L.A. Colors is a "budget-friendly"* cruelty-free makeup brand owned by Beauty 21 Cosmetics Inc. It was established in 1985 in California and is currently distributed worldwide. *Source: Company website

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Liquid -L.A. COLORS -Truly Matte Foundation

on 10/6/2018 11:54:00 PM


DESCRIPTION OF ME ~ Light yellowy/olive complexion with a tendency to get redness on my cheeks and around my nose. Between MAC NC15 and NC20. I haven't tried the new MAC shades so for now, I'll continue to mix these two shades half and half. Large pores, oily and prone to blackheads and occasional acne. Mid-forties, some sun damage, and fine creases on my forehead which I get Botox for. I use Retin A once a week. I have dark red/brown hair and green eyes without any brown in them, almost blue. I feel like I have weird colouring which is why I sometimes struggle with finding a matching foundation shade.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION~ "The long wearing, high pigment formula applies as a liquid and blends to a beautiful matte, powder-like finish."

PACKAGING~ Plastic bottle with a good pump. One of my bottles' lid won't stay on well so it might be tricky to travel with. But, for the cost, it's fine.

CONSISTENCY/TEXTURE~ Creamy, thick liquid foundation.

APPLICATION~ This is the quickest drying foundation I've ever used! But, it doesn't dry so solidly that you can't work it a bit while it dries down. I use it over NYX Shine-Free primer. It applies well with a damp sponge, a stipple and paddle brush. The brushes give the most coverage.

FINISH~ The finish is powdery matte. Not demi matte, but pure seriously Truly Matte, y'all. It's comfortable though! Nothing like NYX and CoverGirl's recent new mattes which are irritatingly dry but do nothing to control oils. This is oil absorbing. It reminds me of MAC Fix Plus Liquid, yep, I said it. This $6 foundation is as good as MAC. It does dry down darker than it goes on so don't hesitate to experiment with the shades, odds are you'll need a lighter shade than you initially think. I love my foundations to be texture free since my skin has a bit of texture already, this isn't cakey or textured at all (you really only need a bit, don't over do it). It doesn't stick to any Retin A flakeys I get either.

COVERAGE~ Actually full. Not like drugstore full or kinda full, actually full coverage.

STAYING POWER~ With a good dusting of finishing powder it lasts all day without fail all day on my oily, large pored skin. Unlike the new CoverGirl and NYX matte foundations, this looks better when mixed a bit with oils throughout the day, sort of like the Studio Fix and Double Wear does.

SCENT~ Unlike Studio Fix, this does not smell like alcohol. It doesn't really smell like anything, there's no scent added so I would say it's completely unscented.

SHADES ~ There are only 14 shade and if you're deep skinned, there are what looks like literally two shades for you which is not good. I have to mix two shades for my NC15/20 skin but I could probably get away with natural even though it is sort of too neutral light, but it's not expensive so I have two bottles going and add in some Nude, which makes the right tone and shade for my skin.

OTHER NOTES~ Not only is it $6 (in the US, we do pay a bit more here in Canada, more than straight exchange would cost) you also get more foundation than in a normal bottle, it contains 1.35 oz!

OVERALL~ As you can probably tell, I adore this foundation. I've been using it on and off since late winter, all through summer and now into fall, I'm ready to say this is a now a staple. I ordered 3 of each shade for back ups. Just a note on Canadian ordering, LA Colors site charges $25 flat international shipping so it would pay to order in bulk but just regular ordering would be silly. I picked my 6 backup bottles up on amazon.ca for less than the LA Colors site given that bonkers shipping cost, so, shop around! I've tried so so many drugstore foundations and I'm not sure why none work for me, I'm shocked this one does. How do they do it for $6? All I can say is try it for yourself!

Thank you Seclusae2 giving me permission to use your great reviewing format.

INGREDIENTS~ I couldn't find them anywhere!

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Lip Gloss -L.A. COLORS -Moisturizing Lipgloss in TOPAZ

on 9/21/2018 9:05:00 AM


I decided to try this gloss because my birthstone is topaz, it looked nice in the tube and it's a dollar. I ended up liking the color more than I thought I would. It's scented, but the smell isn't over powering.

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Lip Gloss -L.A. COLORS -Mood Instinctive Lipgloss

on 9/4/2018 11:13:00 PM


Meh. Says it changes according to your "mood" (body heat) for the perfect pink. Nope. Just stayed a very basic pale baby pink gloss. Not much enhancement there when my natural lip colour is dark pink. Was $5NZD soso.... Not worth it. I have better glosses that cost the same.

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Eye Shadow -L.A. COLORS -12 Color Eyeshadow Palette - Traditional


its an amazing pallete very cheap and affortable and also very pigmented the white is very bright like a highlighter ,there very blendable so i love this pallete

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Mascara -L.A. COLORS -Mascara

on 8/15/2018 12:19:00 PM

I purchased the L.A. Colors HD Waterproof Mascara and this is THEE WORST mascara EVER! It seriously took me 40 minutes to even become noticeable! I have been wearing mascara for 30 years and never bought anything so useless as far as mascara goes. After becoming increasingly frustrated with applying it, the areas around my eyes had mascara blotches everywhere. The mascara doesn't even hold onto your eyelashes! Don't waste your dollar!!

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