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Lotions/ Creams -Makeup Artist's Choice (MUAC) -15% Glycolic Body Lotion

on 11/14/2018 9:26:00 AM


So so great. Not cheap but worth it. I have very sensitive neck and chest skin that breaks out at the slightest touch of something it doesn’t like, so it was a huge risk to even try this but it is ACES for those areas—keeps them clear, smooth like butta, and fades past trauma.

I’ll use this all over my body but because of the cost I try to save it for the areas mentioned above as well as ingrown hair war zones (bikini area, upper legs) and it’s amazing. Not a miracle worker but close. It’s more effective than all the drugstore lactic acid creams I’ve tried and it smells MUCH better. It has a thick texture which seems to extend the bottle’s mileage. I’d buy it in vats if I could lol.

I am also a huge devotee of the MUAC 5 acid body peel. With their powers combined, all my body skin issues are kept at bay. I try to stock up when they have their 33% off sales.

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Skincare - Face -Makeup Artist's Choice (MUAC) -Mandelic Acid Toner

on 10/26/2018 5:09:00 AM


I use chemical exfoliants regularly but this absolutely fried my face. Smells strongly of alcohol. My skin is now peeling, itchy and sensitised after only using a couple times. Would not repurchase.

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Treatments (Face) -Makeup Artist's Choice (MUAC) -pH Prep Solution

I use this as a gentle exfoliator when my skin is in need of a little something, yet is feeling too tetchy for your typical AHA product. If you have youthful skin that doesn't need dramatic resurfacing or ridiculously sensitive skin, I think you'll be happy with this product as a stand alone treatment.

My skin is too sensitive for peels, so I can't tell you how effective it is as a peel prep.

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Cleansers -Makeup Artist's Choice (MUAC) -DMAE Cleanser

on 10/7/2018 5:52:00 PM


I love MUAC. But this is the worst product I ever bought from them. Thankfully, I just bought the sample sizes in the DMAE cleanser and toner. I don't know why but this made my skin super dry. I look like a wrinkle mess after a wash. Maybe because I have very dry skin anyway. My understanding was this was suppose to help dry skin. Well, not for me. I'm glad it works for other people.

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Treatments (Face) -Makeup Artist's Choice (MUAC) -TCA Peel

on 9/18/2018 10:39:00 PM


I have pics of the process - just click on my name.

I have the 15%. This is my first TCA peel, though I am very experienced with high % glycolic and lactic. I figured I can layer it (it apparently adds 25% to the strength each additional layer, which would make it 18.75%. That's as far as I want to push it on my first peel with this product. I know I can keep layering to get it up to 20% if I felt like it over time, while not having to buy a 20%+ peel and dilute it at first.)

Anyway, I did this setup:

*Shallow bowl that I poured the neutralizer in. I put 3 q tips and four cotton rounds in it so I wouldn't have to fumble around while my face was on fire.
*Thin gauze pad for applying so I wouldn't soak up too much product - I am afraid of drips, of course.
*A layer of vaseline over my eyebrows and then in a complete circle around my eyes, and on the edges of my nostrils, and around my lips.

I had no makeup or products on today to start, so I wiped my face with alcohol, then washed with the enclosed cleanser, and wiped again with alcohol. It is important to defat your face so it can penetrate better. I sometimes do not defat and even a high % glycolic peel won't burn much or be very deep - that natural oil (even on dryer skin) really works to buffer.

I applied it starting on my forehead and worked my way down. The center of my forehead frosted in less than a minute, and then a small section on my right cheek, and then a small section on my left. I used the soaked q tips to neutralize it and kept going.


After five minutes I put another layer on and holy crap more burning. So bad. I had to turn on my hair dryer (on cool) to help. I lasted about two minutes this time, again waiting for a frost and neutralizing with q tips. I used a cotton round of neutralizer, splashed water well, patted dry, and then did another cotton round of neutralizer.

The frosting was light on my cheeks, and I wasn't sure if it was a full frost, but I want to be conservative. It wasn't white-white or anything, but you could tell something was going on.

I put on a thin layer of antibiotic cream. Where my face is most damaged, it is very hot and red and looks like I've put acid on my skin. Ha. I don't feel discomfort, just maybe like a mild sunburn right now. I want to put vaseline on but I hate sleeping with it. I'll do it anyway.

Day 2: Where I frosted on my cheeks is a bit darker and a few spots are brown, but nothing serious. I'd forgotten to get a week of groceries before I did this, so I waited until after dark and went to the grocery store with no makeup on. Ran into a friend and she didn't notice anything amiss. Put a thin layer of antibiotic cream on the darker spots and vaseline all over. Feels like a sunburn when I touch it. Started taking vitamin C to help heal. (I don't get a lot in my diet.) Photos are in my profile.

Day 3: Dark/red/brown spots the same, no peeling. It is very itchy though. I couldn't find any anti-itch stuff at the store that didn't have undesirable ingredients in it. (Alcohol, AHAs, menthol, etc.) I won't take photos if there's no real change.

Day 4: Looks the same as yesterday, getting a little tight if I really scrunch my face. I wish it would start peeling. I didn't bother taking pics because there's no change in appearance from day 2.

Day 5: Looks and acts the same as yesterday, not even a hint of peeling. I don't think I'll do a TCA peel again without prepping my face for 2 weeks with full on Retin A. According to a few studies I read 50% of people are about mostly done peeling at this point, and I haven't even started. I can't leave my house and haven't been able to since day 2. I guess this one's going to be a full 10+ days of being indoors for me. According to studies people who prep this way peel quicker and are mostly done peeling a full 3 or 4 days ahead of me.

Days 7 through 12: Peeling, finally. Some larger flakes, but mostly smaller. If I leave a nice mask of rosehip oil on for an hour and then shower, I can gently wash my face with a very soft washcloth and quite a bit rolls off.

Day 13, 14: 90% done, few patches, and finally 100% done peeling. My temples were the last to peel.

Overall, I could go outside days 1 - 3, days 4 and 5 I would go through a drive through, and days 6 - 9 I wouldn't be seen in public just to not freak anyone out. I added pics to this review so you can see the full horror of the peeling stage. IT DIDN'T HURT other than the time it was on my face and barely itched at all. Keeping that coat of rosehip oil on really helped soften the gross crackling skin and made it peel off nicely without ripping.

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