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Eye Shadow -Makeup Revolution -x The Emily Edit - The Needs Face & Eye Palette

on 3/21/2019 7:18:00 PM


I love EmilyNoel83 and I have watched Beauty Broadcast and her You Tube channel for years. I couldn't wait to get my hands on her favorites as she is such a great makeup artist and she really knows her stuff. This retails for $15 and I ordered straight from Makeup Revolution although I believe it is still sold in stores such as Ulta Beauty. I really like all the colors in here and it is very wearable and usable if you have the right complexion. This is not going to suit every skin tone as I discovered. This has a bronzer, blush, highlight, neutral setting powder, and 6 eye shadows of which all but one are mattes. Everything in here performs well and the shadows blend well and layer well and do not muddy and you can build them up. I love how well they perform and they do not blend into one color. You can still see the different colors and the eye looks are pretty although a bit intense for my fair complexion. All of the browns pull really dark on me and even the terra cotta shadow called Honesty is intense on me. I do use an eye primer beneath my shadow which helps the color stay true and makes it pop more so if you don't use a primer you won't get the same results I did. I love how that terra cotta Honesty brings a nice warmth and depth to the crease. The shadows are pretty well pigmented and so the darker ones don't take much to lay down some color. I have a very light hand and even so, the darker shades are BAM! They are easy to blend and I love how well they stay put over a primer and do not crease or have a lot of fall out on your cheeks. If you need to lighten a look, she added that lovely neutral shade called Kindness and then there is also Love and Peace that will also subdue if you went overboard with color and need to dial it down some. The shadows are really nice and easy to get on the brush and they do not kick up a lot of powder and are great to work with. The blush and bronzer/contour shades are nice but really warm and look a bit harsh on me. I have to bring in a cooler plum or something more pink to make this work for me. I've tried using this for a look every single day for a solid week and trying to use it without bringing anything else in, but I can't. The colors are too warm and I need to bring other shades in for my cheeks. I really love the shadows in this and all the shades can be used for eye shadow and I have used every single product in here for a shadow. The shimmery highlight Gratitude is great for that inner corner or also for doing a halo eye look and adding that little pop of light to the center of the eyelid over the pupil. That dark chocolate Passion has a gorgeous golden shimmer in it that really doesn't add glitter but is really pretty and I love it for adding dimension and depth. It stays true and does not muddy out or blend into complete nothingness. I really want to love this palette more and while it's fantastic, I can't use it alone so I took off a lippie for that. I wish the packaging weren't so bulky and there is a lot of wasted plastic. I love that the names for the colors are printed right next to them. I think this could have been much more compact and would fit easier in a travel bag or purse. I like the idea of the large mirror under the lid, but with the need for a magnifying mirror and glasses to see to apply makeup, it's a waste for me as I can't use it anyway. My only complaint is the need for some cooler toned blush and less bulky packaging. I wish this could be a grab and go for me, but it isn't quite there. I watched a couple of tutorials where she uses this palette and it's easier to understand the versatility when I see it in action in her hands. I really like this palette and it was fairly inexpensive at only $15. I'd get it again, but it isn't a HG item for me. It's great quality and it works well, the shadows are long lasting and stay all day on me without fading, caking up, creasing, flaking off, or falling out on my cheeks or undereyes. It stays put and that is fantastic. I used this the way I do all my makeup and that is with moisturizer, primer, and then a setting spray to help it last longer. I really like the eye looks I get from this but it isn't helpful for my cheeks. I tried using Honesty, the terra cotta shade, but the pan is too small for use as a blush. I feel like all the shades perform much better for me simply used as shadows. They aren't the right colors for me to use as blush. The highlight is okay and adds subtle light. This isn't perfectly suited for me, but I've been able to use every single shade in here and it's wearable so for $15 it's worth it. If I ran out, I would not buy this again as there are simply so many other options out there and I'd want to try something else, but I can see me using this down the pans so that is a yes, that I am happy I purchased it and I don't regret my purchase.

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Loose Powders -Makeup Revolution -Banana Powder

on 3/20/2019 1:34:00 AM


I usually don't use loose powders,Flormar Loose Powder and Mac color corrector loose powder in lilac shade were the only ones I had tried.I love Mac but it's lilac shade makes it impossible to be used as a baking I decided to blindbuy this's 13$ here,not expensive but not truely cheap either.I don't like the packaging as it's difficult to use
When I first applied it under my eyes,it felt a bit dark and yellow for my NW15 skin but after using a brush to dust and blend it,it looked ok and brightened my dark cycles but I think it looks it's best matched with a foundation with warm undertones.when I first applied it,it felt smooth but when I wanted to blend it I saw that it's difficult to blend and is very looked a bit cakey on my undereyes and forhead.being difficult to blend,it made the spot that I had applied it on my forhead look yellower and's probably my skin's bad as it's very dry and dehydrated but I had moisturized it well before wearing foundation
It made my makeup and concealer last much longer and my tzone didn't look oily at the end of the day.I'm going to pair it with different moisturizers,foundations and brushes and wish to find a way to make it work out for me.right now it's a 2.5 out of 5 for me

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Concealers -Makeup Revolution -Conceal & Define Full Coverage Concealer

on 3/17/2019 9:47:00 PM


I really like this concealer!! It offers GREAT coverage and shade selection. Works well for under eye and all over the face. I have sensitive combo skin and this didn't break me out or look cakey on me. I also love how big the applicator is! You don't have to keepr re-dipping for more product. Lasts a good 8-10hrs on me.

This concealer is far better than the colourpop nofilter concealer which looked incredibly cakey on me no matter how well i moisturized before using it.

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Primer/ Corrector -Makeup Revolution -London Revolution Beauty Baking Oil

on 3/10/2019 8:05:00 PM


If you have dry skin this is a necessity. I apply a few drops all over my face after moisturizing, and about ten minutes before I do my makeup. It smoothes my dry patches and makes my skin look like the healthy glowing skin I wish I had. Sometimes when I want sheerer coverage I add a drop or two to my foundation for a dewy tinted moisturizer type of look. It does feel slightly greasy at first but it sinks in very quickly. If it still feels greasy after five minutes you've probably applied too much. I am prone to clogged pores and breakouts, and this doesn't seem to irritate my skin. I don't ever want to go back to doing my makeup in the winter months without this oil.

In a pinch it also works very well as cuticle oil, on on dry ends of your hair.

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Palettes -Makeup Revolution -Soph X Extra Spice Eyeshadow Palette


What an amazing palette! I have many of MUR palettes but this one is something else. Shimmery shades are out of this world, matt ones are great too. The shade Cookie Dough is a perfect transition shade for almost every single look you are going for. You can create lots of different things with this one. The only shades that are not so amazing are Lakes and Reputation. I find them to be preeetty patchy. Considering that I don't grab for them very often, I still love this. I dare to say that it is better than some of my Urban Decay shadows.

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