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Recent Givenchy Reviews

Lipstick -Givenchy -Rouge Interdit Vinyl Color Enhancing Lipstick in 16 Noir Revelateur

on 3/21/2018 1:17:00 AM

Go splurge and treat yourself to this amazing lipstick that can enhance the color of other lipstick (or so I've heard!) I haven't actually applied it over domen but more importantly makes my lips look so nice ALL BY ITSELF-- even on no makeup days. I. Am. In. Love. I should just splurge and get myself another tube so that I'm not constantly hunting down the one that I have. Anyhow -- I highly recommend this lipstick and think that you should give it a go, as well.

Mascara -Givenchy -Noir Couture Volume

on 3/20/2018 3:02:00 PM

Very average. Does not stand the test when compared to drugstore mascara’s. Givenchy mascara’s are so overpriced. Will never buy again.

Liquid -Givenchy -Photo'Perfexion 100% Natural Complexion 0 Flaw

on 3/18/2018 11:12:00 AM


I love this foundation so, so much. My skin is combination--normal leaning dry cheeks and upper lip, normal leaning oily everywhere else. I have enlarged pores on my nose, the frontal plane of my cheeks, and between my eyebrows. There is also a bit of pitted scarring on my cheeks from past acne. My objectives in choosing a foundation are 1) to make my skin look as smooth as possible, blurring the look of my pores/scars, etc; 2) to provide light-medium coverage but not obviously look like makeup; 3) to hold up on my combo skin a reasonable amount of time (8-10 hours in my book); and 4) to provide an EXACT color match.

This foundation makes me look virtually poreless (I do use the Givenchy Mister Smooth primer underneath, which is a fabulous smoothing primer). It gives a solid medium coverage but looks remarkably skin-like, even under harsh lights and 10x magnification. It does not accentuate dry patches (I use Retin-a and live in a dry climate). It never, ever sits in my pores and creates a "polka-dot" effect, nor does it accumulate in my smile lines. Yesterday I wore it for the longest yet, about 14 hours; I did have a slightly dry look on my upper lip (which actually tends to be my driest area), but overall the foundation still looked great. It seems to wear off in a very pretty way, with no obvious separation or settling or other unpleasantness. My skin is fair, and perfectly neutral--yellow based foundations make me look jaundiced, while pink-based foundations make me look gray and washed out. Which leads me to my one and only gripe (which is very minor)-- I do have to buy two shades to mix together (#1 Perfect Ivory and #4 Perfect Vanilla)..... #4 is slightly too dark but the undertone is a spot-on match, so I compensate by adding a dash of #1, which also contains the same neutral undertone. It's a small thing, but for a $51 foundation that comes in at less than a full ounce of product, I wish I didn't have to buy 2 bottles.

The finish is on the matte side, but there is a subtle sheen that I find very youthful-looking. I do tend to set my T-zone with the Bye Bye Pores loose powder, but my oily areas stay acceptably under control for about 3 hours or so, another 1 or so with setting. If I don't set, I can see it getting glowier as the day goes on, but it fades in a very pretty, flattering way.

Finally, the thing I think I love most about it is how consistently it performs, whether I use a brush, BB sponge, fingers, whatever. I get the same effect every time. I do tend to use the Sephora Pro Airbrush #56 because I'm pretty fast with it, but really it wouldn't matter. Love it, 5 stars, finally a foundation I can be loyal to!

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Loose Powders -Givenchy -Prisme Libre Loose Powder Quartet Air Sensation

on 3/15/2018 6:51:00 PM


This is an amazing finishing powder. The powder is milled extremely finely and makes your makeup look flawless. The powder itself is not transcluscent on the skin and gives additional coverage. The amount of product in one container is also sufficient to last a long time (I don’t bake, just powder)

The only downside is it’s price.

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Mascara -Givenchy -Phenomen'eyes Mascara

on 2/27/2018 2:42:00 PM


So surprised to read bad reviews of this. I don't wear a lot of makeup but mascara is a daily staple for me. I've tried a good few - Chanel -meh, Dior - neh, YSL - smeared like crazy.... LOVED Lancome Fatale but now discountinued. It may depend on the shape of your eyelashes and what you are looking for in a mascara - I hate the heavy clumpy look and my eyelashes are long and curved already -i need separation and a good lift. I'd say this definitely does what it claims - on me: great for an open eye look, gives great lift. Would definitely repurchase. Did not find brush difficult at all. For comparison, Chanel was sooo heavy on my eyelashes with only one coat, I almost look half asleep. :)

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