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Fragrances -J. Lo -Live Luxe

on 1/25/2018 7:58:00 PM


Wow- can’t believe I haven’t reviewed this yet. Or maybe can’t believe I’m this stoned to be reviewing this. This perfume I’ve had since 19 years. Only reason I haven’t run out and barely used it, because I’m a perfumeanatic, if there is such! It sorta reminds me of Candies~ but With low muted spice. I know it’s mostly floral, a lil fresh. I just tried it again on my hand because I was going through my perfume cabiney. So I can’t say much for its staying power. This perfume reminds you that life is for the young and I don’t know, somehow it excites. Can’t wait to figure out how long it stays on.

Fragrances -J. Lo -Glow

on 1/6/2018 7:50:00 PM


During wintertime,I'm more into gourmands and vanilla scents but as soon as spring arrives,I start to look for clean powdery scents and light musky florals
I was very late to the JLO Glow party and discovered it during last spring,but late better than never.I bought a 1oz of it for 14$ because I wasn't sure I‌'d like it but it showed up that I like it even more than my expectations.it's exactly what I was looking for and even more
First about it's appearance.I usually dislike frosted bottles but this tiny frosted bottle with it's bright peachy liquid and it's out dated charm looks pretty
As soon as I sprayed it,it seemed very familiar to my nose.there was something nostalgic in it.something light,delicate,angelic and motherly.don't get me wrong I don't mean it's a perfume for a specific age group,just that whenever I think about a sacred word like mother,I imagine such a scent (my mom usually smells like light blue or miss Dior edp so I don't know origin of this imagination)
On my skin glow is a musky floral with a hint of citrus freshness and a dash of powder.I'm not a citrus fan but I really enjoy it when this fresh, grapefruit thing in glow comes and goes.when I asked my man's idea about it he said:it smells like the most pretty-smelling soap one can ever use.for me,it's a very clean scent too but it doesn't strongly bring soap to mind.I prefer to describe it as a clean,fresh,feminine,Slightly soapy scent
Glow is definitely a floral scent but it doesn't feel overly floral or like a vase of flowers.orange flower,jasmine and rose appear in a soft, beautiful and special way.there's something a little cold in this babe which makes it great for hot days but be careful not to overspray as it may feel too cold,sharp or synthetic in a cleansing product way.
I love musk and I was hoping for lots of clean musk and it didn't disappoint.I see it as a clean,delicate and refreshing musky floral which seems light but actually radiates strongly when first applied and it's pretty dry down lingers as a skin scent for more than seven hours and believe me it's dry down is heavenly.still clean but musk has warmed up on skin and a touch of vanilla grounds cold,sharpness of florals so it has turned to a soft and not cold anymore powder which feels very intimate,inviting and sexy,far from cold refreshing soapy scent of first hour,but they're both gorgeous
At first it seemed strange for me to see lots of negative reviews as I see it as a safe perfume but now I've learned that it's a love or hate fragrance.still I suspect maybe in a lot of cases it was overdone or tried on clothes or paper,not on skin(in my case clothes smell like freshly washed and dried laundry and on paper smells very much like cleaning products but on skin,as it gets warm with body temperature,it blooms and blossoms to this divine powdery musky floral)
All in all I'm very happy with that blind buy.I love how it smells on me and I love to smell like this around home or when I go to sleep (I also like it for outdoor.it would be nice with casual and smart clothing,but I can't wear it outdoors right now as it's a quite cold wimter)
I also need to test eau de glow
Highly recommended to everyone.just keep in mind that don't overspray and give it time to settle down
Well done Jennifer.glow was my third Jlo perfume,I like still and live but I absolutely love glow.I need a larger bottle and another one for backup.unfortunately it's not easy to find here unlike still and live.glow is gonna be a stable in my wardrobe, I need to have a bottle of it always and forever

Fragrances -J. Lo -Glow After Dark

on 7/31/2017 3:48:00 PM


I have three of these Miami, Blue and after dark. This one is absolutely so delicious. I think it is a scent you can wear anytime. I really love Miami also but this one has more of a musky smell to it. I love it!!!!

Fragrances -J. Lo -Blue Glow

on 6/19/2017 9:42:00 PM


I gave this away after using it a few times. It starts as a pleasant, fresh, orangey, floral. As most fragrances do, it changes. This one changes drastically and quickly, though. It goes from being uplifting and fresh and then fast forwards through the floral heart to the cedar, sandalwood, mahogany, etc., base notes. I wish the top notes lasted longer because the dry down is dull and boring.

You can't beat the price of JLo's perfumes. $14 for a 3.4oz bottle.

Fragrances -J. Lo -Miami Glow

on 6/19/2017 9:31:00 PM


A blind buy that I wish I hadn't bought. I love summer scents but I don't love this one. On me it smells woody/musky/spicy and masculine. I don't get any of the coconut or pineapple that people talk about. Fortunately for some, unfortunately for me, it lasts and lasts. So...I have a gently used 3.4oz bottle if anyone wants to swap a JLo Glow for.

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