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Hair Treatments -John Masters -Deep Scalp Follicle Treatment & Volumizer for Thinning Hair


Pretty disappointed with this product. I've been using it for about 2 months now every time I wash my hair, and it hasn't done much in terms of hair loss.

I did find it does help a little, I realised when I washed my hair there was less fall out than usual, but in terms of everyday fall out, it stayed the same. Maybe I need to be using it for longer to see the effects and I'm just being impatient, but it wasn't a very cheap product and I don't know if I can afford to be waiting around to see if it improves all the while my hair continues to fall out. I found Lush's Roots to be much better, but I've recently moved to a place where Lush isn't very easy to get to so I resorted to this.

It's lightweight and doesn't irritate my scalp. I find it doesn't really help with volume or affect my hair styling but it doesn't weigh my hair down either.

Won't repurchase, I'll try to use this bottle to the end but I think there are better products out there for the price.

Conditioner -John Masters -Citrus & Neroli Detangler

on 12/31/2017 7:28:00 PM


I'm surprised I have never reviewed this before. I have been through so many bottles, used it with many different shampoos, and been very happy with it. It was just a nice, light cream rinse with a lovely, light scent that didn't annoy me. It was good for my long hair, and more importantly, it did not make my skin break out! Because I am one of those people who breaks out if I use products with silicone, and this didn't have silicones. Apparently, they have reformulated it with dimethicone high on the ingredients list, and I am scared to buy it again. I have been to several local Whole Foods trying to buy up the older version, but alas! Bummed.

I would have given it a five in the old days, but now I just don't think it will work for me.

Styling Products -John Masters -Bourbon Vanilla and Tangerine Hair Texturizer

on 12/18/2017 9:54:00 PM


I absolutely love the smell of this product, and love that it's natural. I really like John Masters a lot, too.

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Shampoo -John Masters -Lavender Rosemary Shampoo

on 6/25/2017 7:45:00 AM


I have over-shoulder length medium thick and qute dry hair. I really wanted to like this shampoo and I have to say I fell for it after I had a sample size and my hair looked really good after using it twice. So I bought the original size which is quite on the pricey side. And then the letdown. After 5-6 times using it, my hair got ever dryer and more frizzy. I couldn't have done without a conditioner and serum after washing. My scalp also got quite dry and I also noticed that my hair got greasy within 12 hours - which is not normal for me as I normally wash my hair every 2-3 days and I don't have greasy hair.

So, I guess when I tried the sample size, my hair was still nourished from my shampoo I used before so the trial use of John Masters gave me a wrong impression. When I started using it regularly the pre-nourishing effect wore off and I saw the the JM product just really dried out my hair and scalp, made my hair greasy and tangly.
A pro is the really lovely scent of the shampoo but that doesn't help anything as with the many severe cons this shampoo has plus the high price tag.

Styling Products -John Masters -Sea Mist

on 4/17/2017 8:51:00 AM


This is fantastic if you know how to use it. I bought the smaller size bottle for 6$ at Ulta. I was happy to find that a little goes a long way and in my experience it is best used on wet or damp hair. If you plan to blow out your hair using this product, your hair will feel fuller, textured and give it a light hold. If you are creating waves I suggest detangling your wet hair first, divide hair into 2 or 3 sections and hold the spray about a smart phone's length away to apply an even amount, about 2 sprays per section. Then use your hands to scrunch your hair or a diffuser tip on your hair dryer.

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