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Liquid -L.A. Colors -Truly Matte Foundation

on 11/14/2017 9:08:00 AM


I have gone through trying so many foundation lines, and I would either never find anything that came even remotely close to matching my skin tone, or either find two shades that I ended up mixing together to help get a good enough shade to match me, or just settle for a foundation shade that comes close enough and make it work. When L.A. Colors released this new foundation, and I saw a major Youtuber raving about it, I just had to try it, and I am so glad that I did, because this foundation has become a huge favorite of mines, and is the only foundation that I have been wearing since I got it.

First off, the shade range is decent, but not very long. However, within the shade range, I found 3 colors that I can actually get away with wearing, which is a miracle, since finding one shade alone within any foundation line to match me, is always a big hassle. In MAC, I have used the following shades, NC 30, NW30, and C2. I have a medium skin tone with pink-to-sometimes peachy undertone. The foundation has a short list of ingredients in it, nothing that I find to be troublesome to my sensitive, dry-to-very dry, acne prone skin. Also, the foundation is both fragrance and oil free. It does have a slight chemical smell, to it, but is not bothersome and does go away shortly after application.

The foundation bottle comes with a pump, which is a huge plus. You get 1.36 fl. ozs. of product inside the bottle. I apply the foundation with the L.A. Colors new Foundation Brush, and the foundation goes on awesome, I am able to get medium-to-full coverage, and I have never experienced any caking, creasing, or nothing weird at all to my face while wearing this foundation. I also find that I don't even need to set the foundation if I don't want to. Now, I don't wear a primer or moisturizer underneath this foundation at all. However, this foundation I can truly say stays matte on me all day until I take it off. It doesn't give off that very strong matte look or feel to ones face like Estee Lauder's Double Wear Liquid foundation does. It provides a natural looking, matte finish that lasts until I wash my makeup off. at night. Because the foundation is a full coverage one, you definitely have to make sure that you remove every trace of it off of your face at night, or else, that will lead to clogged pores. I make sure to thoroughly take off my makeup first, and then I use my facial cleanser to make sure that my face is left 100% clean of all dirt, grime, pollution, and makeup from off of my face.

This foundation retails for $6. I bought mines from off of the L.A. Colors website, because it is currently not available in my area at all. And, for $6, this foundation is truly the best that I have ever come across thus far!

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Lipstick -L.A. Colors -Chunky Lip Pencil


Once again, cheap makeup has changed my mind! I found my HG lip balm. I know these are old, but I just discovered them. Happened to be buying a few travel necessities at a Dollar Store and saw these at the check out.

For $1.50 I got the Chunky Pencil (really a twist up stick that looks like a pencil) in Coco. It covers more like a sheer lipstick, even a tinted balm feel. It smells like old fashioned cocobutter, which is nice. Nothing fancy. You may ask why it is HG but only got four lippies? Because the color fades fast. The moisturizing stays, but the color fades.

Now for what makes it so special: The name of the color is Coco. It resembles nothing brown! I was surprised to see the name, since I didn't look before I bought it. It is the exact deep neutral mauve of my natural lip color, making it the most flattering of all lip shades I have ever bought. I have a very fair complexion with neutral undertones and blue eyes. I wear it with just mascara and have a perfect natural look. Lights up my face.

I ADORE this color, and bought a few extras, because cheap makeup brands always discontinue products at a moment's notice. Truly a little gem.

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Mascara -L.A. Colors -Lash Building Mascara

on 11/6/2017 6:59:00 AM

Bought this at Dollar Tree for a buck$; got the color brown/black. Was very pleased, and surprised; this defined my lashes and separated them without making them stick together. Added a 'lil length, Didn't transfer off lashes. Didn’t smudge, didn’t flake off, was very easy to apply with classic mascara lash application brush provided.

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Lipstick -L.A. Colors -In The Buff

i agree valmont32677. it is a beautiful color. it looked like a light brown lipstick with pink and peach undertones on my light skin tone.

Lips -L.A. Colors -Lipgloss & Lipstick duo

on 10/30/2017 8:22:00 PM

Left my toiletries at home on a trip and needed to purchase some cheap replacements to use until I got home.

This was at the Dollar Tree for a buck, and I can say I'm impressed with it. I bought the Duo in Clarity (a warm neutral Clay brown.) What pleased me most was how natural the color looked, the smell and the chic packaging.

It's cheap lipstick, so I didn't expect much staying power, and I was correct. The coverage was good, natural looking, not too pigmented. Very creamy and smelt like banana Laffy Taffy.
For the sake of travel and the situation, I used the color for eyeshadow and blush, and it worked very well. I reapplied it as lipstick with the clear gloss three times, mostly after eating.

The packaging was nice, sleek and sexy looking, the gloss attached to the bottom of the lipstick. Good weight in the hand, didn't look cheap. Easy to use, but the cap on the lipstick didn't quite click securely on.

It did it's job, and for a dollar, I don't feel ripped off. I don't think I will buy more, it just didn't strike me as something I couldn't live without.

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