NARS Cosmetics is a French cosmetics and skin care company founded by make-up artist and photographer Fran├žois Nars. The cosmetics line began with twelve lipsticks sold at Barneys New York. Since then, NARS has created various multi-use beauty products and now is a subsidiary of Shiseido. (

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Concealers -NARS - Soft Matte Complete Concealer

on 9/18/2017 6:23:00 PM


This concealer is amazing. I regret purchasing a back up of CdP concealer stick because this NARS concealer has replaced it as my HG.

This is incredibly pigmented and the color selection is great. No scent and can be built up for more coverage. I use it for both undereyes and over a dark brown spot on my cheek. I've had it Fraxeled several times but it came back, so for now I'm covering it with concealer and this is the only concealer that will cover it 90-95% (NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer is great for concealing redness and undereye darkness, but not so much for dark blemishes).

Although I prefer stick concealers, I'll deal with the pot packaging because the concealer is superb. I wear Punjab in foundations, Groenland in the original tinted moisturizer, and Custard or Macadamia in concealers.

Tinted Moisturizer -NARS - Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer

on 9/18/2017 2:46:00 PM


A little about me, I'm over 40, with a fair complexion that leans slightly on the warm side. I have combination skin (oily chin, dry forehead and I'm a little sensitive to facial products, so I'm prone to flakiness. I really love this stuff! I would consider it more of a foundation than a tinted moisturizer, as the coverage is good and it's not particularly moisturizing (I need a separate moisturizer underneath). It provides perfect coverage for me - it's a true light to medium coverage and very natural looking. I have tried several other foundations and this is the only one that matches my skin tone (I use Finland), doesn't oxidize, doesn't make my wrinkles or dry patches look more noticeable. I like to apply it with a beauty blender and lasts pretty much all day. Sometimes I need a little setting powder, but I do not need to use a primer with this. Now I will say it's expensive; however, the size of the tube is 1.9 oz and most foundations are 1.0 oz. So when you compare it by size it's comparable to other foundations.

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Loose Powders -NARS - Light Reflecting Setting Powder

on 9/17/2017 12:28:00 PM


This one has a nice matte finish and really locks in your base. It's kinda hard to add more base afterwards so make sure you're happy with it before setting. I'd say it has about a 12-hour wear time. It is rather drying, so at the end of the day if you have dryness it will start to show crackles up close. It's works well on very oily skin and if anything a small amount of oil leaks through, but I think that creates a natural highlight/glow. I think dry skin folks would find this too heavy. I also noticed the corn chip smell as well! However it dissipates before you leave the house.

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Liquid -NARS - Sheer Glow Foundation

on 9/17/2017 3:59:00 AM


There are 2 things that I am extremely picky with when it comes to makeup - foundation and mascara. I basically want perfection, haha.

I've tried so many foundations and in the end they dissapoint or are just okay. I've seen and read about NARS Sheer Glow for a couple years now and finally got around to trying it. I've been using it for a month now and my god lord, this is perfect for my skin.

For reference my skin is: oily (if I don't keep on top of my skincare it gets dehydrated quickly), some broken capillaries on my cheeks, large pores, not sensitive, some very very fine lines. No acne except for occasional.

I use foundation to reduce any redness and even out my skin tone. I prefer a medium finish, which this product is. I'm really not asking for much ya know?

I actually think the name Sheer Glow fits, because it looks like skin, not makeup. It's not cakey, thick, sticky, matte or shiny. I wear the shade Deaville which is a light neutral shade. It matches my skin so perfectly it's shocking. I was trying it on in the store and I kept asking my husband "does this shade match?" while I applied some with my finger. He was so confused and kept saying "I don't know, did you put it on yet? I'm not seeing anything on your skin".

At first I tried applying it with my fingers as instructed, but it works far far better (for me) with a damp BB. I hold my, clean, finger over the top, shake the bottle, dot it on my skin and then use the BB. I let it sit for a min, then dust MAC blot powder all over lightly.

I'm an RN. My job is stressful and non-stop for 8-14 hours at a time. I do not have time to pee, let alone time to touch up my makeup. If my foundation is just going to look gross by the end of my shift - then I'm better off not even wearing any. NARS Sheer Glow delivers. My pt's and co-workers comment on my nice skin, not my nice makeup- big difference.

When I get home at the end of the day my face looks great. Like my skin, but better.

Like any makeup, get a few samples from Sephora and try it out. I personally love this shit.

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Liquid -NARS - All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation

on 9/15/2017 1:33:00 PM


I was recommended this by a Sephora employee. Coverage is medium, goes on really nicely and looks naturally great immediately. The foundation had a matte type finish on my sensitive/combination skin. I used my fingers to apply it as I do most of my foundations for a more even look. Instantly great looking but with time deteriorates. In a few hours I looked into my car mirror and it settled into my fine lines and looked cakey. Not a fan.

Mine also for some reason never came with the pump so it was a messy glass bottle and I had to buy the pump separately...No thanks.

The foundation is okay, but for the price you could do better with another brand, honestly. This one is ideal for perfect skin that is neither dry or oily.

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