L.A. Girl

L.A. Girl is a cosmetics company owned by Beauty 21 Cosmetics Inc, which is based in Ontario, Canada and was founded in 1984. They refer to themselves as an "affordable luxury cosmetics brand." Their products can be found in large retail and drugstores nationwide.

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Recent L.A. Girl Reviews

Contour -L.A. Girl -Velvet Contour Stick

on 12/8/2018 9:58:00 PM


I have the Hi Lite in Luminous. It's a beautiful rose gold shade on my N20 skin. I imagine it'd be pretty versatile on all skintonrs.
It's a metallic glow, no obvious shimmer particles. Apply a little for a soft glow, layer for a blingy glow. The formula is not balmy, just a thin cream. It applies well and sets.
I like to apply and blend with my fingertip. It doesn't disturb foundation underneath and really lasts well too.
I'm planning to pick up the other shimmer Hi Lite and a couple of blush shades.
I really recommend trying these, especially for the price. Maybe check CVS.

Brows -L.A. Girl -Shady Slim Brow Pencil


Very pleased with this brow pencil. I use espresso. My brows r thick, however I have some sparser areas. Doesn’t pull red at all. I like the firmness of the pencil, isn’t prone to breaking off. Additionally, the price is fantastic. Started with ABW, then NYX micro, but this is better when u factor in cost and durability of pencil.

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Liquid -L.A. Girl -LA Girl Pro Coverage HD Illuminating Foundation

on 11/29/2018 12:42:00 AM


Ok so.. the coverage is great! The finish amazing satin and it sets itself! Colour selection is ok ... but worse than that is how my skin reacts to this stuff!! It feels like as soon as I wash it off I find pimples and whiteheads that have literally popped up in the few hours I have had it on! I’d rather have to work on my skincare that load on more foundation to cover blemishes so this is a no from me!

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Lips -L.A. Girl -Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss


Ok. This isnt the best BUT...most liquid lipsticks i have tried have some issue...my gold standard is sephora cream matte liq lipsticks. the are the only ones i can wear without fussing over, straight from tube, with no other products involved. I have tried waayyy pricer that have had as bad, if not worse formulas. Smashbox, stilla, tarrt.super dry and leave rings around your mouth. That said. This is a sticky formula, versus a bone dry one, but as other reviewer mentioned you can set w powder. I have this dreamy and fleur. They are great MLBB colors which can be hard to find at drugstore prices. .I pretty much use most liquid lippes as bases...not as stand alone..so.i pair with a tube lipstick on top, matte or cream, or gloss...and still have a longer wear lipstick. I guess I use instead of lipliner.. That is what you do when you end up collecting a few liquid lips...i think the price is great and love my color choices..so no complaints...i tend to deal with sticky better than dry though. for me the worst offender liquid lippies are the ones that flake off the lip or leave rings, uneven wear. Which this didnt for me...try with either powder or gloss .. depending on finish you want. you have long wear without dropping tons of dough. For a splurge go sephoras. Dropping any more than that for me is a sheer over the top luxuru and i am buying for name or packaging..because sephora really nailed the liquid lippie formula

Blush -L.A. Girl -Just Blushing Face Blush - Just Because

on 11/3/2018 10:19:00 AM


Bought the color "just dance". On my skintone, light/med yellow undertones (sorry dont know my Mac rating), it showed up as a warm fuchsia. Many blushes show up totally different of my skin then they look in the pan, and purple is a tough shade to get right, so I'm not faulting for that. Although not the purple blush of my dreams, I still really like the color. The high rating comes from the formula. It performs like a high end product. Plenty of pigment yet not garish, and absolutely melts into your skin. Get 'em while the getting's good, before they discontinue or reformulate.

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