Make Up For Ever is a French cosmetics brand owned by LVMH. It was created in 1984 by make-up artist Dany Sanz. LVMH acquired the brand in 1999. Make Up For Ever is distributed in over 60 countries and in more than 2200 points of sale around the world.The company is headquarted in Paris, France.

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Recent MAKE UP FOR EVER Reviews

Liquid -MAKE UP FOR EVER -Matte Velvet Skin Full-Coverage Foundation

on 3/7/2019 4:52:00 AM


I have dry skin. This did not to keep my s skin hydrated. It felt like a coating of plastic was covering my face. It set matte. Great color choices but after a week my skin felt extra dried out.

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BB Cream -MAKE UP FOR EVER -Ultra HD Perfector

on 3/6/2019 10:48:00 AM


I love this! Its sheer but tones down my tomato red face. Wish that it would come in a lighter colour but I can make it work. The perfect everyday foundation. Just put it on with your fingers or a duofiber brush, put a bit of powder where you need it and boom you are good.

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Loose Powders -MAKE UP FOR EVER -Ultra HD Loose Powder Microfinishing Powder

on 3/3/2019 11:31:00 PM


I have oily combination skin, but my under eye area is dry and suffers from heavy dark circles. I used to use the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage concealer in the little round pot, and while that salmon color and the hydrating properties of this concealer were great, it was too emollient and migrated here and there and taking away my liner and mascara with it. At that time the SA had convinced me to invest in the Laura Mercier Translucent Setting powder, which for some reason so many people love, but I found to be horrible and settle into every line and wrinkle I never knew I had. That powder made my skin look reptilian, and aside from my under eye, I have pretty decent skin. So after searching for a decent under eye setting powder, I found Rouge Bunny Rouge, which is my HG, along with this MUFE powder. I was so loyal to my Rouge Bunny Rouge, I wasn`t willing to buy a full size of MUFE, until I found it in a travel size compact at a Sephora in Europe and that`s how we became acquainted. This is as good as my RBR, and although the price point is comparable, MUFE is more easily accessible in Japan, so I will go and purchase a full size of this soon. It works great with all my concealers, the moisturizing and the drier ones I use in summer, it doesn`t settle into lines or emphasize pores and dryness at all. It is an HG setting powder, especially for mature ladies with under eye issues.

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Concealers -MAKE UP FOR EVER -Full Cover Concealer

on 3/1/2019 7:41:00 PM


This is the best full coverage concealer on the market, however it broke me out. It has a thick, creamy consistency that covers imperfections amazingly and it lasts all day; perfect for spot concealing but not for covering large areas. The squeeze tube becomes faulty after a while and doesn't close effectively, so the product dries out. I've moved on to other concealers since I found out this has broken me out.

NC25 = Ivory #6
NC20 = Vanilla #5
NC20 = Flesh #4

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Eye Shadow -MAKE UP FOR EVER -Aqua XL Color Paint Shadow - All Colors

on 3/1/2019 12:27:00 PM


This is also great as an eyeliner, so I have a review under "eyeliner," as well. In short, this product is amazing (as are all MUFE Aqua products). I love the light grey I-12 as both a liner and shadow, and I cannot wait to try out other colors. I own most of the cool shades and they may be slightly too dark as shadow for me (other than the I-12 light grey), but they are great as liner and would work well as shadow for girls who are not as light as I am (NW10). I do wish they would make more cool toned colors, but the formula is amazing, so if a color works for you, definitely buy it. It does not smudge and I imagine it would be great for crepe-y lids, since it does not have the unflattering (aging) powder look. It does not crease, either. In short, this is the perfect eyeliner and shadow. Holy grail product--both this and the brow version.

Note: this can be mixed together with other colors (ie I-12 + black, to make dark grey).

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