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Eyeliner -Inglot -Matte Collection AMC Eyeliner Gel 78


Definite holy grail! Absolutely beautiful finish and wear, it goes on moist enough to fix up your wings, before it dries down and wears for most part of the day.

I use a artist’s brush with this one.

My other fav is MAC’s liquidlAst, however it dries up too quickly in the tube. That lasts for hours on end, this is close!

Eyeliner -Inglot -Matte Collection AMC Eyeliner Gel

on 2/27/2018 11:50:00 PM


One of the most overrated and worst beauty products EVER!! I brought this from a youtuber’s recommendation who claimed that it was long lasting, transfer proof and smudge free. Thus defiantly was not the case for me. I had the black shade, 77. Whilst this product was creamy, very black, very pigmented and glided onto the eye and waterline with no problem; it turned out to be an utter nightmare. If you make a mistake with your wing, this would smudge everywhere when you try and correct it. I often had to remove my entire eye makeup it was that bad. I also found that if I use this in my waterline, it would transfer to my eyelid through out the day. This eyeliner is also impossible to remove, even with eye makeup remover as it will just smudge everywhere.

The problem with this eyeliner is it’s creamy formula that makes it prone to smudging. I also had a bad customer experience in the Inglot shop while purchasing this product. I found this product to be so awful that I binned it only 4 months after I brought it and I went back to the gel eyeliner I was using previously. An awful waste of money and experiences that left a nasty taste in my mouth. Safe to say I never went to Inglot again. I would avoid this product and brand like the plague.

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Eye Shadow -Inglot -Pigments

Now the price is quite steep on these, especially when you consider that you're only getting 2g of product.
However, those are some of the best pigments I've ever tried! Very shiny and metallic and the duochrome effect is breathtaking!

Buuuut...There are differences within the line when it comes to consistency. You have the chunky pigments and the "standard", finely mild pigments. Personally I own #22 and #120. Those two are more on the chunky side, which is why I use glitter glue with them - they're not gonna stick properly to the lid if I don't.
The finely mild pigments swatched beautifully in store, but I was more captivated with the chunky ones - I think if you're gonna pick any, you should go for the chunky ones. They're just more special and beautiful :)

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Eye Primer -Inglot -Eye Shadow Keeper

on 1/25/2018 3:43:00 PM

I have oily eyelids and slightly hooded eyes. It kept my eyeshadows in place for 6 hours tops. By noon everything has moved into the crease. In the evening where was another surprise: extremely oily eyelids, I hadn't such a problem with any other primer.
My sister has normal skin and this product works for her.

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Eye Shadow -Inglot -Freedom System Palette

on 1/17/2018 5:38:00 PM


Well,it's a difficult product to review
I saw inglot store in a travel to Georgia,Tbilisi and I was very happy to find out that I can choose my palette and products inside
Unfortunately it was more expensive than I thought.I wanted to choose a flexi palette,it was 21$,not very expensive but filling it with eye shadows that each were 7$ would cost me more than any ABH,too faced,urban decay,tarte or whatever high-end brand I know.then I decided to choose a 10pan palette but it would be 80$ with it's eyeshadows.finally I asked for a 4 pan square palette(7.5$)so that I could try inglot palette and eyeshadows and have a little,easy to carry costed me 33.5$
It wasn't easy to choose shades as there's a lot of beautiful ones.I don't know whether this inglot branch had all shades or not but there too many blue,green and violet shades but not enough reddish ones.I have my favorite reds in my MR ABH palette so it was not a big problem for me
I wanted to choose some of my most used shades so that I can take this palette to that I look at my palette,I can see that I have dupes of all of them in other I think it would be better if I chose new colors.for example there was this beautiful,high pigmented,shimmery chocolate brown that I can't stop thinking about
I chose these eye shadows:
It was one of DS eyeshadows.a gorgeous dark taupe with pinkish's as if it's matte but also has a gentle touch of was my first choice,is highly pigmented and I like it a lot
It's an AMC Shine.on skin it's a shimmery gold with a slight hint of copper looks totally different and darker in palette and pictures.Something's smooth and high pigmented,a pretty shade for lid
It's a matte orange-ish light has nothing to do with it's color in inglot website.I have a similar shade in almost all of my other palettes and I'm not crazy about it when I look at it but it happens to be one of my most used shades as transition's a dupe for the shade "innocent" in tartelette pro palette.unlike some other mattes it's not chalky and is well pigmented
One of's very close to it's color in inglot website.I chose this one so that I can have three shades instead of one.all three shades in this pan are mattes.drier and a little less pigmented than other eyeshadows
It's darkest is a charcoal which can be used instead of black as liner on for outer V..It's middle part is almost the matte version of number "465".It's taupe and it's lightest color is a cream color which is a good base color and is my favorite color among the three(the darkest one is my least favorite and is a bit patchy)
All in all eye shadows have good quality.they're not as buttery as ABH eye shadows.they don't have much kicking or fall off and they're blendable
About it's palette:
It's magnetic door is highly secure but is not easy to open.each time I want to open it,I'm worried about scratching my eyeshadows.It's easy to put the pans in palette but not easy to take them off.there's no mirror,it's well-made,way better than thebalm's cardboard palettes but looks very simple,there's nothing cute or pretty about it,unlike palettes of other brands.what I don't like about it is that eye shadows don't have names,just numbers and the only way to remember numbers is to write them on back of the palette or beside the pans but it will look ugly
Something that I liked to change about eye shadows is their size.they're very big.yes,it's good to receive huge pans and large amount of product but I wish there was smaller pans too so that I could have a small,easy to carry palette with more would be great if they add smaller and cheaper eyeshadow pans. one-third of this size would be ok,similar to each color's size in rainbow eyeshadows.if they did this,I wouldn't use anything except inglot palettes all through my life
I'm definitely going to repurchase because I love this ability to choose.if I have enough money,I'd love to buy a flexy palette and put lipcolors,eyeshadows,concealer,blush and whatever I need in it.I'd also like to buy a 10 pan palette of colors that I don't have in any other palette.special colors for special occasions but again having these less used shades in such huge pans would be a huge waste
I went back to inglot and bought another three eyeshadows and a palette for them:number 487 which is a DS,a gentle purple with a gentle touch of glitters-number 397 which is AMC, a shimmery cool-toned rosegold-peach!!-number 54,a DS,a medium brown with a hint of pinkish undertone and has a gentle touch of shimmer
I really like inglot eyeshadows.I really wish they made them in smaller size,then I'd buy two or three 40pan palettes

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