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Recent GUINOT Reviews

Skincare - Face -GUINOT -Hydra Tendre Wash-Off Cleansing Cream

on 8/26/2018 8:55:00 AM


So I’ve tried this on and off for about 3 x half week to one week periods. I’ve stopped each time because I’ve got tiny lumps on my forehead (little raised sebaceous filaments), and I’ve given my skin a break each time in case the cleanser is causing it, to ensure it doesn’t escalate. I’d thought that perhaps it’s bringing up clogs that were deeper, but on reflection that’s not the case because my forehead pores are quite clear. So I though maybe the clogs are just more visible because my skin is softer and more moist, but again there are definitely small blockages where there were none. It would seem that the cleanser may be blocking my pores a little. The blockages are generally hard and tight and small and there is a speckling of them across my forehead, one or two are larger and behave like a blocked pore.I might give it one more go in a week or so, and if it seems fine I will update the review.

Moisturizers -GUINOT -Creme Protection Reparatrice

on 8/18/2018 9:39:00 AM

This is lovely and moisturising, it's intended to be a heavier cream. I tried it because my skin is dehydrated. I tried it on half my face only, but unfortunately within 2 hours that half of my face tingled/felt itchy in parts. A great dermatologist once told me that is a sign that the product will likely break you out, and I have since found this advice to be accurate. On this basis I have determined that this product may be too rich or some ingredients may cause me irritation.

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Skincare -GUINOT -Lotion Hydra Confort Comforting Toning Lotion

on 1/29/2018 12:34:00 AM


This toner is great. Very hydrating and effectively removes any last vestiges of makeup. If you are looking for moisture where you can find it, this is a great and mild addition. Slightly old-fashioned fragrance, but it dissipates.

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Treatments (Eye) -GUINOT -Longue vie yeux

on 11/25/2017 6:04:00 PM


Probably the best eye cream I have found to date because it is easy to apply - it is not thick or difficult to spread which causes eye tugging, it wears well under makeup and does improve the eye area subtly. I'm reasonably happy with it. I will try others in the Guinot range before determining if this is my favourite but to date I would re-buy it.

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Skincare - Face -GUINOT -Gommage Biologique-Biological Peeling Radience Gel

on 7/13/2017 11:09:00 PM


This is the only product from Guinot that I have tried and love. I have extra sensitive skin that reacts pretty easily to various products but this gommage did nothing but help to clear and calm it. It's a great product to use once every two weeks. The scent is intoxicating - I wouldn't describe it as floral but it smells a bit caramel like to me. I'm usually very sensitive to fragrances but this one doesn't bother my skin. Or maybe because it's rinse off product it wasn't left on long enough to irritate. The price is ok for a cleansing type product and I have repurchased.

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