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Lip Gloss -FASIO -Enamel Lasting Gloss

on 4/30/2016 8:16:00 PM


Purchased in Japan, I have this in shade 10. Nothing to complain about this lipgloss. Actually, I already had it in my give away box, saw it coincidentally and decided to try it one more time to give it another chance, and actually, the glitter, which was the reason why I wanted to pass it on in the first place, didn't bother me that much anymore. Maybe it's a lighting issue, because the first time I tried it on was by sunlight, and right now it's night time.

- does what it's supposed to
- plumping
- very affordable

- glitter?
- smell not off but neither beautiful

Mascara -FASIO -Full Dynamic Volume Mascara


I have very quickly become devoted to this mascara, which is really exciting for me. I think this must be the first mascara that I have really *loved*. My ideal eyelash look is feathery - I don't like lashes to clump together, and while I like volume at the roots, I don't want a lot of it through the mid-lengths and tips of the lashes - separation and definition are key. I don't favor massively lengthening mascaras since my lashes are pretty long, but I do like ultra black formulas which will find every last lash and make them all show up.

In the past I've usually sought out softer formulas which leave lashes flexible, as I do find these more comfortable (and my lashes have a natural curl, so I don't need much hold), but more recently this is less important to me. Instead, I am prioritizing long-lasting, non-smudging, non-flaking mascara, and proper waterproof-ness.

A lot of this is life-style changes - I need my mascara to still look pristine at the end of a long, long day. And TMI: I need my mascara to hold up to heavy crying. I'm a counsellor/therapist in training, which is very emotionally intense. I'm not saying I cry my eyes out every day, 'cause I don't - but I study and work in the exploration of feelings - those of others and my own. If I'm emotional in personal development group, it's really, nice to not have mascara running down my face for supervision. If I see my counsellor in the morning, and end up having a good cry, it's nice to still be wearing mascara when I see clients later in the day. It's one less thing to worry about. So consider Fasio Full Dynamic Volume fully tested against the rigours of crying: excessive eye-rubbing can result in the tiniest bit of flaking, but that's it. It doesn't smudge, melt, migrate, or wear off. Once it's on, it's on until you take it off.

Speaking of removing this mascara -- I would *highly* suggest that you use a separate mascara remover of the type popular in Asia. I use Kiss Me Heroine Make, which comes in a mascara-like tube with a plastic wand. I just sweep it on over my mascara and give it a minute or two to 'soak in' before I go through my usual makeup removal and cleansing routine (cleansing oil --> rinse --> moisturizing creamy cleanser). Taking this mascara off with oil cleanser alone (which usually melts throguh everything with ease) is a pain - you'll waste time, tug at the eye area too much and lose lashes. I can't speak through direct experience as to how well other eye makeup removers deal with Full Dynamic Volume, but honestly I wouldn't bother, mascara remover makes it easy.

One draw-back of this formula is that it's not very easy to clean up mistakes. Most mascaras will, if you let them dry first, fairly easily flake off the skin if you get some on your eyelid ... you can clean up without ruining your eyeshadow. This one isn't so forgiving, so I've had to learn to be more careful and/or use a mascara guard.

On the other hand, for me the combination of formula/wand/packaging is pretty user-friendly. The wiper prevents the wand from coming out of the tube over-loaded (which is a pet-peeve of mine) so I'm a bit less likely to blob it in the first place. The brush is a fairly classic shape (gently tapered, no curve), but the bristles are more stiff/firm than most. I think this helps give decent control. The formula is on the wetter side, but sets pretty quickly; while it's wet it's important not to smudge it or let it transfer (for example, if you have hooded lids etc.) Any corrections like combing through if you've got a couple lashes stuck together need to be made pretty quickly. I'm happy with Fasio Full Dynamic Volume for lower lashes too, especially since it doesn't over-lengthen them.

Price is on the high side, for me at least, due to lack of local availability (I'm in the UK, so this is an online purchase) - there's always that mark-up, but really it's still under the prices of a lot of higher-end brands, so I'm content.

Biggest problem? I'm fearing imminent discontinuation, although as of the time of this review, Full Dynamic Volume is still listed of Fasio's website.

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Eyeliner -FASIO -Liquid Eyeliner

on 10/9/2013 12:42:00 AM


How to buy this ? My sister and me , love it very much

Mascara -FASIO -Power-Stay Mascara 3D Color Nuance

on 11/30/2012 10:50:00 AM


This mascara's staying power is insane! It's really strong and lasts for a really long time. However, it's also pretty hard to remove....

Sunscreen -FASIO -Airy Shield UV Gel SPF50+/PA+++

on 8/19/2012 4:03:00 PM


I don't spend a lot of time in the sun, which is why I buy PA+++ Asian sunscreen - cosmetic elegance is a must, and that's enough PPD for me. My previous favorite sunscreens are Biore UV Perfect Face Milk (for oily areas - it is so mattifying, I love it - but drying on normal areas), and Mentholatum Moisture Milk (which is alcohol free, so better for my normal areas). I'm happy with them, but always on the lookout for new sunscreen. I heard that more Asian sunscreens started incorporating Tinosorbs. Higher protection is always a plus! So I started browsing ratzillacosme and came across this gem...

About: This is meant to be a face/body sunscreen, so it has more of a gel-cream texture rather than a milk. I believe this line does make facial milks as well.

Packaging: this comes in an 80g tube (2.7 oz). The tube is pretty and it's easy to use - it's a softer plastic than most skincare product tubes are! Obviously, since it's nearly 3 oz, it doesn't fit as cutely in your purse for touchups as the little 1oz bottles do. So actually, if I spend a lot of time in the sun, I may opt to bring one of my smaller milks for touchups as needed

Purchasing: I purchased from alphabeautyuk on eBay, about $19 with shipping - this comes out to less than $7.50 per oz. Considering most Japanese s/s are at least $15 (with shipping) for a little 1 oz bottle, this is extremely economical!

Ingredients: the filters for this product are OMC, zinc oxide, uvinul A plus, and Tinosorb S, so this is actually better in terms of UVA protection than other Japanese s/s. It is not cone-heavy, and has low alcohol content. Check out the full ingredients here http://www.ratzillacosme.com/2012/fasio-airy-shield-uv-gel/

Texture: it's meant for body too, so unlike most Japanese facial milks, this is more of a gel-cream texture. I really like that, actually - the milks kind of annoy me because they run everywhere. I like my skincare products to STAY PUT in my fingers/hands haha.

Wear: on the face, it's a little bit heavier than a milk would be, obviously, but still pretty elegant. and unlike the siliconey milks, this isn't very mattifying (so actually I use a separate s/s on my excessively oily forehead - Biore uv perfect face milk). it also doesn't highlight flakes as much as the milks do. and despite the alcohol (not too much, 5th ingredient), I don't find this drying. Out of the tube, it has a peachy tint - this cuts the white cast nicely, it doesn't provide any real color/coverage as far as I can tell.

Removal: I use a cleansing oil. It's not indicated as waterproof, so perhaps a good foaming or gel cleanser would do, but I prefer to be 100% sure it's all off! Been using over a month, no breakouts

tl:dr: I love this sunscreen because compared to other Japanese s/s, this is less runny (though marginally less elegant ON the face), has slightly better UVA protection, but most of all is much cheaper! I would recommend to anyone with normal to slightly oily skin.

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