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BB Cream -Lioele -Triple Solution BB Cream SPF30 PA++


I really like this stuff and I will admit that I bought this thinking that I would return it. So, yes, the color does go on a little gray at first, but I found that it oxidizes rather quickly and eventually blended into my skin tone. The finish is beautiful matte finish that isn't too dull or powdery. The sunscreen used is all mineral - at least from what I can tell from the ingredient list English interpretation, that was very hard to find. It will cover redness, and minor blemishes, but it isn't full coverage. It also takes less than 10 seconds to blend into the skin. Best of all, it lasts all day and into night and there is very minimal, if at all - transfer!

I do have some complaints on this stuff (none of which is the shade range). My first complaint is the fragrance. It's too loud and doesn't disappear for hours. It makes me feel uncomfortable. I never buy anything with fragrance to wear on my face. My second complaint is the packaging, not the bottle, but the language. I know this is an asian brand, but if you're going to sell your products here in America, the information on the packaging should be in English. Had it been in English, I would have been able to read in full -- the ingredient list and know a head of time that there was fragrance in this BB cream.

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BB Cream -Lioele -Dollish Cera-V CC Cream SPF34/PA++


Love this CC cream. However I did find there was a 'learning curve' in regards to prepping the skin prior to application as well as the method and quantity used.....get this right and it's a keeper!
I take good care of my skin and use aha's, retin a, vit c serums etc therefore I found exfoliation with a damp washcloth prior to moisturizing and sunscreen is a must before applying this CC cream. I am a lover of the Beauty Blender however with this product I found it to be a no go. I tried a stippling and foundation brush and both left the product too streaky, and by far the best method of application was the fingers as it blended the cc cream perfectly.
Now to the quantity. In comparison to my regular BB cream (Missha Cho Bo Yang) I found I required 50% less as a little goes a long way.
The consistency is super creamy and applies white them changes color once applied to the skin. There is no grey cast.
Coverage: Medium and buildable.
Finish: Glowing (this however could be more due to my sunscreen underneath).
Durability: This lasts me 8 hours with no touch up and could go longer.
I rarely ever change my base makeup as I intend to stick with what works for me once I have found it which was the Missha Cho Bo Yang but I was randomly given a sample of this and once I tried it, it became my new favorite.

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BB Cream -Lioele -Dollish Veil Vita BB Make Up Base SPF 25 PA++ (purple)

on 10/22/2018 10:40:00 AM


I *LOVE* the green bb cream, it looks sooo natural on my skin, with added radiance!

Bought the purple one to try, was disappointed with it though.

BB Cream -Lioele -Beyond the Solution BB Cream

on 9/5/2017 2:33:00 PM


Strongly floral-scented. Good coverage! No sunscreen included. Slightly darker and more brown than my current HG, Missha Perfect Cover BB in 13 Bright Beige.

BB Cream -Lioele -Super gold snail BB cream


AWESOME! The snail thing spooks me a bit, but I've been loving Jane Iredale, but this is on another level LOVELY! Very lightweight, soothing, clean non-chemical scent, and has a medium coverage on my very Oily, 38yr. old skin.

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