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Eyeliner -Kat Von D -Tattoo Liner


I have no idea how this product has such a cult following. It is GARBAGE. It was nice for maybe the first few applications but (and maybe I simply have a bad product) now it’s a watery mess. I can’t even describe what this eyeliner does that’s so terrible because I’ve never encountered it in an eyeliner before. You know when you use a permanent marker on a whiteboard by mistake and you can trace over it again with whiteboard marker to help rub it off? Well, this eyeliner functions like that. It applies to my eyes in such a shitty, diluted manner that when I try to line over it again to fill in the blanks, it RUBS THE LINER OFF. Absolutely ridiculous. It also has 0 staying power and is not waterproof like it claims.
The Fenty Flyliner is superior. Hell, most low end eyeliners are superior. Hard pass.

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Palettes -Kat Von D -Fetish Blush + Highlighter Palette

on 10/15/2018 12:53:00 PM


The Fetish blush & highlight palette contains three shades of highlights in the brand's Metal Crush formula [the Metal Crush highlighters were inspired by KvD Beauty fans using the now-discontinued Metal Crush eyeshadow shades as highlighters], so don't expect a subtle highlight here; we're talking microglitter, and highly pigmented bases with an opalescent finish; Roseshock [pink], Magick [peach] and Telepathy [lavender]. The microglitter/shimmer is finely milled, weightless and it doesn't outlive the bases to the highlighters - such an important factor. When I look straight-on into a mirror after application I can't see anything, but when I turn my head the powders catch the light and flash intensely. A perfect highlighter - it's not just sitting there as a strip of colour on skin ala Adam Ant. When I apply my makeup in the morning I'll sometimes use a setting spray, but I found that the highlighter will last until I'm ready to remove my makeup in the evening no matter if I use one or not.

As the highlighters are intense, the coordinating blush shades are light and have simple matte finishes; Bathory [pink], Salem [peach] and Coven [lavender]. I think that the blushes all apply and wear well - I'll apply my makeup in the morning and the powder almost seems to melt into my skin, resulting in a natural looking finish. Then it will last until I take it off at the end of the day.

The highlighters are universal, so can be worn on any skintone. However two of the blush shades in this palette are pretty light [Salem and Coven], so I think that you need to have fair or light skin, to get the most use out of the palette; I have a similar skintone to Kat so I'm loving them, but I can definitely see where other people are going to struggle. I can understand that the products were developed for and tested on Kat Von D herself, but this is a big downside to the product. Having the shade selections be too reliant on the wearer having a certain skintone instantly cuts of a lot of the brand's fans who are going to want to rush out and buy the palette. So for those with medium to darker skintones I'd recommend skipping the Fetish blush & highlight palette and looking elsewhere - the powers that be didn't think this product release through.

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Palettes -Kat Von D -Fetish Eyeshadow Palette

on 10/14/2018 10:54:00 AM


I'll start the review the same as I began my other KVD festive-release palette reviews; the Fetish palette is more expensive compared to her other eyeshadow palettes, but you are getting more shadows then is usually included in her permanent and other seasonal le palettes; twenty four shades, in pans that are the same size as the non-base pans in the permanent Shade + Light palette. Another KVD festive-release palette review standard is pointing out the impressive shade selection; the shades are a medley of finishes in four different finishes and in a range of neutral, slightly muted tones, vampies and bold shade ranges, so there is something for every comfort level, every season and every occasion. The stars of the Fetish palette are unquestionably the red shades - good quality vegan reds are very rare and in Fetish you get one matte and two metallics (the ones that look pink in the promo photo are red). The matte purple and matte magenta shades also lovely, the matte Kelly green is stunning and the black is BLACK.

I've at least played around with every shade and think that the pigmentation on everything is awesome, and the shadow formula is very soft and buttery - and I'm not someone who usually bothers with primer. To date I've worn around 3/4 of the palette for all-day looks and haven't had any issues with fading, creasing or transfer. When I dip my brush into the shadows they do have some kick-up to them, but they aren't patchy and apply with only a little [if any] fallout and blend really well, so I generally don't feel that removing a star in my reviews is really necessary as long as the ease of use and performance isn't affected - just tapping excess off your brushes solves the problem. All highly pigmented shadows tend to be softer.

I've been a loyal customer of the brand ever since they first launched and this palette is the first time that I've ever had an issue with the performance of one of their eyeshadows; the matte yellow shade [Sex] looks lovely packed onto the lids and when applied with a liner brush, but can be patchy and clingy when I try to apply & blend it out as a crease/transition shade.

It's not a problem for me, but if you want every palette to be a one-and-done deal, then it's worth noting that there are no highlight-type shades for fair and light skintones, outside of a shimmery silver [Cuffs]. Another thing which doesn't bother me personally but may upset others are the shade names - the palette is called Fetish, so expect kinky shade names. Also; the two gold foil shades [Chastity and Submissive] are very softly pressed into their pans, so store the palette flat to avoid them shattering [the powders do repress easily if disaster does occur].

The Fetish eyeshadow palette has some very strong pluses to it shade-wise and has options for every occasion/season, so I'm very happy to add it to my KVD palette collection, though I don't find it as "wow" as her previous two years releases. The strengths are good enough to override my niggles, so I still recommend it to people - especially those looking for great vegan reds and purples.

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Concealers -Kat Von D -Lock-It Concealer Creme

on 10/12/2018 4:16:00 PM


I bought this product out of curiosity and because of all the good reviews.
Sadly, I realized it BROKE ME OUT. I had pretty good skin, but after I used the product twice, some small white bumps appeared on my face. Then they transformed into pimples. This happened in the areas of my cheeks where I had applied it.
On my forehead it gave me several acne spots, and I have never had acne on my forehead. They are not too big or inflamed, but there is quite a lot of them

Lipstick -Kat Von D -Studded Kiss Lipstick - Lovecraft

on 10/12/2018 11:16:00 AM


Bonjour mon nom est dalila sghir je suis du maroc j'aime tellement ce produit. Et j'aime tellement votre entreprise que je voulais revoir vos produits sur mon compte instagram, je peux vous aider à promouvoir vos produits en les examinant afin de les convaincre et encouragez les gens à acheter le produit sur Internet, tout en aidant l'entreprise à promouvoir ses produits et à assurer la continuité de l'entreprise dans la production et l'initiative.

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