The Maybelline Company was created by a 19-year-old entrepreneur named Tom Lyle Williams in 1915. Williams noticed his older sister Mabel applying a mixture of Vaseline and coal dust to her eyelashes to give them a darker, fuller look. He adapted it with a chemistry set and produced a product sold locally called lash-in-brow-line. Williams renamed his eye beautifier Maybelline, in honor of his sister Mabel, who gave him the idea. In 1917 the company produced Maybelline Cake Mascara, ""the first modern eye cosmetic for everyday use"" and Ultra Lash in the 1960s, which was the first mass-market automatic

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Recent Maybelline Reviews

Liquid -Maybelline - Dream Cushion

on 4/24/2017 11:46:00 PM

I got this cushion in shade 30 - Warm Nude which is a perfect color match for me who has light-medium skin with a yellow undertone.

- Natural finish, looks like skin!
- Travel friendly
- Good coverage. It was able to cover my acne scars and pores.
- Cushion applicator is easy to use

- Not long wearing (4-5 hours)
- Foundation dries up after 2-3 months due to the packaging
- Weird baby powder scent

Pressed Powders -Maybelline - Fit Me Pressed Powder

on 4/24/2017 8:55:00 PM


I purchased this after the Dream Matte powder got discontinued, and I didn't really want to purchase Mac Mineralized Skin Finish Natural, as the price keeps going up, and the packaging got stranger.

This is one of the most affordable powders from drugstore when on sale, finding this at $3.99-4.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart from time to time. I'd say if you had dry/dehydrated skin, and was not looking for an oil-sucking powder for blotting, this would be good. If you want to mattify the skin a tad more, I'd say look for other alternatives, because as a dehydrated skin lass, I can use both the matte and the regular Fit Me powders.

Pressed Powders -Maybelline - FIT Me Matte Poreless Powder

on 4/24/2017 8:53:00 PM


For a powder I can find in Canada for $4-5 on sale, I cannot complain. I have extremely sensitive skin, so I'm excited when something doesn't break me out (woohoo...)

I don't truly care for any of the "claims", such as being poreless. However, when looking for a powder that has a little coverage, this does good enough. Nothing sensational, but it's a good affordable powder. However, Porcelain 110 is a little dark for my skin. I haven't tried translucent yet, and am still sticking to 110. For reference, I'm around NC15.

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Concealers -Maybelline - Dream Lumi Touch


I used to like this in 2013, but I think they reformulated it. It never dries down, it creases and transfers. I prefer LA Pro concealer to this and it has more product too.

Liquid -Maybelline - FIT Me Foundation (Matte + Poreless)

on 4/24/2017 7:21:00 PM


I've been trying to make this work but the color is a dull yellow on my skin and after a few hours it really makes my skin look rough. I put it on and I'm like a Simpson character. I don't feel pretty in it. I'm half wondering if I should go lighter a shade and see if it looks prettier but the texture it gives my skin makes me think it may not be worth wasting anymore time with this.

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