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Recent GIVENCHY Reviews

Fragrances -GIVENCHY -Dahlia Noir EDP

on 9/27/2018 7:51:00 AM


First off: I don't think this is a scent for summer, warm weather or a warm climate - it's quite a powdery, warm scent, which I think smells cloying is such an environment. Also, I don't think this develops well in warm weather - it smells quite boring then. For me, this is definitely an autumn-scent. I would describe this as a powdery scent with a flowery-fruity base. I can't say I've had any other perfumes that combined powder and plants in this way. The iris and rose creates an old-school lipstick smell - I love that! This is also the smell that has the longest silage in this. However, close o the skin, this smells fresh and fruity: almost like a citrus and dried peach. The vanilla, patchouli, wood and moss add a lot of warmth and depth to this.

I have skin that makes everything much more sweet than on other people, which I often find to be a problem. This smells sweet on me, but not overly gourmand, which I enjoy. I also like that this has a freshness that goes so well with the sweetness.

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Fragrances -GIVENCHY -Ysatis


love love love this perfume It has been my favorite for over thirty years. If they ever discountinue it i will be devastated

Primer/ Corrector -GIVENCHY -Acti Mine Make Up Base

on 8/10/2018 9:57:00 AM



Fragrances -GIVENCHY -Dahlia Divin


I really went into try Irresistible but was overwhelmed with all the variations of it. I kept going back to this one and decided I really didnt like the different variations of Irresistible. This is warm and sweet smelling at first. I love jasmine so the dry down on this is beautiful and full of white, soft, powdery florals. The final finish is warm and exotic with the sandalwood and patchouli.This is such a beautiful scent and features some of my favorite notes, so its like it was made for me. I wish the wear and throw were a bit stronger though. I do feel like after a few hours I can't really smell it anymore.

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Fragrances -GIVENCHY -Hot Couture


This was my first perfume I owned besides oils in high school. My mom bought it for me as a gift for college. It was Devine. Cashmere, raspberries, vanilla, a little smoke. Nevertheless, they must have reformulated because the bottle at ULTA smelled like a raspberry ashtray.

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