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Hair Removal -Gigi -No Bump Shave Gel


Average shaving cream. I definitely still got bikini bumps. This isn't necessarily a bad product, as I'm prone to bikini bumps. It's just no better than any other shave cream. I will not repurchase.

Hair Removal -Gigi -Slow Grow Body Oil

I didn't see any noticeable results with this product. I will not repurchase.

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Hair Removal -Gigi -Hair Removal Lotion

on 1/26/2017 10:25:00 PM


i rarely write reviews, but for this lotion i have to! Main area I am trying to de-hair is down there, i mean everything down there πŸ˜‰ I've tried most common hair removing lotions/creams and while most did remove the hair, they also left me crying from the pain around the "lips" area. whats the point getting all nice and smooth when u can't let anyone touch u? lol. i was sceptical about this lotion at first. It's not as available (only Sally's) as other brands. Also its somewhat more runny than its competitors. Also you have to keep it in on around 10 min 😐The first time i tried was pretty good result with very mild stinging around the lips, but not super smooth. Maybe i didnt leave it on for the needed time. Today was my second time using it. The result is awesome. No pain, just Brazilian smoothness πŸ˜†

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Hair Removal -Gigi -Strip Free Honee Wax Microwave Formula

on 11/20/2016 7:49:00 PM


After seeing how expensive both waxing in salon and at home kits could be I was looking for a cheaper alternative. I have seen several videos about hard wax /strip free wax and it looked like it would be less maintenance as far as supplies needed. After browsing Sally's Beauty Supply I saw this one was only 12 bucks and could be heated in a microwave. My kind of easy. However after watching a quick video review I was doubtful but bought it anyway since Sally's has a great return/ customer satisfaction policy and figured it was worth a try. I also bought a few ten cent application sticks. I read the instructions and heated as instructed. Didn't let it get too fluid but soft enough to easily stir and have some transparency. I placed it on pretty thick and let it dry. For at least two minutes. Then ripped it off. Worked pretty good. Wasn't as good as the salon (partly because I'm scared to get close enough to possibly wax my brow off by accident) but definitely better than anything else I have tried. (Wax strips / hair removal creams). I would say worked good on brows and great on upper lip.

Hair Removal -Gigi -Microwave Sensitive Tweezeless Wax

For being a GiGi product I'm surprised at how much this product sucked. It's a total flop. I followed all the instructions and it didn't grip anything at all. I was left with nothing but wax residue and none of the hairs were removed. So it was kind of upsetting that I went through all of that for nothing. I used my wax cleaner and just ended up plucking the hairs out. I wonder if the regular version of this hard wax worked any better? I mean I get that this version is meant for sensitive skin, but it should atleast be capable of gripping well enough to take the hair out and not just be waxing for the he'll of it to irritate your skin for nothing I mean seriously if it's not even going to work for the intended purpose then what's the point? If I could give this a 0 I would...tisk tisk.
If you are going to insist on trying this atleast get the regular non sensitive version. Or better yet try the Sally hansen hard wax. Or the suddenly smooth hard wax formulas also sold at Sally beauty supply next to the gi gi products. They work much better

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