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Lipstick -L.A. Colors -Natural Shine

on 4/17/2018 6:17:00 PM


I have passed this by many times at Dollar Tree, thinking it would not look as good applied as it does in the tube. After reading a couple of good reviews from MUA posters, I bought it. Now, I will go back and buy a second tube! It is a beautiful neutral muted pink...not frosty, not chalky, not too shiny or too matte. I can use it successfully with either a warm or cool lip liner. It wears surprisingly well for something that is between a lipstick and a balm and is pretty moisturizing. This is so superior to many, many lipsticks and lip balms I have purchased at a much higher price.

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Eye Shadow -L.A. Colors -Matte Eyeshadow Singles


I found this at Dollar General in the shade "Forbidden", and I can't find a picture of it :( It is this beautiful brick red shade that packs a punch and I love it! One swatch provides so much pigmentation that it's unbelievable. The most awesome part is that they're only 50 cents! Pick them up at your local Dollar General and you'll be surprised how amazing they are.

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Polishes -L.A. Colors -Color Last

on 4/16/2018 3:06:00 AM

My dad bought this in black because he’s been experimenting with his look and wanted to try nail polish. So I don’t know how much it cost. I assume not much though. I took it to use under some iridescent loose Micas I have from TKB Trading. I seldom bother with nail polish because it always seems to chip on me almost instantly, and if I can’t count on it looking nice for 12 hours, it’s too much trouble. But lately I have been playing around with it for whatever reason. Anyway this stuff is thick and very black. It’s so opaque that more than 1 coat would be overkill. Since it’s so thick and sets pretty fast, you have to work quickly when applying it to get an even coat. I find this a bit tricky, though I am not at all good at applying nail polish so if I can get decent results with it, most people should be able to also. Staying power/chip resistance seems well above average. And it’s nice that it leaves no stain on the nail after removal. On the whole, I recommend this product(at least in the black color).
So I decided I wanted a lilac nail polish to layer iridescent mica over, and I bought a different cheap polish. And guess what, super duper streaky. It was so frustrating. I ended up reading online that pastel shades are almost always streaky. I ended up going to Walmart and purchasing 2 more shades of Color Last, a lovely lilac(“Impression”), and a light bright apple green(“Energy”). I paid two American dollars per bottle. Because of what I read online about pastel shades streaking, I wasn’t super optimistic. I was very pleasantly surprised. I was totally able to get a nice smooth coat with both shades. I am really delighted. Now, they aren’t quite as pigmented as the black, they do need 2 coats for full opacity. But who cares, the thickish formula keeps it from streaking, it looks great, and I am happy. And I have to say, after working with them for awhile, I’ve become quite fond of the slightly wider brush design these have. Also the shade selection though not vast, was thoughtfully chosen, there’s at least 3-4 more colors I plan to try next time. I’m giving an extra star for their pastel shades not streaking.
I wanted to add one more thing, though this review is super long already. With this thick formula, you gotta load your brush up with a lot of polish, and apply a thick coat. It may seem like you applied too thick a coat, but when it dries it will seem like a normal thickness.

Mascara -L.A. Colors -Bold Lash Mascara


L.A. Colors has done it again! The brand is known for being inexpensive. I purchased it at Dollar General for only $1.50. The packaging is small so it does not take up alot of space. It applies smoothly and doesn't clump! My lashes were left fuller and I didn't even need an eyelash curler. It's my go to mascara.You can go subtle or dramatic with this so give it a try✌

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Liquid -L.A. Colors -Truly Matte Foundation

on 3/16/2018 10:10:00 PM


If your are like me, you will like this foundation. Super matte, really good price and not cakey at all. I'm really surprised with this product, it's a must!

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