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Fragrances -L'Artisan Parfumeur -Amour Nocturne

on 10/27/2018 5:19:00 PM

Gunpowder and caramel meeting at night. Notes (cedar, orchid, gunpowder, milk, caramel) may sound unrelated but I think Amour Nocturne is a cohesive fragrance with great transition from one phase to another. The first couple of times I sampled it, I missed this as I was sniffing it mainly for the gunpowder kick and the rest escaped my attention. Getting used to that note, I started appreciating the juice more.

Amour Nocturne opens with a blast of incense and cedar on me, which is a change from the usual fruit notes. It heats up just a bit too much for a very brief moment and I wonder if it will turn skanky on me. It doesn't. To the contary, it turns into a cool, serene, pared down incense - a variety I prefer and also enjoy in my beloved Timbuktu. Here, it is more rounded. And then it turns slightly metalic and the gunpowder emerges very clearly to my nose. It is like olfactory magic and Amour Nocturne is worth sampling simply for this experience I think.

Notes say orchid but I don't get any florals from Amour Nocturne. Still, it is possible to sense how it would tie with the rest of the notes if it was more prominent to my nose.

On my skin, caramel and hot milk notes emerge out of this. But it's not like one impression ends and another one starts. This fragrance transforms and transitions beautifully, notes working in harmony. I get more caramel than milk and it ends up as a beautiful skin scent, still with a bit of airy incense in the midst of sweet notes.

On warmer days, there is something in Amour Nocturne that brings to my mind Amaranthine briefly, probably because of the milk note. I even get the cardamom feel of Amaranthine. However, Amour Nocturne is not ornated with those spice or chai notes.

Altogether a beautiful, creative and well-made fragrance. I don't think I will buy it because I'm not in love with it. But I would love to smell it on the right person.

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Fragrances -L'Artisan Parfumeur -Tea for Two

on 10/26/2018 12:27:00 PM


Deliciously cozy and cuddly. The chai tea is brisk and spicy with just the right bit of vanilla lactonic sweetness to keep it comforting. Wears great on cashmere, just fyi. For anybody that thinks they don't like gourmands: this one might change your mind.

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Fragrances -L'Artisan Parfumeur -Mandarina Corsica Eau de Parfum

on 10/22/2018 6:55:00 PM


Scrumptious caramelized mandarin unfolds against surreally smooth tonka bean and cinnamon, conjuring up memories of Christmas pomanders and mulled wine. It's actually inspired by a heady summer night in Spain, but when it's right, it's right! I recommend layering it with Acure Organics Sublime Sweet Orange body lotion: HEAVEN.

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Fragrances -L'Artisan Parfumeur -Safran Troublant

on 9/21/2018 2:11:00 PM

A stunning example of Olivia Giacobetti's absolutely spectacular alchemy. Safran Troublant is refined, pillowy, dreamy, saffrony glory, with a soft, breathy vanilla and rose.

Desert island fragrance for sure.

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Fragrances -L'Artisan Parfumeur -Poivre Piquant

This is one of those weird fragrances where you put it on, and you can’t fully describe in words how you smell. I get a strong essence of pepper and that note stays with me throughout the day, with a touch of sweetness from the honey. Although unusual, I’ve gotten compliments on this scent anytime I’ve worn it out.

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