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Fragrances -Jean Paul Gaultier -Classique EDT


In the top notes delicate rose scent is spiced by fresh anis. Middle notes combine sweetness of orange blossom and exciting ginger, a powerful aphrodisiac. Vanilla and sensual amber gently embrace in the base.

This is very strong. I get a brief waft of spice that dissipates into a fresh, clean soapy scent on me.

It's nice but no signature scent for me. Too expensive.

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Fragrances -Jean Paul Gaultier -Scandal

on 3/10/2018 7:06:00 PM


Listed notes: Blood orange, honey, patchouli, gardenia.

My sister liked this fairly well, but on me, I got bitter orange with powdery sweet patchouli honey. It was very warm and cuddly but also not pleasant. A strange combination of bitter and warm, with the sweet sweet honey. It’s not sticky sweet, and the warm soft powdery is comforting, but the sharp woody/bitter notes don’t meld. It’s almost like Gaiac wood on my skin, (which is a scent that always goes into screaming, rubbing alcohol with my chemistry) coupled with that smooth honey powder warmth. The honey powder part is just lovely, but the overall mélange is LOUD as hell and won’t scrub off now matter how I try. Really disliking this one, but it can obviously work for others. Try before buying.

Fragrances -Jean Paul Gaultier -MaDame

on 12/3/2017 7:01:00 AM


Now perfumes are completely a matter of taste , this I learnt by too many bad blind buys. So now I try to buy only what I have tried several times. Madame is a love or hate perfume . To me it is pure love and joy. It is so full of character that is why no one can remain neutral to it. It is happy sweet orange , white flowers , musk and pomegranate ... But not a bit cheap , it screams expensive and class !

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Fragrances -Jean Paul Gaultier -Ma Dame

on 11/10/2017 1:22:00 AM


I remember years ago when i was a little kid my parents would take me and my brother out to a restaurant and they would get a beer or a 🍷 then i would get a drink called a Shirley Temple. It was a mix of sprite and grenadine and the glass would have such a pretty color of neon pink just like the bottle of Madame has. The bottle kind of actually glows a neon pink or orange if the light hits the bottle right. Kind of in the same way the ocean glows blue and green when it is full of organisms. And the Shirley Temple would smell so sweet and fizzy just like Madame. This is a strange little scent but its really avant garde and different. Nothing on the market quite like it. The note of grenadine is so intense and syrupy and mixes so well with the 🌹 note. Lasting power is good and gives good sillage. I dont think this is a straight up masculine scent but it could easily pass as unisex due to the musk and cedar notes. Good fragrance to have in your collection.

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Fragrance -Jean Paul Gaultier -Kokorico

on 12/3/2016 5:39:00 AM

This was a blind buy for me, based solely on the fact that my local chemist was selling off the last few bottles of a whole range of underperforming fragrances at bargain prices (like up to 90% off). I purchased a 100ml bottle of this for $10AU.

I have to agree with the previous reviewer about how wonderful this fragrance is, but I don't think it would be a safe blind buy for most people. It's a very polarising fragrance. I have had about a dozen of my friends and workmates rate it, and 6 loathed it. Another two were neutral and the other four found it utterly fascinating ,however only two of those four could imagine themselves wearing it.

I find it utterly fascinating. On me it opens with the most intensely bitter note of crushed fig leaves, followed quickly by bittersweet cacao. It's soon joined by very strong woody notes and an incredibly earthy patchouli and dry vetiver. You must love patchouli and vetiver to wear this.

After about half an hour the whole concoction calms down and sweetens somewhat, but even so the overall impression of this fragrance for me is autumn, dried leaves, bonfires, and soil.

My skin eating perfume doesn't make a dent in this fragrance. To say it lasts is an understatement. Sillage is low to moderate, which is a good thing, given how few of my friends and workmates like it. Because this eau de toilette is so strong on my skin, I actually put a dab of unscented lotion on, spray the fragrance on and then massage it in. This way I can spread the fragrance over a large area and I get a lovely, earthy, bittersweet cloud of fragrance around me. The downside of this is that I lose a little of that crushed fig leaf note at the opening. Nothing's perfect.

The only reason I have given this a four rather than a five is because of the number of people who really find this unpleasant. That makes it a fragrance that I wear for myself alone. Yes, I always wear perfume for myself, not because other people love or hate it, but when more than half of the people I am near on a daily basis truly dislike this, there's no point in irritating them. My mum recoiled in disgust when she smelt it on me. My partner tried to get on board with it, but had to admit he really didn't like it. A couple of people asked me if I had been smoking (I have never smoked). It will mainly be worn when I am working in the garden or going for long walks along the beach.

Despite the almost total lack of enthusiasm from my friends, if there had been a second bottle available at the chemist, I would have gone back for it too.

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