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Recent NYX Reviews

Concealers -NYX - Dark Circle Concealer

on 3/25/2017 3:42:00 PM


Mmmmm I'm kinda on the fence with this. I keep trying it but it doesn't cover my very dark circles. I've even purchased a darker shade to see if that would counteract the blue more but no. I feel I'm destined to have these horrid eye circles walking into the room before me lol.

Contour -NYX - Highlight & Contour Pro Palette

on 3/25/2017 5:09:00 AM


I love the fact that it gives you light and dark contour and highlight shades. I use all the shades. I use some of the darker contour shades as eyeshadow. I love the texture, and the price is worth it.

Primer/ Corrector -NYX - Makeup Setting Spray - Matte Finish


This product is pretty okay. It's gives you a matte finish when first applied, but I sometimes find myself reapplying it maybe one or two more times throughout the day. I am oily, but I don't consider myself very oily, so for a matte setting spray, I don't think I should need to reapply it as often as I sometimes do. I'm also not so fond of the chemical smell that this spray gives off. On a good note, the setting spray is small enough to fit into your purse or bag when you are on the go.

Eyes -NYX - Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils- All

on 3/24/2017 11:56:00 AM


Seems these are a "hit or miss" for a lot of women. Well I think it's all in the application. They're definitely great as a "base" for your powder shadows. They intensify the shades. Also need to use a primer before application of these pencils (come on, work with them a little🤷🏼‍♀️.) A little dusting of setting powder/spray and you're done. Other that, I don't have any issues with these. Its like any other brand - no matter what the price - sometimes you have to work a little harder to get that "snatch"😘

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Highlighters -NYX - Duo Chromatic Illuminating Powder


I honestly never knew this product existed until I took a trip to my local NYX store. When I first saw this product, I was automatically intrigued in the shade Synthetica. I swatched it in store and instantly fell in love. Once I got home I instantly whipped out my favorite fan brush order to apply it. After swatching it in store, I thought that this product was going the be insanely pigmented on a brush, so that's why I reached for a fan brush instead of a dense brush. I was very disappointed to see that not a lot of pigment picked up onto the brush and even less pigment transferred from the brush to my cheeks. It did apply better with a dense brush, so my advice would be to not be scared to go in on the highlighter with a dense brush. It is buildable, but it does take time. The end result wasn't really that duo chromatic, but I decided to keep this product because it give a nice golden sheen. Itt looks more duo chromatic when used as an eyeshadow. The price isn't that bad because its only $8, but I honestly don't see myself repurchasing this anytime soon. It seems that the lighter shades seem to be the better shades, but I cant speak from personal experience since I haven't purchased any of the lighter shades.

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