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Fragrances -Kuumba Made -Persian Garden

on 1/1/2018 6:28:00 PM


I'm not sure how this is a garden, but I really like it. I get a pale white musk without any of the usual soapy elements. I don't get garden or floral at all. It wears very close, almost a not-there skin scent. Loving it.

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Fragrances -Kuumba Made -Amber Paste

on 7/9/2017 3:43:00 PM


Holy crap. I love this.
(I am no connoisseur, but I do have a modest wardrobe that includes some pricy fragrances in the $200+ category. I love a good perfume... especially something slightly dirty, sensual, earthy.

I was actually blown away by this $10 bottle of sticky, brown liquid. The specific formulation isn't published. It's got woods, (I think Sandalwood, maybe, or cedar, and/or patchouli), plenty of sweet benzoin, vanilla, and it's well balanced. To me, it's perfect. It's just sexy as hell; spicy, sweet and earthy, (dirty vanilla as one reviewer elsewhere noted).

This stuff lasts for like 12 hours. Seriously. 12. And a little dab'll do ya.
Traveling? Need to pack lite? This bottle it teensy.

The versatility is special. Summer outings? Lounging on the water? Sweaty dancing at a beach club? Heat intensifies this sexy potion. A drop or two divided between wrists and behind ears, or between breasts if you've got them, and you're literally good to go all day, (or night).
It's perfect for sweater weather too. Warm, cozy, and so natural-feeling.

The smallest bottle, which could easily last 6 months, is 10 dollars. If you like these kinds of scents, there is no way to lose with a blind buy. I own a bottle of Noir Pour Femme and this is almost a dupe. But it lasts longer.

I'll have this as long as they make it. After delving deeper into the expensive fragrance rabbit hole, this cheap bottle of brown goo is a breath of fresh air. I feel like I've found treasure.

I'm laughing, (and let's be honest, crying a little too), at the FB of Chanel Gardenia I just bought that fades away 30 minutes after I've sprayed it.

* The only drawback I can see, for some people, is that this is a sweeter amber formulation. It's just a bit gourmand. I wouldn't mind a bit more woods in the formula, but whatever. It's not stopping me from wanting to own as much as I can.

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Fragrances -Kuumba Made -Arabian Sandalwood

on 4/28/2017 3:27:00 PM

Yummmm. This doesn't even really smell like sandalwood. It's creamy, vanillic but not exactly sweet, slightly woody in a tropical way. I have several Kuumba Made oils and this is the absolute only one that has a sucky rollerball. Maybe this oil is just thicker? Regardless, I just took the rollerball off.

I like to slather it on, especially in the summer. I don't really find it's 'too much' and the scent melds with your skin, morphing into something realllllly sexy, with no rancid undertones (something about certain base oils disagrees with me). Longevity is decent but throw is nil. Doesn't matter, once someone leans in for a hug, you've GOT 'em.

It's amazing for layering - I have a bunch of other musk and sandalwood oils that I like to mix it with. It also works well w/ Jovan White Musk and Wild Musk. If you want to like, really go there, '70s sex kitten wise.

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Fragrances -Kuumba Made -Amber and Sandalwood

on 4/11/2016 12:25:00 AM

The short version: I love this!!!

My "nose" has changed quite a bit in recent years... I used to love white floral fragrances and now I lean towards richer, spicier scents. Amber is a particular favorite note. I love both the Amber Paste and the Amber and Sandalwood from Kuumba Made. Both are a great value!

The Amber and Sandalwood is a spicy oriental type scent - similar to YSL Opium, though it's not a dupe. But if you're a fan of that, or fragrances like it, this is one to try. On me, it has a powdery note that I like but some people might find Old Lady-ish. (Many classic fragrances like Opium, Shalimar, and Chanel No. 5 also have this note on me). It's also subtly spicy and vaguely sweet though not in a candy-like way - more like faint vanilla with a bit of sawdust. The "sawdust" would be the sandalwood coming through. Somehow this does not translate as masculine though. It more grounds the spicy, powdery Amber. This balance of complimentary smells gives it the sexy yet cuddly aroma others have spoke of. And that is what makes it truly feminine.

Sillage is pretty close to the skin but lasts for 4-5 hours before I feel the need to reapply. The powdery note makes it work appropriate (I DON'T pour it on!) but the spiciness makes it sexy date night worthy.

All in all, one of the most sophisticated scents by Kuumba Made and that's what makes it one of my favorites!!!

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Fragrances -Kuumba Made -Arabian Rose

on 12/29/2015 9:42:00 AM

Pure floral rose with no other notes to temper it. Smells like an Arabian attar. Nice but not my cup of tea as I like sweet, sugary or warm scents

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