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Recent Mirenesse Reviews

Foundations -Mirenesse -10 Collagen Cushion Compact Airbrush Powder Foundation SPF25 PA++

on 3/2/2018 3:15:00 PM


The most amazing foundation I've ever used.
It blends perfectly with my skin, covers imperfections without becoming cakey and doesn't make me break out.
The packaging is elegant and I really like how you can replace just the foundation pod inside, meaning way less waste!
No parabens, no talc, just really good makeup.
I'll be buying another as soon as this runs out!

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Mascara -Mirenesse -Secret Weapon Mascara

on 9/11/2017 5:59:00 AM


I had to review this mascara, because it's the one I keep getting back to.
I've been on vacation and it didn't budge all day even though i was sweating and getting into the pool several times a day. It's kind on the eyes (no stinging!), goes on somewhat easily, though it takes some practice, and if it starts clumping up on you (if you've been impatient), you might as well start over as it's pretty hard to save. At least that's my experience.

It's also one of the only mascaras I've tried that don't weigh down my lashes! I have OK long lashes with a nice, natural curl, and this one keeps it intact.
It comes off pretty easily with warm water, too.

I don't know if it dires out (to the point of uselessness) faster than other mascaras, but I've been using my latest one for about 3 months, and it should last me a while longer.

The wand is fortunately not a spiraling one, but it's just OK. Nothing special. I feel the wand holds too much product, but I've thought that of every mascara I've ever owned.

Overall it's probably the best mascara I've tried. It doesn't really do much for volume (but enough for me), but makes the lashes seem longer since it doesn't weigh them down. Price probably varies, but it's a mid-range price here, so it's OK.

Foundations -Mirenesse -Velvet Maxilift Foundation

on 2/28/2017 8:41:00 PM


I am 59 years old and I use Retin-A on my face everyday.I have tried every foundation, powder, and primer known to man, expensive and drugstore. My face is so dry. I finally found a primer that worked. It is Cover FX anti-aging. I use Cerave hydrating facial cleanser. I go to a dermatologist because I had precancerous lesions from baking in the sun in my younger years. He prescribed the Retin-A and Cerave. He said you are wasting your money with expensive cleansers and moisturizers. I read about Mirenesse and decided to try it. I tried it first without any primer and it went on beautifully. With a primer and a light dusting of powder it didn't move for 12 hours. It still looked great. I hope young girls listen and don't tan or go to the tanning bed. Ever seen a tan on an older person, looks horrible. if you want sunspots, wrinkles, and the potential for cancer, go ahead. My father died from skin cancer on his face. When we buried him half his face was missing.

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Liquid -Mirenesse -Liquid Silk Foundation

on 5/21/2016 1:46:00 AM

I really wanted to like this makeup! I decided to trial the Liquid Silk Foundation (matte) by purchasing a trio pack with the colours Vanilla, Vienna and Mocha. I am very fair, blonde, green eyes, combination skin with some redness and according to the website Vanilla should be the ideal colour. I usually wear Clinique Alabaster as my perfect match.

Vanilla... Egads! It was surprisingly dark. Orangey/yellow in tone, looked like I had an accident with a fake tan bottle. Hard to explain. I did take photos. It looked terrible. I looked like one of the girls from Snog Marry Avoid before the makeunder. One side of my face I used Vanilla, the other Vienna, so I could see the difference. Vienna, although meant to be for medium skin tone, was lighter and was closer to my natural skin tone compared to the Vanilla, but it was still quite a warm beige, so unfortunately this colour also didn't quite suit me. I also trialed the Mirenesse CC Hydro Mouse in Vanilla, this is completely different to the Liquid Silk Vanilla - much lighter in colour, too light for me. Made me look a bit ghosty. I liked the powder finish feel though. Surprised me that the same 'colour' in the different foundations could be soooo different.

I still gave this product 3 stars because the texture and way the product felt on the skin was really nice. It covered well, medium coverage, buildable.
If you can colour match the limited range then it may work for you - I would suggest doing what I did though and get a sample before investing in this makeup!

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Loose Powders -Mirenesse -Soft focus loose powder

on 2/26/2016 3:59:00 PM

I got this powder off of a Mirenesse sale on Hautelook. I won't deal with the company directly because they are apparently a nightmare with customer service but I will buy from Hautelook where I at least have recourse (and the product is heavily discounted). My order took a long time to the extent that I almost cancelled, but I was very happy when it arrived. This powder is in a nice box, very finely milled, and does provide a nice soft focus finish, which is not too matte, and that helps blur out the lines on more mature skin. I am 49 and I love this product. I use it as a setting powder in the morning. I would not carry it in a purse for touch up because it is loose.

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