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Concealers -Makeup Revolution -Conceal & Define Full Coverage Concealer

on 7/14/2018 11:15:00 AM


Revolution's Conceal & Define isn't the best concealer out there, but it's a great buy for those of us who are watching their pennies. I use it over bare skin, BB/CC creams and foundation, and am happy with the results every way; my skin appears even, most blemishes are covered [it can struggle to evenly cover raised, full-on, spots/nicks], my under eye shadows are greatly reduced and when it's been set it hasn't moved or creased on me - what more can you ask for?

It's not a totally full coverage concealer, but I have very dry skin and this doesn't empathize or irritate it, and it doesn't cake around/in the lines around my eyes, or patches of dry skin, so it is on my 'rebuy' list - I'm happy to not have perfect coverage, so long as the formula works well with my skin type and doesn't cost the earth. It works just as well as my other concealers, but this is only £4, comes in 20 shades and it is more widely available compared to other concealers that I enjoy, so it is my top choice now and I rarely bother using my other concealers.

No, I don't find this to be a dupe for Tarte's Shape Tape, like other people are saying online; I think bloggers/vloggers are saying they are because the tubes and applicators for this concealer are the same as Tarte's, but the formulas are different (Revolution's is thinner and not quite as dry).

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Lipstick -Makeup Revolution -Soph Nude Lipstick - Cake

on 7/12/2018 9:36:00 AM

I watch a few smaller beauty channels on YouTube, but I'd actually never heard of SophDoesNails before discovering the first Soph eyeshadow palette she released with the brand, so having a certain name on this collection doesn't sway my opinion of it one way or the other. Cake is a mauvy/pink-based nude shade, with a satin [nearly matte, with a slight bit of slip] finish. The shade was created as a everyday/all seaons-type of nude for people with fair/light skintones, but [going off swatch photos] it's a great all-rounder shade for pretty much everyone.

Yep; there are already a ton of nude shades out there already, but what you're paying for here is the formula - it is the perfect balance between being a slippy-and-weaker creme and a bit-too-dry matte finish. I think it applies easily in one swipe and sets very quickly, so you are getting the strong colour, [almost] traditional matte finish with good pigmentation & staying power, minus the tight & drying feeling you can get from a fully matte lipstick. As a partway-to-creme formula you get a more comfortable & slightly-moisturized feeling, minus most of the slip and weaker staying power. This'll usually wear for around 4 hours before I'll need to refresh it; TBH I have got lots of lipsticks that wear for longer, but not any from brands that cost less than some magazines, so this is a nice 'wouldn't be devastating to misplace as it's cheap to replace' keep-it-in-a-bag/car/work draw option.

The Soph Nude lipsticks can be bought from the Revolution site for £4 each and they'll be coming to stores soon.

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Highlighters -Makeup Revolution -Liquid Highlighter

on 7/11/2018 5:15:00 PM


I bought the shade Ethereal (love me a cool-pink highlighter) because I didn't want to shell out the funds for the Cover FX drops... which I regretted as soon as I opened the MR bottle and caught a whiff of the DISGUSTING chemically scent. The scent of makeup never bothers me but this stuff.. smells so wrong.

I love the colour and can layer it under and then over foundation to get an insanely blinding glow, but in addition to my issue with the scent, I also find this product hard to use. It definitely helps to use LESS than you think you need, only work on one small section at a time and work quickly (ie, do not let it sit on your skin for any length of time before working it in), use tapping motions only (no swiping or you'll wipe away your foundation)

I still use this product because I want my money's worth, but I literally have to hold my breath the whole time so I don't gag from the awful stench of this highlighter. Sad :( Mixing with moisturizer is a good fix to boost glow and lessen the stink, but I can't really use it as it's intended. Maybe other colours don't have such a bad smell? I will not be the one to find out lol

Eye Primer -Makeup Revolution - Focus & Fix Eye Primer in Matte

on 7/10/2018 1:48:00 PM


Save your hard earned cash ladies, this stuff does nothin!! my eyeliner and eyeshadow is worse with this stuff, it turns my eye makeup into an oily mess and i would be better wearing no primer than this, what a joke, it shouldn't be on the shelves for sale, gonna go get the elf primer which is a cheap dupe for my urban decay :)

Primer/ Corrector -Makeup Revolution -Aqua Priming Base

on 7/4/2018 5:09:00 PM


Just yes. This is everything.

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