic finish rather than glitter, but once you press your lips together, the glitter really comes through. It's pretty fascinating!
I picked up the shade Crystal Crush, which is a medium plummy neutral with intense gold glitter, and it's REALLY pretty. The shade is neutral enough to be ~kinda~ okay for daytime if you're daring, but is perfect for a nighttime look. (I don't have any problem wearing it to work, since everyone already knows I'm a weirdo around here, but if your work environment is more stringent about appearance, you may want to leave this lipstick at home.) There are other shades that I'm interested in trying, particularly Oil Spill, which is black with blue and purple glitter. Yes please!
The formula is thin and transfer-proof, and long-lasting with full coverage, but these are quite drying, which is why I didn't give them 5 lippies. (For the record,I don't know if the Ciate version of these is as drying.) They aren't really terrible, but they definitely don't feel hydrating at all. I would definitely say prep your lips before, and make sure to apply balm immediately upon removal.
I like the packaging. It's not tacky, feels sturdy, and the doefoot applicator grabs enough product for both lips, and applies fairly precisely.
These seem to be around $8 or $9 USD depending on where you find them. They are available at Target and Ulta, and I'm sure a few other places.
I'll edit this review when I try other shades to report back on how the range performs on the whole. But so far, I'm fairly impressed, and excited to dive into other colors!

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Lip Gloss -NYX Professional Makeup -Lip Lingerie Gloss (All Shades)

on 1/15/2019 5:22:00 PM


Nyx Lip Lingerie glosses are a fairly new, at least in Australia, line of glosses from the brand Nyx. I have been a long time fan of Nyx's Butter Gloss range, so when I saw this new line of glosses, I was desperate to try them out and glad I did. They are fairly thin in texture and remain tacky on the lips - but not sticky. They have a mild fruity scent. You can put on one layer for sheer colour, or build it up to 2 layers for a more opaque colour. I wouldn't recommend more than 2 layers, as applying too much product can cause the gloss to gather in the inner lip. This range comes in a wide variety of nude shades in 3 finishes - gloss, shimmer and glitter. My favourite finish is the 'gloss' finish - creamy lipgloss with no shimmer or glitter. I have 4 shades - EuroTrash (rosy mlbb shade), Honeymoon (cool, mauve nude), Spirit (pink-nude) and Bare With Me (peach-nude). All shades flatter my N15 colouring. I receive the most compliments when wearing Spirit and Bare With Me - these colours look the most natural on my lips. The glosses wear well for about 4 hours, you will need to touch up after eating and drinking though, but this is standard for most glosses. They are very comfortable to wear, non-drying and slightly hydrating. They do not bleed or feather. They also fade from the lips evenly. I have recommended these glosses to many people, and love them for myself. I believe most people will be able to find a flattering shade. I highly recommend these and will continue to repurchase.

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Primer/ Corrector -NYX Professional Makeup -Soft Focus Primer

on 1/14/2019 9:04:00 PM


I got the gel / cream (tube) version of this product instead of the solid that seems to be the new style (pictured in this MUA page). It's weird that NYX would discontinue the gel tube version, as it got rave reviews all over the web. I got it for very cheap on sale on their website, so I figure it is actually discontinued. I don't think I would do well with the solid, as I needed something a little more liquid to glide over my sunscreen. This didn't work so well over my mineral spf, which is a bit greasy. Even though i purchased the lightest shade, it was a tad too dark so blending it was on order. The light cushy consistency of this product was hard to blend over that particular greasy sunscreen without wiping it off. I'm hopeful this will work over drier spf formulas, or even on bare skin when the sun isn't out.

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